10 Best Website Hosting Services

Many good reasons exist for starting a website. There’s never been a better time to start a website, whether you want to start a personal blog, a side business, or a portfolio. It’s also a fun experience.

There are many exciting aspects of constructing your new site, including choosing a unique and distinctive style to reflect you.

While this may sound like the best web hosting simple enough, there’s a lot more to it than simply clicking and saving when you’re satisfied.

You must first have an idea of what your website should include or be about, and then you must select a hosting business. Because there are so many web hosting options, making a decision can be difficult.

So, to make your life a bit easier, we combed over the statistics of 22 different web hosting services. While we did not put the services to the test, we did thoroughly review their offerings and provide a ranking based on the most important aspects of web hosting.

Hostinger vs Namecheap

Before we get into the technicalities about the best web hosting service in the world, here is a quick list of the 10 best web hosting companies of 2022:

  • Hostinger: This is My Personal Favorite Best & Cheap Web Hosting
  • A2 Hosting:
  • InMotion Hosting:
  • Ionos:
  • NameCheap:
  • GreenGeeks:
  • Hostgator:
  • AccuWeb Hosting:
  • Hostinger:
  • Bluehost:
  • MilesWeb:

Table of Contents

Hosting plans:

We wanted to know if there were any shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting options available from the company. All three plan options are included, allowing users to upgrade their plan if their site expands in size.

Security Features:

For the sake of both your own and your customers’ data, you must ensure that the services you use include a few basic security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and backups. This is something that the top web hosting provides for free.

Uptime of 99.9% or higher:

To avoid losing customers and readers, you need an uptime of at least 99.9% to ensure that your site is never down for more than 20 minutes every month.

Customer Support:

Customer service is a feature of every service. You can email them at any time, even if they claim to provide customer support around the clock.

A fantastic beginning, but what about when you have an urgent problem? Some companies provide superior customer service via live chat, while others provide better service by phone.

You should look for web hosting services that match all four of these requirements. It will be included in our list of other web hosting services to consider or our list of additional web hosts we looked at if a service falls short on one or more categories.

Best Web Hosting Companies of 2024:

Hostinger Web Hosting:

Hostinger is another Indian and global web hosting service provider that is well-suited for virtually any form of a website. Fast speeds, low costs, and excellent customer service are just a few of this provider’s selling factors.


  • 176 ms (globally) and 99 ms (locally) (India)
  • It takes 0.55 seconds to load an average page.
  • Uptime is at 99.9%.
  • Cloudflare CDN integration, free domains, unmetered bandwidth, LiteSpeed caching, and GitHub integration are all key features.
  • Assistance: Lively customer service, live chat-based support, and local language conversations.


  • Every account comes with a free domain name.
  • Free 100 Business Emails
  • Consistent speeds around the world.
  • Zyro, a website-building tool, is available for free.
  • An exceptional level of client service.


  • Only the most expensive plans offer website backups.
  • Advanced hosting features aren’t available.

Let us have a detailed Comparison of Hostinger Web Hosting

A2 Hosting and its Hosting Plans:

With A2 Hosting, you may choose from a variety of hosting plans, including tiers within each plan. There are several different shared hosting options, such as Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. Customers now have more alternatives to pick from and the flexibility to scale their business to meet their changing demands thanks to these new programs.

Security Features:

An SSL certificate, dual firewalls, a virus scanner, and brute force defense are included in each package. A $25-a-month security tool called Patchman is included in each subscription as well as DDoS defenses that can identify and block DDoS attacks as soon as they occur.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting is proud of its server’s physical security: two distinct key cards are required to enter the parking lot and the server center to gain access.

Uptime & Customer Support:

A2 Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime. The industry benchmark for uptime is 99.9 percent, which implies that your site should be down for no more than nine hours a year.

A2 Hosting stands out because of its dedication to providing first-rate customer service. You may reach A2’s “Guru Crew” round-the-clock by chat, email, or phone best WordPress hosting.

A2 Hosting’s Knowledge Base contains a wealth of knowledge to assist you in the development and growth of your website even if you don’t want to speak to anyone.


  • By phone, chat, or email, “Guru Crew” customer service is always available.
  • As part of a new account, you’ll get a free site migration.
  • On-site security ensures the safety of servers.


  • Three-year contracts are required for the lowest costs.
  • Some plans don’t provide enough for the increased prices to be justified.

InMotion Hosting:

Hosting Plans:

Shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting are all available through InMotion Hosting, each with its own set of tiers. The hourly managed hosting services provided by InMotion Hosting are also available. For $40 to $100 a month, or $75 per hour if you don’t have a plan, you can get these services for one, two, or three hours.

Security Features:

SSL certificates, DDoS safeguards, and virus and hacker precautions are all included free of charge with each package. It’s also possible to have daily backups for some plans.

Uptime & Customer Support:

With an uptime of 99.9%, InMotion Hosting is a step above the industry average. More than a nine-hour outage per year should be expected from organizations that only guarantee 99.9 percent uptime. Customers can get in touch with InMotion Hosting for the best website hosting experience, in a variety of methods, unlike many other businesses.

Customers can reach a customer service agent via phone, chat, email, or Skype at any time of the day or night. If you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere, InMotion Hosting has a database of instructional posts and a community forum for clients to use.

Other Features:

While most web hosting companies only offer a 30-day refund policy, InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all plans. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to commit to a longer period, but want to give a website a try, InMotion is a wonderful choice.


  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • Options for customer service are numerous.
  • It is a free website builder


  • Only servers in the United States are available.
  • Planned monthly installments, not all plans can use it

Ionos Web Hosting:

Hosting Plans:

Shared, VPS, dedicated, and unmanaged WordPress hosting are all available with Ionos. Customers can also get a better idea of which plan is appropriate for them by looking at the company’s hosting options for small and medium-sized businesses.

Security Features:

Ionos provides web hosting security features that are superior to those offered by other providers. SSL certificates, virus scans, and DDoS safeguards are all included in each package. Repairing harm to your website that malware may have caused is another benefit of some plans.

Each plan comes with at least one daily backup, and WordPress free hosting, and each backup are stored for a total of 20 days. To ensure that customers will always have access to their data, two distinct data centers are used to store the whole set of customer information.

Uptime & Customer Support:

Ionos provides a greater uptime guarantee than most other web hosting services at 99.99 percent. Ionos data centers are powered by the battery-operated power supply and backup generators, ensuring that your site and services will continue to operate even if the data center loses power.

