GoDaddy Hosting Account On Hold

GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world, they have helped millions of people to get their own unique domain name. Not only domain name but they even sell web hosting services to the people.

Their web hosting service is not too good and not too bad as well. I can say the web hosting service of GoDaddy is not more than average.

Their servers are slow and I have seen my websites going down often even on the Ultimate Linux Web Hosting plan.

But what to do if GoDaddy hosting account on hold?

If your GoDaddy account is suspended or is on hold then this guide will help you to overcome this issue. I will tell you what to do if you are getting GoDaddy hosting account on hold warning in the account information.

What to Do When GoDaddy Hosting Account On Hold?

If you are getting website suspended warning when you open your website and can’t access your cPanel also. Then let me tell you this is a serious issue.

Thinking why?

All your websites files may be deleted by the company.

What Actually Happens When Your Account is On Hold?

When your web hosting account goes on hold then you will face the following issues.

  • Your website will be taken down by the company, and no one can access it.
  • You will not be allowed to access the cPanel or Plesk. (in case of Windows Hosting)
  • All the files and databases can be deleted by the company.

How to Solve this Issue?

Before few days one of my web hosting accounts was on hold as the Auto renewal of GoDaddy had failed to renew my hosting.

The next day when I tried to open my dashboard then I saw that the website was suspended by the company.

Soon after that I called the customer care of GoDaddy and talked about this issue. Then they told me that the web hosting was expired many days back and the web hosting was in the grace period.

Now, what is this Grace Period?

The grace period is the time or days I can say for which your products will be active and fully be functioning even after the date of expiry.

The web hosting companies offer this grace period for their customers to allow them to renew their product.

Here you should note one thing and that the web hosting account will be kept on hold when you don’t renew it within the grace period.

The grace period is danger zone and if out of grace period then it is extreme danger zone!

Your files and database can be permanently deleted by the company.

So how to overcome this GoDaddy account on hold issue?

The one and only option that you currently have is to renew your hosting service.

There is no other option for you, even if you call the customer care of the company you will get the same answer.

But what if the renewal price is too high?

We normally come across this kind of situation where we have to renew the services with the higher prices. To avoid this we should buy the services for a long period of time.

I have published a guide where I have mentioned about getting the discount on GoDaddy renewals, you can follow this link to read it.

If you feel the price is too high and you don’t want to pay it then just renew it for a period of 1 month you will get access to your cPanel.

And once you have access to your cPanel you can download your files and database. 

Later on, buy web hosting and get it going.

For example, if GoDaddy is asking you to pay Rs. 8,000 to renew the hosting for 1 year and you don’t want to pay it. Then renew it for 1 month it will not cost you more than Rs. 600 to 800.

And getting your stuck files and database for Rs. 600 to 800 is not a bad deal.

Let’s Wrap Up the Things

So this is what to do when GoDaddy hosting account on hold. I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this guide. But if you have any kind of doubts then you can comment below.

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