How to Use Expired Domain For SEO

Want to know how you can use expired domain for SEO? Then you are on the right website, I will tell you who you can use an expired domain for Search Engine Optimization.

The domain is the most basic thing that we have to buy before starting any website or blog online. Most of the webmasters online register multiple domain names for them to use.

While buying or registering the domains they think of working on all the domains he or she has. But as the time goes they get busy with other domains and other stuff.

And the new domain they have got will just stay online or collect some digital dust in their registrar account.

To avoid this thing some of the webmasters use those domains for links to their money website or main blog. This should be done with care or else your domain can attract manual actions.

Today we will discuss about the Expired domains. And the uses of expired domains for Search Engine Optimization. Most of the people use the expired domains for the links itself.

I will show you how you can use the expired domain for SEO.

What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains are those domains which are expired because the previous owner of the domain has not renewed it. Sometimes the owner forgets to renew the domain and sometimes they just ignore it if they are not using it anymore.

Such domains are released in the domain pool, from where anyone can register it for them. You should note one thing and that is the registrar does not cancel the registration instantly when the domain expires.

Most of the registrars provide a grace period of 30 days within which the owner can renew the domain name. If the owner does not do that then it will be auctioned or else released in domain pool.

How Can You Use The Expired Domain For SEO?

Now let us get started with this guide and check out how you can use the expired domain for SEO of your main blog. I will tell you two methods by which you can make good use of expired domains you have registered for yourself.

While registering the expired domain make sure that you purchase Whois Gaurd which keeps your ownership details out of reach.

When you add Whois Gaurd to your domain name, your name, address and other details will not be publicly available.

In the place of your details, the details of the company which is offering you the Whois Gaurd will be displayed. For example, consider that I purchase Whois Gaurd for my domain name BloggingChamp.Com.

And someone makes the Whois Data look up of my domain then they don’t be able to see my name and address. In that place, they will see the address and other details of the company from whom I have purchased the guard.

I told you these things because it is quite important keeping your details private when you are registering an expired domain for SEO of your main blog.

#1. Adding 301 Permanent Redirect to The Expired Domain

You can use the expired domain for SEO by adding a 301 redirect to your money blog from the expired domain.

Now, what happens when you add the 301 redirect to your domain?

To understand this first we need to know what 301 permanent redirect is. Read on I have explained it below.

What is 301 Permanent Redirect?

This is one for the HTTP response code which tells the search engines that the content has been moved to a new location. Here what I mean by the location is the domain.

When I add 301 Redirect from xyz.Com to abc.In

And when someone visits or search engine bot visits any page on xyz.Com they will be automatically redirected to Abc.In without anything to be done at their end.

For example, someone visits xyz.Com/expired-domain-seo/ then they will be redirected to abc.In/expired-domain-seo/

This is what happens when we add the 301 permanent redirect. Along with the traffic, even the backlinks will be pointed to the new domain name.

Did you get it? 

You will get all the backlinks to your money blog which are pointing to the expired domain that you have purchased. So those backlinks will be yours.

After few weeks of adding the 301 permanent redirect to you will be able to check the backlinks in Google Search Console.

Look at the screenshot below in which you can see the term intermediate link which tells that this link is from other domain but pointing to you.

I have this intermediate link to AkashNavi.In because I have added the 301 redirect to move to from HTTP to HTTPS. This was just an example of how you will be able to check the new backlinks that you will get from the expired domain.

If you don’t know how you can add 301 redirect to domain name then follow this link to read it.

This is the first use of the expired domain for SEO. That is to get the power of backlinks to your money blog.

But you should note one thing and that is the expired domain you are using is from your niche only. If it does not belongs to your niche and you are using it.

You will still get the backlinks but you will not see much boost in the rankings of your money blog. So if you want the maximum power of the backlinks register the expired domain which belongs to your niche.

#2. Using it Like a Private Blog Network

So now the second method by which you can use expired domain for SEO is by using it like a private blog network. If you don’t know what exactly private blog network is then read it below.

What is Private Blog Network?

Private Blog Network or normally know as the PBN they are a group of websites which are owned by the same person or organization.

All these domains are hosted on different servers to get the different IP address. And as they all have Whois Gaurd no one can trace that the domain belongs to a particular person or organization.

The owner of the private blog network uses it for getting backlinks to their main money blog. They get the backlinks with their desired anchor texts which will help them to outrank their competitors.

However, this is a considered as grey hat SEO but they have to build it very carefully. Because Google is very good at cracking down the private blog networks.

But if they are built perfectly, believe me, there is no better way to get powerful backlinks to your money blog. 

This was all about what is a private blog network. Now let us check out how you can use an expired domain for SEO by using it as a private blog network.

First of all, you have to find a good expired domain which belongs to your niche. Do make sure that you get a domain name with high Moz Domain Authority and good genuine backlinks pointing to it.

At the time of registration, I highly recommend you to get Whois Gaurd to make sure there are no footprints that Google can follow.

Buy cheap web hosting for you where you can host your expired domain. You can buy hosting from Bluehost or buy it from Godaddy.

You have to buy hosting for it to keep the IP address of your websites different. After buying cheap hosting for your expired domain install WordPress and configure everything by installing a theme and WordPress plugins.

Once everything is up you have to create pages like About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Page.

Now it’s time to build up the content for your expired domain, you can build some 10 to 15 unique posts. But those posts should be highly related to your money blog.

Let Google do its job the Google bots will soon index the content you have published on your expired domain. After a week or two add links to your money blog from the expired domain.

You will get backlinks to the desired pages of your money blog with the anchor text you need. So you are in 100% control of the backlinks which you will be getting from the other website which is closely related to the topic of your money blog.

But make sure that you don’t add too many backlinks from your expired domain to the money blog. If you do so then it may raise a flag in Google’s mind.  Which will be dangerous for your money blog.

And we are done with it, these are the two methods by which you can use expired domain for SEO. Before you choose the expired domain read these 4 things which you need to know about it.

I hope you are clear with all the information that is mentioned in this guide of mine. If you have any kind of doubts then let me know by commenting below.

All the best and use expired domain for SEO wisely.

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