Customer service can be reached by phone or chat at any time. Customers in 14 different countries can call customer service representatives listed in the directory. A personal consultant is also available through Ionos, who will be your primary point of contact in the event you require assistance with your website.


  • Backups and extensive security measures are included.
  • So there is no need to upgrade plans to accommodate the extra traffic.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.999%


  • the website builder is an additional fee
  • In the long run, the cost of a plan can rise by a significant amount.


Hosting Plans:

Shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting are all available through NameCheap. They also provide reseller hosting. Tiered alternatives are available and the variations between programs are clearly explained. You don’t have to spend a lot of time reading through plans to identify features that are common to all of them.

Security Features:

Free virus scanning, two-factor authentication, and DDoS protection are included with every NameCheap subscription. Starting at $6 per year, SSL certificates are also free for the first year. NameCheap also offers optional cyber protection at an additional fee if your personal information is compromised by a cyberattack.

Uptime & Customer Support:

NameCheap’s VPS and reseller plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, while most shared, VPS, and dedicated plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee.

It is specifically stated that NameCheap’s one dedicated server plan offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Customers may be eligible for a service refund, which could result in a free month of hosting if uptime falls below a certain level.

NameCheap provides 24/7 online chat support that makes it one of the best cloud server hosting companies, ticket filing, and a database of educational and instructional materials and videos to help customers with their domain names.

A lack of phone assistance could make it more difficult to receive help if something goes wrong with your website. There is a Status Update section on NameCheap where you can see whether anyone else is having the same problem as you.


  • Compared to other service providers, certain monthly plans are reasonably priced.
  • Provides optional cyber protection and a free website builder as part of every package.


  • With the renewal of some plans, the price virtually doubles.
  • There is no phone assistance available around the clock.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting:

Hosting Plans:

Shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting are all available with GreenGeeks. As your site’s requirements evolve, you can choose from a variety of tiers within each plan. It is possible to manage some plans, but at a larger price, You don’t have to start from scratch with any of the plans because they all feature a website builder.

Security Features:

Security features including SSL certificates, DDoS defenses, daily back-ups, malware removal, and more are included in each plan to help keep your site safe.

Uptime & Customer Support:

GreenGeeks has a 99.9% uptime guarantee like most web hosting. In comparison to other services, GreenGeeks claims to monitor its servers every 10 seconds for any problems.

When you contact GreenGeeks with a problem, they may already be working on a solution. GreenGeeks offers 24/7 chat help, however phone support is only available from 9 a.m. to midnight EDT on weekdays and weekends.


  • a vast range of plans to suit a wide range of requirements
  • Use the website builder to get started on your new site right away.
  • It generates three times as much wind energy as it consumes.


  • There is no round-the-clock phone support.
  • Some plans have more expensive costs than normal.

Hostgator Web Hosting:

Hosting Plans:

In addition to shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, and reseller hosting, HostGator offers tiered alternatives. To load as much material as you want onto your website, each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage capacity. Those who have a lot of videos, photos, or animated features on their pages may find this to be a terrific solution.

Security Features:

All of these features are included in the HostGator package for free. As soon as the backups are taken, HostGator examines them for malicious code and quarantines any that it finds.

Anyone who has “essential business information or vital data are strongly encouraged to obtain a third-party backup provider…” is advised by HostGator to do so (emphasis theirs). Deciding to degrade your backup system is a strange one.

Uptime & Customer Support:

HostGator’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is the industry standard. For shared and reseller hosting clients, a one-month refund is available if their uptime does not reach the promise.

Clients of VPS and dedicated hosting, on the other hand, will not be reimbursed for downtime. As an alternative, customers who experienced service interruptions will be given a prorated refund.

Chat, email, and phone support are available around the clock for HostGator customers. Video tutorials, articles, and guidelines are all included in a database for clients. Video tutorials, which may be helpful in situations where phone or internet support isn’t working, aren’t available from all service providers.


  • Unrestricted data transfer and storage space
  • Free domain and website transfers
  • 45-day return policy


  • The cost of recovering data from backups is not included here.
  • Accessories add up.

AccuWeb Hosting:

In addition to shared and VPS hosting, AccuWeb Hosting also provides dedicated and reseller WordPress hosting. Cloud shared and cloud VPS hosting solutions are available as well.

If customers like, AccuWeb Hosting’s global data centers can be used to store their information. Because most of your traffic will originate from outside the United States, you can choose to have your data stored in a separate location so that your site loads faster for users from outside the United States.

Security Features:

In addition to the more conventional weekly backups, AccuWeb Hosting provides free SSL certificates, antivirus software, and daily backups as part of each package. Additional security features like virus removal are included.

Uptime & Customer Support:

If you’re looking for 99.99% uptime, AccuWeb Hosting’s cloud hosting services have you covered. Just though the hardware is always on doesn’t guarantee your website can be reached all the time.

There’s no point in having a working server if the network is down because your site would still be unavailable.

Customers can contact customer service via live chat and tickets at any time of day or night, however phone support is limited. Even though the company has data centers around the world, phone service is now only available from 9 am to 5 pm ET, and it is only available in the United States and Canada.


  • Data centers all over the world
  • Hosting in the cloud ensures complete hardware uptime.
  • In exchange for a free site transfer,


  • Most plans do not offer limitless data.
  • There is no 24-hour access to customer service representatives by phone.


Bluehost has been in the website hosting business since its inception in 2003, making it one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It’s also a popular choice for many businesses in India, where it’s a popular web host. All of Bluehost’s data centers are located in India, which sets them apart from the competition.


  • Speeds range from 154 ms (globally) to 332 ms (locally) (India)
  • Loading Time: An average of 0.98 seconds
  • 99.999% of the time
  • 50 GB of SSD storage, unrestricted data transfer, and a free domain name are among the most important features.
  • In India, customer service is poor and unreliable.


  • Linux and Windows are supported.
  • Network coverage is excellent around the world.
  • India’s fastest website among its rivals.
  • Bloggers and affiliate marketers frequently use this product.
  • Scalability and customizability.


  • Poor client service.
  • Plans that cost a lot.


First-time website owners and eCommerce shops can rely on MilesWeb, an Indian web host. On both Windows and Linux, MilesWeb has a network of data centers in India, the United States, and the UK. Dedicated servers, shared hosting, and virtual private servers (VPS) are all available on this platform.


