GetResponse Website Builder with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Looking for the best website builders UK, USA & Canada or anywhere in the world ? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here I present you The Brand New AI Powered Website Builder From GetResponse , This Website Builder uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Design Sophisticated eye-catching websites for all company Sizes

In the early days of the internet, if you were going to launch a website you would have know how to code the site yourself or hire somebody else to do it. This is because behind every webpage is a complicated language like html or php that drives it. From the position of text and images, to the links and more complicated features, every aspect of a page has to be crafted almost like a mathematical equation.

Fortunately as time went on tools and programs emerged that made this easier. Today there are full blown website builders that require very little (if any) backend knowledge. As long as you can click buttons and follow prompts, you can build a professional, secure and unique looking website yourself with all the support you need.

Features of GetResponse  Website Builder (AI)

AI-Powered Website Creation

Website builder uses Advanced AI Programming to Make beautiful website with few clicks , The Artificial Intelligence (AI) wizard will generate custom-made pages immediately.

DIY Website Creation

Those days gone when you have to depend on Coder and Web Developer to design your website and if you want to update the same website after sometime your need to approach the Same Web Developer. Now You can DIY Website Building  with The help of GetResponse Website Builder that uses Artificial Intelligence with simple clicks , drag & drop customization for unique website designs and unlimited templates for all types of business.

Design Simplicity

This AI Powered Website Builder comes with lots of readymade templates and thousands of free images through seamless integration. Forget coding skills, expensive programming , and vulnerable plugins- website builder has the end-user in  mind. Change styling , colors fonts for your entire website with simple clicks .

Built-in Website popups

Website popups can be used to generate more leads with simple clicks, promote new content,and special offers, popup forms come with a range of setting and easy to customize options.

Search Engine Optimization

Search setting helps with visibility, discoverability, and organic traffic. Add metadata for tittles and descriptions, and change URL slugs to support keywords. Also, choose if search engines should show your pages in search results.

Performance Analytics

Review website analytics for predefined and custom date ranges. Perfomance data includes traffic, devices, location, click tracking, and forms/popups.

An All in One Platform

Website Builder extends GetResponse’s complete range of marketing apps. By having a set of essential marketing tools in one place, user can scale their activities, capabilities, and efficiencies.


GetResponse offers four plans-Basic, Plus, Professional, and MAX for enterprises.

Pricing starts at $15 and depends on list size and features.

A 30-day free trial is available .

The website builder is available in every plan, at no extra cost.

Target Market

Website Builder is suitable for various market segments, including:

• SMB owners who seek a convenient and quick way to get online with a website

• Professionals, consultants, freelancers, and salespeople who want to promote and sell services

• Marketers who seek an end-to-end marketing app to execute a complete conversion funnel

• Organizations, nonprofits, and schools seeking a hassle-free and intuitive website solution


Website builder and hosting markets are highly competitive. Here’s what differentiates us:

• AI-powered and do-it-yourself (DIY) website building capabilities

• 35+ predesigned and blank templates to support website creation

• A complete solution with hosting, domain services, and SSL certificates in one place

• No need to worry about outdated and potentially vulnerable themes and plugins

• Website Builder is available in every plan, at no additional cost

• Website Builder joins our complete digital marketing ecosystem for seamless execution

Types of Website Builder

There are many different types of website builder out there, and the one you choose depends on your individual needs. Will you be adding a lot of content daily or will it be more of a static website? Do you need advanced features or is it mainly just going to be text? These are some of the questions you will have to ask yourself if you plan to build the site yourself. Here are some of the types of best website builders available:

Free Website Builder

You can find many website builders and tools for free by doing a search. Some of these may be downloadable programs or apps that you operate from your computer or device, while many are based online which you access through a web browser. Leading services like WIX require you to register an account, and while the basic tools are free you have to pay to access premium tools and to use what you’ve created on your own domain. Other services like Weebly are technically free but only when you buy a hosting package.

One of the most popular free website builders is WordPress. Don’t be fooled in to thinking it is just a blogging platform, WordPress is a powerful content management system that can build any type of website. You can use their own free hosting platform with some limitations or download the system and install it on your own server or hosting plan.

Paid Website Builders

While some free options do the trick and WordPress is as powerful as they come, paid website builders tend to offer all the features you could need without throwing you in the deep end. Squarespace for example has one of the easiest to use but most advanced platforms out there, and you get hosting, 24/7 support, and a custom domain – an all in one package.

Most premium website builders are offered on a subscription service with varying price points, depending on the features you require. Most standard plans are under $10 per month, but the price of more advanced plans can vary from provider to provider.

If you are a novice at creating websites but you have a big idea and a budget, paid website builders are perhaps your best option if you want to be the one in control and not hire a web designer and webmaster.

Open Source Website Builders

What makes a website builder stand out is its features, that’s why open source website builders are so popular. Through the use of plugins and other modifications, the likes of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have become extremely versatile thanks to the community that surrounds them. Sure, the basic packages are powerful themselves, but it’s all the extras you can find that make them so great.

One downside is that unless you have a web host with great support, open source website builders can be a little daunting for the novice. Fortunately if you spend the time reading online you should eventually get the hang of building and modifying your site with one of these platforms.

GetResponse Website Builder For Creative Professionals

There are also different website builders for niche purposes. For example the type of site a photographer or artist requires is not the same as a blogger or somebody launching a news portal. While many builders can create sites for all kinds of purposes, there are certain builders that get it done out of the box.

Format for example is a portfolio focussed builder than allows you to showcase your photos and creative works crisply and clearly across all mobile and computer devices, in high definition and with retina support.

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