6 Best Online Earning Apps 2023

Some say that earning online is super easy and some say that it is just a myth. But actually, it’s not that much tough or just a piece of cake. You just have to be patient and need to grave some working techniques and useful knowledge about the sector you working on.

If you are looking to earn money from your mobile than came to the right place. This post is totally dedicated to the best online earning apps in India and through these apps, you can also earn. At first its not sound real but thanks to the fast-growing technology which makes it possible.

We recently discussed various methods of online earning like YouTube, blogging, freelancing. But in this post, we gonna discussed about some easy and quick methods through online earning apps in India. These methods are not that effective than the previous ones but you can earn quick money here and best for your day to day expense’s

When you browse on internet numbers of ads were popped-up on the screen that downloads this one and earns crores but most of them are scams. Today we gonna review some best and genuine online earning apps in India. We are not promised you to crores but you can easily generate some quick money from these apps.

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List of online earning apps in India

This list of online earning apps in India is not following any particular order, all the apps mentioned below are best and genuine online earning apps in India.

1. MPL

The first one in our list of best online earning apps in India is MPL (Mobile Premier League). Imagine you are just playing games on your mobile like you does and also earn from that. How you feel? It sounds good. And you definitely do it through MPL.

Most of you definitely seen MPL’s ads somewhere on the Internet. MPL is a very popular gaming application. Many popular faces promote MPL like Virat Kohli (Captain of Indian Cricket team).

Games on MPL

There is a variety of games available on MPL. You can choose on the basis of your liking and convert your gaming skills into your earning. You can join any game at any time. Some famous games that you can play on MPL are

Fruit Chop

This game is almost similar to the famous android game Fruit Ninja. In this game, you just have to chop fruits on your screen and try to score as much as you can. larger the score greater will be your rewards. The number of online players joins the session together. So, you have to make at the upper positions of the chart. At the end of the session earning will be transferred to your Paytm wallet

Candy Crush

Almost every android user play this at least for one and some of you are addicted ones. So now the time to play the candy crush on MPL and earn from your candy smashing skills. You just have to smash to candies by using different candy combinations.

Monster Truck

It is a adventure racing game where you have to try get more and more points during the race. You will get bonus for the stunts you perform.

Ninja Jumper

This game is almost similar the game called Vector. Where you have to run through the building and clearing all the different obstacles placed between the run.

These are just a few popular ones on MPL apart from this there are many more on it. And you can earn from all of them.

How MPL Works

You have to register to MPL through the mobile number which is also linked with your Paytm. At the time of sign up, you will get 20 to 40 tokens for the new registration on MPL. Tokens are the number of times you can play a game and start earning.

If you will get out of the tokens then you can purchase them through your Paytm and used them to play any game. All of your earning will be credited to your Paytm account as soon as the session ended. The average session on the MPL is 30 minutes. And it is definitely the best online earning apps in India due to the wide variety of games.

They’re also an option of referring and earn means that if you refer the app to your friends and family, You will get the reward when they start using MPL.

Is MPL Secure

Yes, it is totally safe and secure to use. Many o the famous faces promote MPL through advertisement and their social accounts. So, there is no question about its security. Its really pays you your winning amount immediately.

2. Dream 11

The second one in our list of best online earning apps in India is Dream 11, where you can use your knowledge about sports to your earning. The world is full of sports and everybody loves to watch it. Imagine earn by optimizing your sports knowledge. How you feel? Definitely amazing. Dream 11 provides you with a good platform to earn from sports.

Sports under Dream 11

There are five sports for which you can use dream 11


Initially, it starts for the cricket that why it named as Dream 11 (eleven players of cricket). You have to pick up a playing combination by using both the opposition before the match starts. If your selected player performed well in the match that will be reflected your earning.


It’s similar for football like cricket. Pick your best playing 11 from both the teams and hope the player you selected to perform well.


Select the player you think gonna score well in the match and if they play well then you can win amazing prices on Dream 11


Choose the players in playing combination that you think to play well in this match and if they really will then there is a jackpot waiting for you.


With the increasing popularity of the pro kabaddi league in India. This is recently added to the dream 11 sports gallery. You can earn well by joining kabaddi contests.

How Dream 11 works

You have to register on Dream 11 with the number linked with Paytm and you will get some bonus to start playing the different contests. There are a variety of contests available on the dream 11 from low budget to large budget, from small groups to larger groups.

You can also add up the funds through your Paytm to dream 11 wallets and spend them on the contest you want to join and earn through them.

You can also earn from the refer and earn offer, where you can refer dream 11 to our friends and family and when they start using dream11 you will get your rewards.