  • Uptime is at 99.9%.
  • The most important features include unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certification, firewall security for hosted websites, and eCommerce-specific functionality.
  • Customer service: round-the-clock support.


  • Web hosting services that cover all bases.
  • Refunds are available for 30 days after the purchase date.
  • Designed for use with WordPress.
  • An exceptional level of client service.


  • Only the most expensive options include unlimited websites.
  • Renewal is pricey.

What Makes The Best Website Hosting Service?

Behind every great website is a great web hosting service. Use our professional guides, rankings, and reviews to narrow down your choices in this competitive sector and determine which features and services are the best value for you.

The first step in setting up a website is finding the right web hosting service. If you want to simplify this task and be sure that you are dealing with the best web or domain hosting provider that matches your needs and requirements,

Searching for the best web hosting provider can be a time-consuming and daunting task. There are dozens of web hosting providers on the market and it seems that their number is increasing every year.

After analyzing their features, prices, plans, and other services, we were able to separate the ones that deserve your attention from the ones that should be forgotten.

What is The Best Website Hosting?

Here is a quick list of the 10 best web hosting companies of 2022:

Hostinger: This is My Personal Favorite Best & Cheap Web Hosting
A2 Hosting:
InMotion Hosting:
AccuWeb Hosting:

We Strongly Recommend Hostinger, You Get Free Domain and Free 100 Business Emails

Business web hosting providers offer web hosting services that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of online business owners.

Business web hosting plans typically contain all of the tools and resources needed to create a successful online business, including payment processing, free shopping carts, product catalog builders,

And a centralized backend administrative interface that can be used to adequately manage all of your online business endeavors within your hosting account.

Business web hosting providers focus primarily on offering secure, stable, and scalable web hosting plans to their clients. By choosing a reputable web hosting provider that offers a healthy selection of business web hosting plans, you can ensure the best quality and performance for your business websites.

In this section, you can browse through a vast selection of business web hosting providers, which offer web hosting services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of online business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you are setting out to build a network of websites that will benefit your online business, then the hosting plans and providers listed herein are perfect for your needs and requirements.

Business web hosting plans typically contain an unlimited amount of bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, databases, and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains.

Business web hosting plans also typically have no setup fees and include top-notch knowledgeable support that is responsive and available at all hours of the day and night.

Many business web hosting plans also include SSL certificates for optimal website security and customer confidence.

With so many business web hosting plans available on the market, it can be difficult to choose amongst all of the competition.

Within this business web hosting directory, you can find a list of reputable and reliable business web hosting providers that are known for offering great value for all of their plans.

Business web hosting plans are the perfect solution for any aspiring online entrepreneurs or novice webmasters alike.

Best Website Hosting Services

Things To Consider In Choosing A Best Web Hosting Provider

We are in an era where ‘www’ & AI has become the best avenue for advertising businesses. There is virtually no business today without a website. It is a cheaper and faster way to advertise your products.

If you are conversant with the internet, you will discover that there are lots of companies offering web hosting services. It then boils down to you knowing what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

The fact is that you can never get the right web host you need if you do not know what you want. Before settling for any web provider you must ask yourself certain questions to be sure of what you need. Try answering the questions below.

An Easy Way To Find The Ideal Web Hosting Company

So first let us find out and have a greater idea about what a web host is. In common terminologies, a web host is an agent or an agency that allows your business website to be pushed onto the internet with the help of a computer that is known as a server.

This agency usually has a lot of servers that are equipped with a fast internet connection such that they can allow several websites to be similarly pushed onto the internet at the same time.

Getting a web host in the first place will allow you to not bother too much about the online business that you own and they will be able to correctly manage your web pages much better in comparison to what you may have done. If you get a good web host, you can rest assured that your online business will be a success.

Several features are provided by several of the web hosting service providers that are available in the market.

The specifics of these kinds of services are something that you should look at when you are in the process of selecting a good web hosting agency. Some of these features include

Disk Space-The amount of dedicated disk space that will be kept aside only for your web page which will ensure that the page can run smoothly. For web pages with a lot of graphics and animation, a higher amount of disk space is needed. So check out if you have some room for expansion in the future.

Bandwidth-the amount of data that can be shared online at any instance is dictated by this. This is important when it comes to ensuring that the maximum numbers of people get to see your web page and hence get in touch with you.

Along with these basic things, one has to keep an eye on the kind of customer service that is being offered to you by the good people at the web hosting agency.

These among many others are some of the ideal features that one should look at when it comes to selecting the web hosting agency that is the most ideal for your business.

Another very important thing that one should look at when they are looking for a web hosting agency is whether or not it is popular among people who are also operating in the industry.

One easy way, therefore, to judge whether a particular web hosting agency is good is by doing a kind of survey of other companies who are also operating online and have their web pages floated on the internet.

Also, check on how reliable the web hosting agency is. If it is not sufficiently reliable then you may find that the people trying to visit your web page will find a brick wall for they will not be able to get through as your web page may be down most of the time and therefore one needs to choose wisely.

What type of website do you want to build?

Do you need unique software?

How big or small are you expecting the volume of traffic to go in the future?

Will your website be needing a windows application?

What additional service do you require?

What number of visitors will you be receiving?

What is the expected growth of your website?

Having answered the questions above, the next point of action is to ensure the web hosting provider is not lacking in the qualities below.

Customer support:

Your internet provider should offer services 24/7. The customer support of any hosting provider should not only offer round-the-clock services but should be quick and offer knowledgeable service.

Speed and Security.

Depending on what you need the website for, the provider should ensure the security of the server and also should deliver on time.


Reputation sure is a very important quality any business must have to excel. Before going for any web hosting service, ensure it has a good reputation

The web hosting should have good web host upgrading options.


Although you must consider the cost before choosing any web hosting provider, you have to be careful not to choose the provider that will offer you poor services just because it is cheap, you might run into big problems in the future.

Bandwidth and Disk Space:

Also, you have to consider the space you need for your website and the bandwidth. The server should have a reasonable bandwidth and disk space, although this also depends on the number of visitors that visit your website and how many downloads of graphics and other things take place during the visit. Take note that whenever you go beyond your band limit, your site will be shut down temporarily.

How to Describe the Best Web Hosting?

A web hosting can be said to be a web server (the computer that is used to store information). The web hosting packages need to be maintained and upgraded just as the computer we have in the house.

