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Getting a website for our own is not a big task these days. We have many companies online which are helping us to do so. If you want to get your own website up and running all you have to do is register a domain name and purchase hosting and set them up together. Today we will discuss about NameCheap shared hosting.

I will share my experience with them and also tell you if you should buy NameCheap shared hosting. As I have already told you that there are many companies online. Here what I mean by the word companies is the domain name registrars and web hosting providers.

NameCheap.Com is one of those companies which is helping the people to get their own domain name and hosting. They have priced their products at a very competitive price. NameCheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall in the year 2000.

According to the information, I got online at Wikipedia. This company claims to manage 7 million domain names to its 3 million customers.

Any company has 3 million customers and which is managing 7 million domain names is not a bad record. This company is ICANN accredited registrar, so you are at a safer hand. The overall company profile is good.

What are the services offered by NameCheap?

This company offers services like Domain name registrations, web hosting service, issues SSL certificates along with private email hosting. You can purchase all kind of hosting from them including VPS, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting packages.

Now let us move to the further part and check out how good their shared hosting services are in my NameCheap shared hosting review.

NameCheap is offering the services mentioned above for a very less and competative price.Visit NameCheap Now!

NameCheap Shared Hosting Review: Should You Buy From Them?

So let me share what was my experience with the NameCheap shared hosting and also check out the plans they are offering.

I have a website which I had hosted with GoDaddy on their ultimate shared hosting plan. And my plan with them was about to expire, the renewal prices of Godaddy are a way to high. I was not earning much with that website, so I decided not to spend much for the hosting renewal.

And I started looking for a good web hosting company to move that website. That’s the movement I checked out the hosting packages of NameCheap.Com.

The shared hosting plans were dirt cheap, so I decided to check them out. Even if I don’t get a good service from them I can move my website to a different web hosting company. Because I was not spending much as the hosting price was less.

I downloaded my backup of the database from GoDaddy and also the whole website from their server. I did not delete any file from the GoDaddy server or took my website down.

Then I purchased the Value shared hosting package from NameCheap. This plan cost me $9.88 per year (about Rs.637 INR)Visit NameCheap Now!

How was My Purchase Experience?

While buying the NameCheap shared hosting plan was quite good. They allow us to check out by paying in multiple currencies.

The currencies they support as listed below:

  • US Dollars
  • Indian Rupees
  • Euro
  • British Pounds
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • And China Yuan RMB

The payment process was quite fast and I did not face any kind of issues while making the payment. As I am from India I paid in Indian Rupees, you can choose between the currencies listed above depending on your country.

As soon as I made the payment to NameCheap I got the mail from the company about the order. You can check out the mail I got from them below. You can have a look at the final charge I had to pay was $9.88.

Soon after this mail, I got one more from them in which they had mentioned my login details to my cPanel. They had mentioned the package details along with the IP address, username, and password.Visit NameCheap Now!

How Was My Website Performing on NameCheap’s Servers?

After that, I used the login details and opened my cPanel account, uploaded my website and finally, changed my nameserver in Godaddy account to point that domain to NameCheap.

After the DNS propagation, my website was running on NameCheap shared hosting without any downtime. Now the next question in my mind was how is the loading speed of the website.

Because this was the first time when I had purchased hosting from NameCheap.Com. I thought that the loading time may be quite long as I have not paid them a good amount. (Cheap shared hosting)

But there was a surprise waiting for me. And that was my website was getting completely loaded in 0.6 seconds! The same website when it was hosted with Godaddy’s ultimate shared hosting package took more than 3 seconds to load.

Speed of Website on NameCheap Shared Hosting

Here one thing which should be noted and that is the loading time displayed above is “Fully Loaded Time”. Which means the website is completely loaded in the browser.

Speed of Website on GoDaddy Shared Hosting

The website speed tests are done with the help of GTMetrix and the results are of the same website with same files without any changes made. And that’s the reason why the total page size is same in both the results.

Now the question is why there is so much difference in loading time?

That’s all because you get accelerated SSD drives with the NameCheap shared hosting plan. And with the Godaddy shared hosting we don’t get SSD drives.

Here I would like to make a quick comparison between the NameCheap value plan and Godaddy ultimate plan.

