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SEMrush Alternative: SEO Link Building Tips and Guidelines

we have prepared the article informative and accurate, please read SEO Link Building Tips and Guidelines, Still related to the things about backlinks that have been discussed previously, here is a summary of tips that can be a guide for you when doing link building:

Also read: How to Do Keyword Research for SEO The link between the web itself I’m sure, when you take SEO seriously, you will have lots of websites.

Some are made to be potential replacements for old websites that are getting saturated in the same niche, some are made as shadows for websites that are already reaping results so that these results are not interrupted.

So providing links between our own websites can be an easy and inexpensive way to go. Of course, by following the rules not to give each other reciprocal links and given from websites that use different hosting in order to avoid footprints.

Choosing SEO Services You can find a lot of SEO service providers in online business forums, domestic and foreign as well as through the marketplace as previously mentioned. Forget offers that are too good to be true and focus on the ones that make sense.

Although not as valid, the price of the service usually determines the quality and service provided. High-quality backlinks have a high level of difficulty to obtain, both technically and cost-effectively.

This means that the rarer and more difficult a link is given by the website, the greater it is if your website has it. focus For blog posts, for example, instead of choosing a service that has a lot of ratings and testimonials, it’s better to look for a newer service with fewer testimonials.

As we know, the number of testimonials indicates the number of people who have used these services. This means that the OBL score will be large so that the link juice becomes weak.

And we don’t want that. The same thing applies to PBN (private blog network) services that offer various services.

From cheap prices to odong-odong groups that are not taken care of properly by the admin. Whereas PBN is not something that is cheap, so if the one who offers it cheaply, it must be stupid. In particular, PBN will be discussed more fully at the end.

Also Read: Know What is PBN (Private Blog Network) in SEO Private Negotiation When we are ready to look for backlinks, meaning we are also ready to spend some money, then we have to be a little fussy and selective buyer. In fact, the best links actually come from negotiations that occur behind the scenes to serve our various requests for private SEO services, both in forums and marketplaces.

I’ve proven it myself Believe me, there are lots of people who are willing to serve requests like ours for private SEO services, both in forums and marketplaces. The first step you can start by using the services offered to increase their trust in you. Next, contact the SEO service provider directly by explaining your wishes and desires.

Ask them to send us the entire list of blogs they have for us to check one by one, if any match, place an order. Then also remind them to send a list of new blogs they create in the future so that we are the first to know about it.

Do you repeat this to too many service providers so that you have more diverse choices? Spy Backlinks If you are used to making contact via Japri with various parties, then you can easily do these tips. Spy backlinks are snooping on our competitors’ web links for a keyword and sabotaging or using it as a reference in link searches.

Note: these tips can only be done with the help of SEO tools that can check backlinks fast like Semrush and Ahrefs. The way to do this is to look at a list of backlinks from websites that are in the position of being in the position for the keywords that we are optimizing on our website.

Look for non-authority websites that we suspect were made by the same people as us. If you have found it, check all the backlinks on the website and start studying the sources. You will be surprised by the good backlinks that can be a useful reference for our website.

From there, you can start making contact with websites that provide backlinks so that they can also provide backlinks

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