Some of the hosting packages offered by providers are: free web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated server, managed hosting service, colocation eweb hosting service, Clustered hosting, Home server
The level of management offered, the technology used and the additional services offered by the providers narrowed it down to the four best web hosting packages.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server is the most famous service, it is flexible, scalable, and easy to upgrade. It is a shared hosting but done uniquely.

Here, the spaces in the server are shared among the website owners and once you reach your RAM limit, your site shuts down while the others remain stable. It is a very good hosting for business websites but might not be good for beginners.

Dedicated Hosting:

Here you are not in competition with anybody You are in full control of the server. This server is best for sites with large volumes of traffic and commercial sites, containing voluminous information.
Shared Hosting: This is perfect for beginners, low cost, and has good customer support.

Here, the web hosting companies partition the spaces in the server. This enables the cost to be shared among many websites hosted on the same server. However, it has its demerits like reduced security, it has restrictions on traffic volume, and software support.

Cloud Hosting:

This hosting is new but powerful, scalable, and reliable. The hosting allows providers to charge website owners only on resources consumed by them, unlike another web hosting. However, it is decentralized. and has no strong security.

Best Website hosting Provider

Best Affordable Web Hosting Providers

The website hosting provider not only provides space on a server but also provides the website owner with all the tools they will be needing for their website.

It is indeed very challenging getting the best web hosting company as a result of the numerous web hosting providers offering almost including Hostinger.com, hostgater.com, hostclear, ideahost, page websitebuilder.com, justhost.com, ipower, and godaddy.com to mention but a few.

However, the web providers below have stood out as the top-rated web providers


This web hosting provider is not expensive and has a free domain name with bandwidth and disk space that are not metered.


Ideahost has a free domain name and it is very easy to use with great customer support
Site blog: Free domain name, have a very good blogging platform including hosting and email.
com: Ehost.com is rated as one of the best web providers because it has a free domain for life and unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Website builder.com:

This is the best provider for beginners that want to create a website from the very beginning


Has very good customer support and is great for WordPress blogs. Conclusively, to make it easy for you to choose the best web host provider, first of all, understand the type of hosting you need and thereafter you check out for web hosting top-rated providers.

This could help to narrow down your favorites and then you can choose your best provider based on personal preferences.

We bring you the most recommended web hosting provider. Many Hosting companies are providing good hosting services, but we are confused when we don’t know which web hosting is best for our website.

Don’t worry, we are here to bring you the most recommended web hosting for your website or blog. Before you buy any web hosting, you have to know all the features & online reputation of a web hosting company.

We will recommend to you the evergreen most reputed web hosting company, they are reliable, have 24X7 support (call & live chat), are highly secured, have 99.9% uptime, and comes with a money-back guarantee. So, you don’t need to worry about your web hosting.

How To Choose The Best Website Hosting Services Provider?

A web hosting service is an internet hosting service that enables accessibility of an organization or individual’s website on the World Wide Web.

It can be said to be just a space to have your business without including the shelves where your products will be placed. For your website to be seen and viewed online, you need a web hosting provider and a server.

A hosting provider sells server space and related services. There are a lot of web hosting services that are in high competition leaving one with the problem of choosing the best web hosting provider.

What makes a good web hosting provider?

There are a few things that you should take into consideration before opting for a hosting solution.

– First of all, think about your specific requirements and needs. Do you want to use a unique code for your website or will you use a popular content management system like WordPress or Joomla? Do you expect

What is Budget Hosting?

Budget Web hosting providers focus primarily on offering discounted hosting plans that are competitively priced. This section is ideal for novice webmasters that are looking for an affordable way to make their entrance into the web hosting industry.

By minimizing the initial investment and choosing a budget Web hosting provider you can effectively mitigate the risks associated with building and funding your first websites.

Budget Web hosting is perfect for small business owners and inexperienced web developers that need a cheap and reliable way to host their first Internet endeavors. Cheap web hosting plans are also perfect for business portfolios and hosting personal blogs.

In this section, you can browse through a large selection of budget web hosting providers that focus primarily on offering cheap web hosting to a broad range of clients. Whether you need a cheap hosting platform for your first web development project, or you would simply like to get started creating your first website, budget web hosting is the perfect solution for you.

By choosing from the list of budget Web hosting providers herein you can ensure that you’re saving as much money as possible, yet choosing from the most reputable budget web hosting providers in the industry.

Budget Web hosting plans typically include all of the same features that can be found in other web hosting plans, such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, and MySQL databases.

The hosting providers listed herein are known for being reliable, trustworthy, and well-established companies that offer top-notch support, and user-friendly tools and resources that can be utilized by a wide range of webmasters with varying skill levels.

The typical budget web hosting plan operates within the shared hosting environment, which gives you designated access to a particular server partition for all of your web hosting needs and requirements.

best web hosting

high website traffic?

– Next, think about the uptime guarantees and the overall reliability of the provider. Regardless of the type of website you are planning on building, opt for a provider that is available 24/7 and a provider that has powerful, modern servers and strong network connections. If possible, choose a provider that guarantees 99.5% (or more) uptime.

– Finally, check the prices. We are not talking only about the sign-up price – renewal prices are important too.

What should I look for in their plans?

Every web hosting company has at least two different plans on its offer. You will need a plan that suits your needs. In addition, you will also need to take their price and flexibility into consideration.

Is it possible to replace the existing plan with another one without any hassles? Can they make modifications to their existing plans so they can match your needs? These are some of the questions you have to ask.

Is Free Web Hosting offers real?

Yes, they are. However, you should not forget that they are not completely free. For instance, in case you opt for a free basic plan, you’ll likely have to pay for the domain or the site builder.

This is purely a marketing tactic that is used by most web hosting providers and even though it can be useful to select these plans sometimes, you should be aware that this doesn’t mean that you will avoid payments.

Is security important?

Of course! Although authorities are doing their best to fight online illegal activities this doesn’t mean that your site will be safe.

A good web hosting provider should offer security measures like user authentication, daily backups, and other things that will make your website more secure. Take some time to read more about their security features before making your final choice.

What happens if I am a complete beginner in this field?

If you are not familiar with web hosting, you should make sure that the provider has excellent customer support services. The best ones have 24/7 support and they’ll be glad to answer all your questions and dilemmas.

