Methods of Doing 301 Redirects

Now days, many people are interestingly doing online businesses and improve their business success through search engine optimization. SEO plays a very important role in popularizing your commercial website on the internet platform. When you are optimizing your business site on popular search engines like Google, there are so many essential factors to be taken into consideration.

301 redirection is one of those important factors for the seo services. When you have permanently changed a particular web page, this redirection is too much essential to preserve the Google rankings.

Actually, a 301 redirect is a command employed to tell the Google and other search engines that a web page has permanently moved and that website owner want them to index a new web page and drop the old one from the search engine index.

What is 301 redirect:

A 301 redirect is mainly a change of the address card for the web. If everything is done in a correct manner, a 301 redirect will ensure that your website keeps rankings earned by the old page.

It will also prevent the content duplication nightmare which must arise if the search engines were to index the box version of your commercial website. 301 redirect is the search engine friendly and the most efficient method for the webpage redirections.

It is not that much difficult to implement and it must preserve your search engine rankings for a specific page. If the web developers have to move pages or change file names, this 301 redirection is the safest option to preserve everything as it is.

The code 301 is then interpreted as moved permanently. The web developers or seo service providers can test the redirection with the help of search engine friendly redirect checker tool online.

Implementing 301 redirect in different ways:

Using .htaccess

To begin 301 redirect using an .htaccess file to redirect web pages on you site, you have to open up your FTP and sign in to your website.

Work your own way into the root web folder to access the .htaccess file.

The little gem is a file to be edited. When you begin editing a file, use the UNIX style text editor not notepad.

Typically, a code editor or HTML editor like TextPad works better.

To 301 redirect pages using .htaccess file, you have to add a line to the file which tells server what to do.

Leave blank line at the end of a file. Your server will read this .htaccess file line by line, and do 301 redirect of web page.

Using Windows Server

Open Programs -> Administrative tools -> Inter Services Manager

Select the website you are redirecting from and right click to open properties menu.

Inside this context menu, open Home Directory tab and select a redirection to the URL.

Type a new URL and make sure selecting a permanent redirection for this source in checkboxes.

This will surely redirect the search engine spiders and users to the exact new URL you entered.

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