Is Dream 11 secure

Yes, Dream 11 is totally safe and secure to use. Dream 11 is also the head sponsor of the IPL 2020 so you can get the authority behind it. Many of the famous cricketer promoting the dream 11 for years like M.S Dhoni (former captain of Indian Cricket team). You can safely transfer your funds to dream 11 and also claiming your winning price within minutes. One of the best online earning apps in India.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

The third one in our list of best online earning apps in India is Google Opinion Rewards. Maybe you heard about the paid survey before and Google opinion is also a paid survey application which is hosted by Google to collect the survey from the audience and they paid in cash to them.

This one asked you to submit surveys from time to time to improve their system for the users. Google opinion rewards are available for both androids as well as IOS. You just have to be unbiased and completely honest during these surveys.

How Google Opinion Rewards Works

You just have to register on Google opinion rewards and automatically you will get the notification when a survey is ready for you to submit. Question those were asked during the surveys are like Do you know about this product? From where you hear about it? What kind of ads you like to visit? Which app you use on daily basis?

You can get a reward up to 32RS on every survey you submit on Google. It pays used credit to you google play money which you can use to purchase games, movies and books on the Google play store. The female user gets more surveys as a comparison to the male users. It is a very popular online earning apps in India.

Is Google Opinion Rewards are secure

This is the product of the google so there is no question about the safety and security of it. It got 4.6 ratings out of 5 on google play store which is great. So, it is totally safe and secure to use.


The fourth one in our list of best online earning apps in India is LOCO. LOCO is very popular among the youngsters within the past few years. You can convert your general knowledge into your earning on LOCO. LOCO is the first online earning apps in India where you can play in your preferred language.

LOCO offers its user different live sessions during the day to join and earn from them in the language you are comfortable with.

How LOCO works

You have to register with your number that is also linked with your Paytm. Join the different live sessions during the day and convert your knowledge into your earning. The prize money is fixed at the start of the game, players got eliminated when they choose the wrong answer and the numbers of players who got all the questions right. The prize money will be divided between them.

You can also get the extra lifeline for the gameplay by sharing the application with your friends and family. For every share you will get an extra lifeline. But only one lifeline is used in each session of the game.

Is LOCO Secure

Yes, it is totally safe and secure to use. It actually pays your winning amount to your linked Paytm account within minutes. If you have a piece of good general knowledge then LOCO is the best online earning apps in India for you. Just join the sessions and earn.

5. Roz Dhan

The number five in our list of online earning apps in India is Roz Dhan. Roz Dhan is a free online earning app in India. You just have to spend as much time as you can on the application and you will be rewarded through coins. Roz Dhan holds the wide variety for it’s users such as viral social media videos and many other trending articles on the web.

If you want to earn some money without putting that much of efforts than Roz Dhan is the best online earning apps in India for you. You have to try it and earn.

Different ways to earn from Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan offers you different methods to earn from your mobile

Sign up Bonus

You will get a bonus of 50 Rs when you signup for Roz Dhan. Just download the application from your friend’s link and enter the promo code when you install it on your phone.


You have to show the engagement on the application like watch videos read articles and share them with your friends and family. The more is your engagement more will be your earning coins.

Daily Tasks

Roz Dhan offers you many tasks on the daily basis. Just complete all the tasks that assign to you and boost your income.

Refer and Earn

Refer the application to your friends and family and you will get your commission when they start using the application.

Is Roz Dhan Secure

Yes, it is a trusted application with millions of user base. It actually pays your earning to your linked account within minutes. It is not for winning the mega jackpots likes dream 11, LOCO or MPL but if you are interested in earning decent money for your day to day expenses than it is the best online earning apps in India for you.

6. Meesho

The last one in our list of best online earning apps in India is Meesho application. Meesho is reselling product app if you are interested in starting something from home than this one is the best online earning apps in India for you. During this pandemic of COVID-19, everyone in quarantine in their homes and wants to start some business from the home especially for the women.

This app convert your contact list into your earning. The greater and loyal your contact list larger will be your earnings.

How Meesho works

Just download the Meesho application from the google play store and signup. Then browse the thousands of product on the application. Select the ones you think you can sell.

Share the images and the details of the product with your contact and once you get the order request from any of your contact. Place the final order on Meesho and after they sell, your margin will be transferred to your account (that one you linked with Meesho)

Is Meesho Secure

The answer is yes, Meesho is totally secure and actually pays you your margin. When the order is finalised.

So these are the top 6 best online earning apps in India. All the apps are trusted and have a large user base. You can also start earning online through these online earning apps in India.

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