List of Useful Terms to Help you Better Navigate The World of Hosting Services

30/45/60/90-day Money-Back Guarantee – This is a guarantee that clients can request a refund in case they are not satisfied with the services offered. The specified period is the time during which the refund can be requested.

99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee –

This is a guarantee that the hosting service will make the website available to users 99.9% of the time. A good rating is anything over 99,9%, like 99,97%, for example.

Apache web server –

This is a popular, stable, and feature-rich server. This is an open-source platform used to construct most of the websites existing today.

Backup –

This is a copy of files or data, saved in the event of data loss or corruption.

Bandwidth –

represents the rate of data transfer and is expressed as the amount of data transfer per second. Bandwidth acts like the channel connection used to get data from your website to the computers of your visitors.

Bandwidth Limit –

The amount of data transfer allowed for your account.

Blog –

A website containing personal entries and articles based on the owner’s own opinion. The format can be used to present a personal portfolio for designs, photography, and links to products. It is great as a promotional tool by itself, or it can be added to a website to help with SEO efforts.


The Content Management System is a tool for easy, on-site content administration.

Control Panel –

It is the main management tool for your account. It allows full control over the website, such as uploading pages, installing applications, etc.

cPanel –

It is the most popular control panel as most people consider it easy to use and feature-rich.

Data Center –

The physical specialized facility provides the technical infrastructure of the entire hosting service.

Dedicated Server –

A physical server on which a single account is hosted. This means you don’t need to share resources with anyone else and the performance of your website is significantly better.

Disk Space –

Represents how much server space is dedicated to you for your pages, images, videos, and files.

Domain name –

This is the name visitors use to find and access your site. Each one is allocated an IP address, which the computer reads. But remembering a number sequence is more difficult than remembering a domain name.

Email Manager –

Enables you to administer all email activity.


This is short for File Transfer Protocol, and it allows you to upload and download files. In most cases, hosts will assign accounts to third-party users to move files to and from the website.

Instant Account Activation –

This is a feature that ensures your website is set up as soon as you get approval from the host’s sales department.

Hosting Server –

This is the machine that allows you to run your website.


Stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the standard language used to create web pages.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to transfer images, text, video, and other forms of media over the Internet.

Language Support –

Indicates the types of programming languages you could use for your hosting account.

Linux –

This is a free and open-source operating system used as a desktop operating system or for servers. Linux is known for its stability and reliability.

Linux Server –

This is a server that uses Linux.

Managed hosting –

This is a type of service where the provider takes care of configuration, upgrades, and everything related to system administration. This is a great option for anyone starting who does not know the ins and outs of online hosting.


This is a database system used to build a variety of web applications? It is used through the PHPMyAdmin web database manager, it allows users to create dynamic websites and gives them easy management of their content.


This is a scripting language that allows users to embed code directly into the HTML of a page.

Plesk –

This is a popular, feature-rich control panel, available to shared hosting users. It allows the automation of server operations.

Reseller Hosting –

This happens when an individual purchases the resources on part of a server to host multiple domains. Each of the domain owners pays him for hosting and he administers the distribution and usage of resources. Server administration, however, remains with the original hosting company.

Shared hosting –

When several clients share the same server and its resources. This is the best way to start online as it has reduced costs and it makes more sense money-wise to share a server when the website does not need as many resources. Add the benefits of managed hosting, and you get the perfect solution for a beginner.

Shared Hosting Server –

This is the physical server whose resources are divided between accounts. It can host many personal blogs, brochure websites, and small e-commerce stores. As you start to need more to keep up the website, you might have to move to a different type of server.

Semi-managed hosting –

This is a service that gives account owners some of the power to make configuration changes, upgrades, and other administrative modifications to their websites. It is meant for people who need to have a bit more control over their accounts and can manage without a managed hosting deal.

Set-Up Fee –

This is free account owners need to pay to have their accounts installed. This is not the rule as some hosting service providers may choose to include it, while some may not.

Softaculous –

This is an auto-installer that gives users access to the most popular web applications, such as WordPress and Drupal, with only a few clicks. It usually comes with the packages that give users access to cPanel.


This is short for Secure Socket Layer and it enables online stores to accept credit cards in a secure environment. To make sure a website is secure for payments, its address must start with HTTPS://.

Traffic Stats Tool –

This is a tool that enables you to check the traffic on your website and control fluctuations. By keeping an eye on your website’s performance, you can secure its stability.

Unlimited Domains Hosting –

Permits one account to host and manage unlimited domains and subdomains. It is one of the most sought-after features.

VPS Hosting –

This means hosting on a Virtual Private Server. With this type of server, account owners get a full server partition which acts as an independent server, giving them more resources, flexibility, and control over their system configuration.

Users get root access for unmanaged VPS, but need not worry about server administration if they get managed VPS. Financially, this is the middle solution between a shared hosting deal and a dedicated server.

Windows Server –

This is a server that runs on Windows.

WordPress –

This is the most popular blogging platform available. It is open-source software, available for free, with a high customizable rate. The most attractive feature a service provider can give is the one-click installation of this content management system.

best website hosting

8 Things to Keep an Eye Out for When Looking for Domain Hosting

Looking for domain hosting can be a tricky thing when you are just starting. Not to mention that talking to someone who has been a couple of times around online hosting block can confuse you even more.

In other words, this is the first thing you do to get your blog or small shop online and you find out you already need to have a growth strategy and you must know what types of tools you will use in the long run.

Not to mention having a pick of specific types of security features and commercial add-ons. Then there are Uptime issues, managed services versus doing it yourself, and so many different types of packages with so many names.

Let us give your search for the right hosting provider some well-needed structure.

  1. You will need to know how much your site will grow.

Yes. You must think ahead for this one. But not in the sense of a business growth forecast – the type a bank would ask you to make to approve a loan.

This is more like measuring enough space in a store to fit all your products. And if you are planning to expand your product line and what you have now is only the beginning, you will need to think ahead.

It’s the same with domain hosting. If you want to have a brochure site, with a brief personal or business presentation, a mention of a service, portfolio, and fees, you will not need much.

However, if you are looking to build an online store with an ever-increasing offer, then you will need a lot more space.

Tip: Give your potential hosting provider a real shake and find out what “unlimited” means in their offer. Despite the generous offer they unanimously advertise, many providers have limits. And it is good to know what those limits are before signing on.

  1. You will need to budget this expense.

Do not be fooled by the low introductory fees. Treat this like a constant expense you will need to cover from now on. And take into account the renewal fees, instead of the ones you get as a first-time customer. Those are the ones you will be stuck paying in the long run.