NameCheap Shared Hosting (Value Plan)GoDaddy Economy Plan (Basic of Godaddy)GoDaddy Ultimate Plan (My Previous Plan)
Disk Space20 GB SSD-Accelerated30 GBUnlimited
RAM1024 MB512 MB1024 MB
Free DomainNot ProvidedNot Provided1 Free Domain
Price$9.88 per Year$29.88 per Year$95.88 per Year
 Buy Now  Buy Now

Here I have mentioned two GoDaddy plans one is the basic one and the other one is the ultimate shared hosting plan.

I have done that because it will be unfair if I compare the NameCheap’s basic plan with the GoDaddy’s Ultimate plan.

Now let’s get to the point when you are spending $29.88 + taxes per year with GoDaddy you are allowed to host 1 website.

They are giving you 512 MB of RAM along with 30 GB of normal disk space. And the main thing is they don’t provide 100% uptime.

Whereas with NameCheap shared hosting you are spending $9.88 per year. Here you can host 3 websites and you are getting SSD-Accelerated disk space and 1024 MB of RAM.

Who is the clear winner here?

That’s none other than NameCheap.Com because here you are paying less and you are getting way more than GoDaddy. If you want 1024 MB or RAM with GoDaddy then you have to pay $95.88 per Year.

How is cPanel and Account Interface of NameCheap?

Having cPanel with the hosting package is very important. Many of the bloggers don’t have much knowledge about server management. But cPanel makes the work easy for them, you will get traditional cPanel with the NameCheap shared hosting package.

Check out the NameCheap’s account and cPanel interface below. The account interface area is quite bold and easy to navigate.

And here is the cPanel interface of NameCheap from where you can manage your shared hosting plan. Adding, removing websites etc. can be done from the cPanel.

How NameCheap’s Support Works?

Now, this is a crucial thing which we should consider when we are planning to buy web hosting to our websites. Then we should check out how NameCheap’s support works too.

The provide support over live chat and via support ticket. I prefer live chat because we can get the solution for our problems within minutes.

You can contact them via live chat 24×7 anytime from their official website. But the only drawback is you can’t contact them via a call that is you can’t get support over the phone.

They have a very well arranged knowledge base where you can find answers to almost all the hosting, domain, SSL and email related questions.

The support agents of NameCheap are very polite and they have lots of knowledge about the web hosting and domain stuff. So they can clear your problems over chat very quickly.Visit NameCheap Now!

Uptime and Speed of NameCheap Shared Servers

Now the main of thing about which we have to discuss if you want to buy NameCheap shared hosting is the uptime and the speed of the server.

What NameCheap has to say about their uptime?

Before I show you the uptime and speed stats of the NameCheap shared hosting I would like to tell you what they are promising us.

We back up our claims with an industry-leading guarantee for our shared hosting. Should we fail to meet our 100% uptime SLA, we’ll issue account credits.

So they say that if their shared servers fail, they will issue the account credit to us.

Do they keep the promise?

Yes, they do it! and I am tracking the uptime of NameCheap Shared hosting servers from last 15 days and I have not come across a single uptime.

Uptime Data of the Server:

The Availability or uptime of the server is 100%.

NameCheap Shared Hosting Plans

And finally, let’s check out the NameCheap shared hosting plans for you to buy. Their shared hosting plans are listed below along with all the important details.

ValueProfessionalUltimateBusiness SSD
Disk Space20 GB Accelerated-SSD50 GB Accelerated-SSDUnlimited Accelerated-SSD20GB Pure SSD Disk Space
BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5000 GB
Parked DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
BackupTwice a WeekTwice a WeekTwice a Week2 x Daily + Weekly Backups
FTP Users50100UnlimitedUnlimited
Money Back Guarantee14 Days14 Days14 Days14 Days
Price$9.88 per Year$19.88 per Year$29.88 per Year
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Conlusion of My NameCheap Shared Hosting Review

It’s time to wrap up the things, so far I have not seen downtime of my website which is hosted on NameCheap shared hosting.

Even the support team is very well trained they can help you out in any situation 24×7. Now it’s up to you about buying NameCheap Shared hosting plan. If you have anything to share with me then you can comment below.Visit NameCheap Now!

And Finally, should you buy from the? – Yes, should consider doing so, they offer good service.

NameCheap Shared Hosting Review
  • Disk Space        
  • Uptime of Server        
  • Speed of Server        
  • Customer Support

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