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Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting platform and cloud app management service. If you are looking for the best-managed cloud web hosting service, Cloudways is highly recommended for You.

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Cloudways is a web hosting provider that specializes majorly in managed cloud hosting. They also offer other types of hosting services like VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. Cloud hosting provider is efficient for clients that need lots of storage space. Cloudways is one of the web hosting companies that use cloud computing.

Cloud computing is truly effective. Users have to use only the services they use.

The cloud market is cost-effective in nature. Any organization using cloud computing will surely experience device independence. With cloud-managed services, you do not need to worry about keeping track of your hardware and software devices. Cloud manager will do the worrying for you.

Cloud computing is quite flexible. They allow you to choose from any of their forms of cloud (public-private or hybrid).

In the public cloud, the user is allowed to share and access data from anywhere at any point in time.

The private cloud is for organizations that want to keep their data confidential. I authorize the party to access its data without any interference.

Hybrid cloud: This type of cloud covers the advantages of both the public and private cloud.

With cloud computing, your organization’s downtime diminishes to a high extent and your uptime rating will be boosted.

There are so many things you stand to gain from cloudways. With cloudways, you can select cloud hosting like redundant data storage ad to have unlimited website growth.

Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways was established in 2011 in Malta. Its team also spirited the establishment of this cloud hosting in Spain and Dubai. The company started as a service and from there became a proper platform for web hosting in 2014.

Cloudways has Google’s core infrastructure, data analysis, and machine learning. It is committed to open source and offers an industry-leading price-performance. This web hosting has proven to be the best-managed cloud computing web provider. Some of its features will be explained below.

Unique Features of Cloudways

PRICING: Cloudways pricing is quite affordable, especially for Digital Ocean Server. The digital Ocean Server costs $12 per month.

SECURITY: Their security packages are just on average. However, you can pay for server add-ons to add SMTP and New Relic. Being a managed cloud hosting platform, cloudways has expert engineers that are always available. Your firm wares and patches are regularly upgraded on your server.

SETUP: It is quite easy to set up cloudways account. You can easily set up and install your WordPress with ease and within minutes

DASHBOARD: Their dashboards are arranged in such a way that makes it easy for the users. The buttons are clearly labeled and very bright.

APPLICATION MANAGEMENT: Cloudways has unique management of their applications. All the things you need can be found just in two tabs.

PERFORMANCE: Cloudways performance is cool, especially with Digital Ocean VPS. They added Memcache and Varnish which help boost your application performance. They also have SSD storage in their Digital ocean server,

ONE CLICK INSTALLATION: Cloudways is one of the web hosting providers that offer one click installation and configuration of elastic search.

POWERFUL AND SIMPLE STORAGE: This hosting service allows for durable and highly available object storage.

STANDARD: It offers a high level of durability availability and performance.

MANAGED CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE: This web hosting gives you the privilege of choosing your cloud infrastructure from Digital Ocean Google, Amazon, and Vultr in just one click

DATA CENTRES: Cloudways has above 25 major data centers around the globe meaning you never have to worry about latency. With managed cloud servers, you can get everything you need in one click, and complete any task with just one click. You can also manage your database and have full control of your servers. Some of the advantages of using managed cloud hosting include:

It makes cloud migration very fast. You can easily migrate to any of the public or private hosting,

It helps you to optimize your existing resources.

It makes you get reliable services

SSD HOSTING: Cloudways SSD supports fast read and write requests.

TEAM WORK: Cloudways encourages teamwork as professionals share their ideas. This has helped the web host to achieve the success it desired.

FRIENDLY CLOUD HOSTING: Following the introduction of cloud platforms which encompasses all the scales of a scalable design, the cloud platforms can be used in all types of devices. Also, note that Cloud is not only made for computing alone,

OPTIMIZATION OF EXISTING RESOURCES: Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider that makes use of the available resources. This is a result of the managed cloud hosting service they offer.

AVAILABLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Cloudways has a special team of support experts that is always available to provide you with your technical support. They are available anytime anywhere.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Cloudways built customer feedback where customers can leave their comment about their features, and services whether positive or negative. This is to give you the service you deserve.

EMAIL: Recently cloudways launched additional 3 email add-ons for all email users. They initially introduced Gmail SMTP for email delivery with the goal of giving its customers the best cloud hosting. They are always in search of the best email service available so they can introduce it to their customers to give them the best.

Gmail SMTP is majorly for users that require small emails per day. When cloudways discovered that Gmail SMTP was not enough for some of its customers, they introduced SendGrid for its automated SMTP usage. With SendGrid, you can set up your own account where you can get up to 1000 emails.

Later on, cloudways introduced another email hosting called Rackspace email hosting for businesses and individuals who like to have their addresses linked to their domain names. With Rackspace email hosting, you are allowed to buy email boxes for your online project. You can also assign email space to each inbox and create emails for your required needs.


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that gives small businesses, agencies, and developers the chance to host their websites using the best packages like Digital Ocean, vultur Google. With cloudways, you are free to select any of the provided infrastructures and build your app using any of the provided PHP based framework and eCommerce builders.

You can also pick the server resources you want and get your server running within minutes. They offer loads of optional features and have scalability in all their account types. You also have access to your server despite it being managed by them.


Cloudways do not accept PayPal and of course, not all clients like to give out their credit card information online.

Cloudways do not allow you to have root access to your server or databases.

They do not offer email or telephone support.

Their pricing is vague.

Cloudways is not based in the US. This might not be favorable for users based in United State.


A lot of small businesses trying to boost their business through websites and blogs make the mistake of diving into a web hosting provider and regretting later just because they did not make their research before making their choice.

With so many web hosting providers out there, it could be difficult getting the best. If you are a newbie or have some problems with your present provider, below is a list of things that will help you select the best web hosting provider suitable for you.

Your best web provider must have customer service that offers round-the-clock service. Their support team should be friendly and must be experts too.

You must have knowledge of the different web hosting plans available (shared, dedicated, VPS) and what they offer to make a good decision.

Your best web hosting provider must have a 99-100%uptime record. Anything below that is not acceptable at all.

Never settle for any web provider without a good reputation. Your best web provider must have a good reputation.

Your best web hosting provider must make provisions for easy upgrades. As you grow your business, your traffic will increase, so if your web hosting provider does not make provision for upgrading, then do not sign up with them or you might rush out very soon.

Also never put the price as your number one in search of a good web hosting provider. As much as a good web hosting provider should not be expensive; it is not advisable to sign up for a web provider just because it is cheap. It might not give you the best service to want.

There are a few web hosting providers out there that have met up these standards, you can narrow your research work to them from their chose your favorite.

Some of the top web hosting providers include Hostgator,, hostclear, website  bluehost, ipage, ideahost, a small orange, startlogic, ipower, hostmaster, and Hostinger


You can see that cloudways is just all about cloud hosting and computing. If you are looking for a web provider that values simplicity and offers cloud hosting, then cloud ways is the best for you. With their 30-day money-back guarantee you can test their services.

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