If this is more than a hobby and you want to make money from your online endeavor, then think of this as a business all the way. Your hosting budget is the rent you need to pay.

This is not necessarily the case where you go for a looser fit to make sure you cover all areas. On the contrary, you could end up paying for features you are never going to use.

Tip: The more you need in terms of add-ons, bandwidth, SEO tools, security features, and so on, the more you will have to spend. It makes sense to start small and start building.

Maybe choose a provider with a good basic offer that gives you the possibility of adding various other features when needed.

  1. You will have to think about how much help you need

The customer service reps are very important, especially when you have no idea what you are doing. They need to handle every request with calm and they must know how to best explain everything. And you will need all the help you can get.

Think about how you communicate best. If you like long explanations and descriptions and you do not think you might need instant support then e-mail tickets are a good way to go.

If you like to communicate in writing but need faster replies, then you will need a provider that offers live chat for support. And if you are better off when someone explains it to you over the phone, then look for this service.

Tip: Test their client service out before choosing the service. And it’s ok to be as clueless as you are. After all, this is a test run.

  1. You will need to look at every provider’s Uptime numbers. The real ones

There is such a thing as an industry standard of 99.9% Uptime. This means that your site will be hosted on a powerful server and will provide a stable connection.

And since you are new to this, here are the numbers you need to look out for: anything between 99.5% and 99.9% is acceptable; anything under 99% is not.

Tip: Look for reviews that present real, long-term Uptime tests. Look for confirmations in this respect.

  1. Look for easy to use site building tools and website management

You build your website with the help of a website builder. These are usually free and some are easier to use than others. The control panel will help you manage your website.

Therefore, these are two tools you will use in the long run. Even as you become more knowledgeable, you will still depend on them.

Tip: cPanel is one of the most appreciated control panels. As far as the website builder is concerned, look for reviews telling you specifically how easy or hard it is to use.

  1. Look at how packages are built

The offer of most providers includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and WordPress Hosting. Each type of service is then divided into several packages.

The cost of each package varies according to how much it offers. Keep in mind that this is a general structure most providers go by, but not a rule.

Tip: Do not take for granted how much is included in a basic, intermediary, or premium package. You are best advised to check the offers of several providers and compare them. Some are more generous in their basic offers, while others keep “the goods” for the premium or even intermediary packages.

  1. Look for the tools they provide

If you are going to open an online store, you will need to have access to payment platforms, shopping carts, and other stuff for all types of eCommerce needs. You can either pay for them separately or go with a provider that already included them in some packages.

  1. Security matters

You might not think about this from the very start. But you should. Online businesses and building a brand online requires tons of credibility.

Tip: If you make a list and end up with two very good options on either side, let the security features tip the scales in favor of a winner.

Best Website Hosting

What Are The Different Types of Hosting?

Shared Hosting :

Shared web hosting is a type of hosting service that gives you access to a particular server partition that is devoted to your websites.

The majority of webmasters begin their online endeavors by purchasing a cheap shared web hosting plan from a major web hosting provider.

Most shared web hosting plans include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, databases, and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains.

Shared plans include all of the basic tools and resources needed to build and manage small to medium-sized websites.

Shared web hosting plans are the perfect solution for novice webmasters that would like to make an affordable and simple entrance into the online community.

In this directory, you can browse through a large selection of shared web hosting providers, which offer services that have been reviewed and tested by many customers before you.

Shared web hosting is a type of hosting service in which you are given access to a server partition that is devoted to the functionality of your websites.

Being the most affordable type of hosting, shared web hosting is typically the first kind used by novice webmasters as they make their entrance into their Internet endeavors.

Although shared web hosting is typically cheaper than every other type of hosting, it still provides all of the tools and resources needed to build and manage small to medium-sized professional websites.

Shared web hosting features typically include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, databases, e-mail accounts, and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains.

Nearly every major web hosting provider offers some form of shared web hosting, as it is the most popular and oldest form of web hosting available on the market.

By utilizing this directory of tried and proven shared web hosting providers you can effectively maximize your ability to compare and choose the best-shared web hosting service for your needs.

Managed Hosting:

Managed Hosting is a type of web hosting service in which the hosting provider is responsible for managing all administrative server tasks.

As a webmaster, you have more important things to do than learn server management skills and focus on the reliability of your web server.

With a managed hosting solution you can leave this task up to the web hosting provider, and focus on more crucial aspects of your online business.

Managed hosting is a type of dedicated hosting, in which you are given access to a dedicated server that is maintained and optimized by the web hosting provider at all times.

In this section, you can browse through a diverse selection of managed hosting providers that offer dedicated hosting solutions that are fully managed.

Fully managed web hosting services are ideal in comparison to unmanaged hosting services because they eliminate the need to perform administrative duties within your web hosting control panel.

With a managed hosting service you can focus on more important aspects of your online business while the web hosting provider deals with all of the administrative duties associated with server management and optimization.

Using one of the companies listed within this directory you can ensure the stability and continuity of all of the websites hosted on your fully managed web server.

Managed hosting solutions typically include comprehensive 24-hour support, a robust control panel, and a fully managed dedicated server that is devoted to the success and functionality of your websites.

Managed hosting is a type of dedicated hosting, and is therefore recommended for serious website owners and online entrepreneurs that need lots of free time to manage their business.

All of the companies listed herein are known for providing the best-managed hosting services that have been tried and proven by hundreds or even thousands of customers before you.

Benefits Of A Managed Hosting

Having a managed host is very important. The web host of a dedicated server has the essential task of operating the administrator’s systems and maintaining the websites of the clients to make sure they are working smoothly and efficiently.

The various functions of a dedicated server are security watch, website reporting, making sure the applications are running without any obstructions, load balancing, assuring the performance of the network is optimal, storage and backup.

It is the job of the managed host to monitor the above functions that they perform for all their clients. The good performances of a managed host always keep their clients satisfied and happy.

A good web presence is required for websites which is the client’s main source of income. In this case, the website should be available online 24/7. The technical team of the managed host makes sure this facility is maintained without any hamper in the work.

To have technical support for the websites of the company, one may have to hire people and train them for the job.

This can result to be time-consuming, and expensive and at the same time, it may harass the functioning of the other business dealings. Managed hosting is the best option that one can go for which is affordable and efficient performance can be expected.

