Backlinks Are Not Getting Indexed by Google

Have you got some backlinks for your website and still Google is not indexing those? Ok, I will tell you what might be the reason behind this thing.

When you search for how to increase website traffic on Google or any other search engine. Or even ask someone the obvious answer you get from the is Backlinks.

They will just tell you that you have to build high-quality content on your website and get some backlinks. We can tell ok because this is the information which is floating online.

Most of the people believe that backlinks are the only things which can help you rank high. Now, this depends on their individual thinking.

But I have seen my website(s) ranking at number one without backlinks too.  I don’t completely depend on backlinks.

There are many other things in SEO too. Like on page optimization, interlinking, site speed, and navigation.

If you want to rank high for a keyword that has a good amount of competition then you can’t do that without backlinks.

You will need backlinks if you are trying to rank for high competition keywords. But what if you have build backlinks and those backlinks are not getting indexed by Google?

Here building backlinks in the sense some big website has mentioned about you or something like that.

Getting a backlink from that big website is a different thing. And getting those links indexed is a completely different thing.

Most of the people online believe that you will get the SEO value of the backlink only if it is indexed + visible in the Google Search Console.

Which means when you check backlinks in Google Search Console. You should be able to see that in the websites linking.

Sometimes the backlinks never show up I will tell you why this might happen. I have listed down some of the reasons why your backlinks are not getting indexed by Google.

But…. Why Backlinks Are Not Getting Indexed By Google?

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the reasons why the backlinks are not getting indexed by Google.

You Might be Spamming

The first reason is you might be spamming or running link schemes which are generating low-quality backlinks to your website.

Google’s algorithms are just getting better and better every day they are now every good at ignoring spammy generated backlinks.

But if you are just spamming to generate backlinks for your website then those links might not get indexed by Google.

80% of such links are just ignored by Google and it will never index those backlinks.

If you are thinking what I mean by spamming, then let me give you few example.

There are thousands and thousands of websites online which belong to some organizations which are no more maintaining those websites.

Visiting such websites and commenting your links is nothing but spamming that particular website for getting a backlink.

This method is considered as blackhat SEO, many people have even ranked their long term blogs with the help of spamming in 2010 to 2013. And still people use this method to build backlinks for event blogs.

But this no more works and if you try spamming there are two chances and they are.

  1. Those backlinks may never get indexed by Google.
  2. Your website can get a manual action or penalty applied.

If your website gets a manual action applied then you will have again improve the website and submit a reconsideration request to Google.

Source Page May be Using Noindex Attribute

The second reason why the backlink is not getting indexed by Google is the source page may be using the noindex attribute.

Many websites use this attribute on the pages from where there are many outbound links.

But what is this noindex attribute?

If any page has this attribute then that particular page will not be indexed by the Google.

You can check if the page from which you have backlink is using noindex attribute by viewing the source code of the page.

If you want to know how then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

The first thing you have to do is visit the page from which you have a backlink to your website and right click anywhere on that page and then click on View Page Source.

Click on View Page Source or Press Ctrl+U

To demonstrate you I will use one of the pages of my website. And that page is of FTC Disclosure which has the noindex attribute.

I have added the noindex attribute because I don’t want this page to get indexed by Google as it does not have any content value.

So I have to open the page source of my page and search for the noindex term in the page source. If we find this term noindex in the page source then the backlink from this page will not be indexed by Google.

Look For noindex Attribute

Because the source page is not going to be indexed by Google. 

It Takes Time to Get Indexed

If you are not spamming and the page from which you have got a backlink is not using the noindex attribute. Then you just have to wait for time.

The backlinks are not going to get indexed as quickly as the page gets indexed.

For example, I have got a backlink from WittyFeed and the page of WittyFeed from which I have got backlink is also indexed by Google.

But I can’t see the backlink in the Google Search Console so I have to wait for few days until it gets shown up in the Search Console.

Let’s Wrap Up The Things

So these are the reasons why your backlinks are not getting indexed by Google. I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this article. If you have any doubt or have anything to share with me then you can comment below.

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