To keep the server in great condition, the managed host takes initiative and installs programs and necessary software like firewall and other devices.

This maintains the quality of the site and also makes it functionally stable. Operating systems and backend databases are the other requirements that the websites have, but they differ from site to site.

The responsibility of running the website as per the client’s desired purposes is taken care of by the managed host.

In-house managing of the website is not cost-effective at all, plus it also consumes the valuable time of the business which eventually hurts the business and the company. Thus the services of a managed host are much more beneficial compared to that of an in-house host.

One can easily rely or depend on a managed host as the techniques and processes that are utilized have been tested over the years and have brought positive results over time.

The managed hosts have a team of people who are well trained and skillful; this builds the trust of the clients over the managed host, making them feel confident about their website is in safe hands. Hiring a managed host is more cost-effective compared to in-house management.

The services of a managed host are advised to be taken especially when the image and prestige of the company are dependent on its website.

Taking up reliable hosting plans reduces the worries of a business owner as all the management issues are professionally and efficiently looked after by the managed host.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud web hosting is a revolutionary type of hosting environment that utilizes a network of servers to provide server resources to webmasters.

This new type of hosting is completely different from anything else available on the market at the moment, as it is infinitely expandable and instantly scalable.

Cloud web hosting relies on a unique billing structure that only requires a customer to pay for resources that they have used during the billing period.

Thus, cloud web hosting is a perfect solution for an online business owner who is not sure how many server resources they will need for their web hosting plan.

By having the ability to instantly pull resources from any server on the network for your websites, you can eliminate the possibility of running out of bandwidth and disk space.

In this section, you can browse a selection of web hosting providers that offer cloud web hosting services. Cloud web hosting is unlike any other hosting type because instead of giving a webmaster access to a server partition or even a single web server, cloud web hosting utilizes a network of servers simultaneously to bring an abundance of server resources to your fingertips in unison.

A cloud web hosting plan offers unlimited expandability and scalability instantly by giving the webmaster access to an entire network of servers that can be used to power their websites.

Thus, cloud web hosting does not have many of the same limitations and restrictions that are associated with other web hosting types, and is, therefore, more ideal for the online business model, which is typically unpredictable and continuously growing.

By choosing a cloud web hosting provider listed herein, you can ensure that you are dealing with only the most reputable and reliable web hosting companies in the industry.

All of the cloud web hosting providers listed here are renowned for providing excellent customer service, uptime guarantees, proprietary control panel solutions, and services that are backed by tons of customer feedback.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual private server hosting, also known as VPS hosting, is a type of web hosting that gives you sole access to a web server partition that is devoted to your websites.

Unlike a shared web server, a virtual private server cannot be utilized by any other webmaster and is, therefore, a safer and more reliable solution.

Experienced webmasters have referred to a virtual private server as a healthy mix between a shared server and a dedicated server, with the capabilities and power advantages of the latter and the price advantages of the first.

After utilizing a shared server for several months most webmasters opt to purchase a virtual private server as the need for server resources increases.

The companies listed herein are amongst the most reputable and reliable virtual private server providers in the industry.

A virtual private server is a server partition that is designated to a web hosting account holder to be used for their websites.

Virtual private servers are more powerful than shared servers but not quite as powerful as a dedicated server. With a virtual private server plan, you can change the software configuration of the server by installing server-side web applications if needed.

Virtual private server hosting is a viable alternative to shared and dedicated hosting, with a diverse plan selection and monthly prices ranging from $20 to $200, this type of hosting is a perfect solution for nearly any webmaster.

A virtual private server hosting plan includes all of the tools and resources needed to build and manage a network of various-sized websites.

Features included with a virtual private server hosting plan typically include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and the ability to host an unlimited amount of domains.

By utilizing the list of virtual private server providers herein you can maximize your ability to effectively compare and choose the most suitable solution for your online business or personal websites.

E-Commerce Hosting:

E-commerce hosting is a type of hosting service that provides the tools and resources needed to build, organize, and continuously manage online storefronts.

The features included with an e-commerce hosting solution typically include free shopping carts that facilitate the checkout process, product catalog managers, and user-friendly store builders that include preset templates.

By choosing an e-commerce hosting solution you can minimize the effort required to set up a successful online store and manage inventory and customer billing.

E-commerce hosting solutions are typically geared toward online business owners of all skill levels and are therefore perfect for web developers and novice website owners alike.

In this directory, you can find a selection of e-commerce hosting providers that are known for offering quality services to their customers.

E-commerce hosting plans typically include tools such as free shopping carts, site builders, product catalog managers, photo gallery tools, and other resources that simplify the process of building and managing an online storefront.

E-commerce hosting plans also frequently include automated billing tools that make it easier for you to invoice your customers automatically on a predetermined basis.

By choosing an e-commerce hosting solution listed within this directory you can ensure the success of your online business and Internet storefronts through the experiences and opinions of other customers that have left feedback for these reputable e-commerce hosting providers.

E-commerce hosting is one of the most popular hosting types because it gives you all of the tools and resources needed to effectively build and operate an online store.

E-commerce hosting plans may include payment processing utilities, SSL certificates, simplified web application installation scripts, preset store templates, and a plethora of other tools that facilitate the creation and management of an online store.

The e-commerce hosting solutions listed herein are renowned for being reliable, trustworthy, and competitively priced and their niche.

Five Key Elements to Ecommerce Website Hosting

Ecommerce website hosting is the event that is widely spreading out with enlarging towards the business sectors. Many traditional organizations are adapting to this technique for acquiring recognition throughout the world among customers coming across the orb.

Putting up a website for eCommerce is not a hard nut to crack but it is also very important to make a site that can fetch loads of profitable returns to the business. For procuring an accomplished eCommerce endeavor, certain features should be considered important in the website.

Easy Accessibility

If the person’s goal is to bring one’s site among the top search engines, the main feature is to provide the client with easy access to the website. To make the state a reality, it is very crucial to look for a first-rate server of website hosting which is always active at work.

The servers that are out of guarantee and are in the dormant condition of work are of no use in taking a website to the pinnacle.


It is the second most important feature of web hosting, as it is very crucial to protect a site from all sorts of illegitimate deals. The most commonly prohibited online activities are robbing a customer’s information and taking data from a site through hacking.

To fight against these illicit activities, one should take down a PCI complaint number from any well-known web hosting company. For maintaining the site’s security, it is advisable to adapt to the latest methodologies.


This is the major aspect of e-commerce web hosting as it stresses the fact that for a website, its host server should always be working. To make the website always accessible and on hand, an uptime of 99% must be provided by the server to their clients.

Apart from this, the server must also fulfill all the needs of the customers in the best possible manner. It also includes meeting the period for delivery, prices that are being advertised should be honored properly, and having sufficient stock balance. It is a very crucial feature as the e-commerce sector is the most competitive among all the other sectors.

Disk space, bandwidth, and control panel

Commonly known to be the heat of the website, the control panel is the central facet to control all the workings of the site. For hindering unprofitable IP addresses from an available site, this is usually used. For the storage capacity of a site, disk space is used.

It is highly beneficial for MP3 projects and loading a large number of files. The amount of data broadcasted by a website on monthly basis is known as bandwidth. Sound web hosting companies provide timely updates on bandwidth space.

Web statistics and domains

For any business entity, having sound awareness about a website is very important. Information regarding error logs, disk usage, bandwidth, logs for the site, and more should be offered through these web hosting services.

Managing domains and also the sub-domains that are under one URL make the final key to e-commerce web hosting sites. Therefore, these make up the vital elements of hosting a website, which truly helps a business entity for the growth of profits.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service that gives you the ability to quickly and easily establish your own web hosting business.

The tools and resources included with a reseller hosting plan give anyone the ability to quickly build and market a web hosting website that can solicit customers and generate residual income month after month.

Reseller hosting plans give you access to wholesale server resources that can be split up and distributed in custom plans to your clients.

If you are interested in gaining a piece of the profits being generated by the web hosting industry each year, a reseller hosting plan is a perfect solution.

In this section, you can browse a wide selection of reseller hosting providers that are known for offering the best wholesale prices on server resources.

Reseller hosting plans give you the ability to quickly and easily start your own web hosting business using a variety of tools and resources available within the web hosting control panel.

Reseller hosting plans include website builders, web hosting plan creators, custom control panel tools, and free advertising credits that give you a head start in marketing your web hosting service.

Many reputable web hosting providers got their start by becoming a reseller of a larger company in the beginning.

Reseller hosting plans offer server resources at an incredibly low wholesale rate, giving you the ability to enjoy high-profit margins and generate residual income with minimal effort.

After building your web hosting site using the tools and resources within your reseller hosting plan, all that is left to do is to solicit new clients and wait for your share of the profit each month.

By utilizing the reseller hosting services listed within this directory you can minimize the risk of dealing with unscrupulous companies that are unreliable. All of the reseller hosting providers listed in this directory have plenty of feedback from experienced customers that have tried their services in the past.

Windows Hosting:

Windows web hosting is a type of hosting service in which the Windows operating system is installed on the web server that is leased to the client.

The Windows operating system has several advantages in the web hosting environment, including compatibility with Microsoft-based applications and programming platforms such as Microsoft Server, SharePoint, and ASP.net.

Some webmasters require Windows web hosting for their online business because of this aforementioned compatibility.

Although Windows web hosting is typically more expensive than Linux web hosting it is an absolute necessity for some online business owners.

In this directory, you can browse through a large selection of Windows web hosting providers that offer quality services. Windows web hosting is a necessity for many businesses that utilize Microsoft-based web applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Server.

Windows web hosting is also necessary for webmasters that utilize the ASP.net programming language or platform for their sites.

ASP.net is a programming language that is often used to create interactive webpages that are fully responsive and have dynamic loading content.

Windows web hosting is therefore considered a business class web hosting solution and is typically more expensive than the conventional Linux web hosting plan.

By choosing a Windows web hosting provider from this directory you can ensure that your websites are being hosted by a reputable and trustworthy company that has been tested and proven by hundreds or even thousands of customers before you.

The Windows operating system also has the advantage of being backed by legendary Microsoft support and upgrades, which are automatically included with Windows web hosting plans.

The list of Windows web hosting providers on this site is comprised of the best in the industry – companies that have had years to establish sufficient amounts of feedback and reputation.

Dedicated Server or Shared Hosting?

Here, in the world of web hosting companies, the most frequently asked question by the clients is whether they should opt for a dedicated server web hosting facility or they should go for a shared web hosting program instead.

There is a lot of difference between a dedicated server web hosting program and a shared web hosting program.

As we all know what dedicated means, there is little need to describe the working of a dedicated server in explicit detail.

It is sufficient to say that a dedicated server is an internet server that belongs to the owner entirely. The allotted bandwidth, disk space, memory capacity, and CPU usage is entirely belonging to the owner in case of a dedicated server web hosting program.

On the other hand, a shared web hosting program is a facility where the whole server is divided between several users, and along with it is divided the disk space, the memory, the CPU usage, and the allotted bandwidth. The proportion of the division depends solely on the provider of the web hosting service.

Web hosting programs are comparable to renting a house in some respects. It is almost like renting a house where a dedicated server is a facility whereby someone lives alone or with his or her family in a house.

Whereas the shared web hosting program is like taking a room to rent in the house and the other rooms are rented by people who are not in any way related to each other.

Like if the house has five rooms then five people are sharing that particular house by living in five individual rooms.

Both the dedicated server and the shared web hosting have certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are listed as follows:

Dedicated server:



Very high in resources

Can go through even high website traffic

Provides root access

It is highly scalable that is it can be easily upgraded

This server is very fast and can be easily relied on.


It is very expensive as compared to shared web hosting.

There are high charges if the data is exceeded.

Shared Web Hosting:


The cost of it is cheap and affordable to all spheres of people.

Can easily be managed by soft wares like Cpanel.

It is a better option for people starting up a business.

The setup is much faster.

There is no cost for maintenance.


The only disadvantage is that shared web hosting has very limited sources.

So while choosing between dedicated servers or shared web hosting facilities, the above factors that are mentioned should be pondered upon by prudent consumers.

If someone is just starting a business, then a shared web hosting program is the best option as it costs less and can be upgraded any time when one feels that the allotted disk space or bandwidth is not enough for him or her

Final Thoughts on our 10 Best Web Hosting Services

It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for dedicated hosting, free hosting, expensive plans, or any kind of hosting solution, Best 10 Best Web Hosting Services is here to help you.

We have created a list of the top 10 Best web hosting solutions based on their performance. In addition, we are always following the latest offers and news from these providers and user testimonials and updating their ranking accordingly.

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