5 Best Web Hosting Services

Decide to start your website, purchase the domain now what? Web Hosting plays one of the very important roles behind the success of any website. So today we gonna talk about the best web hosting services in India.

List of best web hosting services

Hostinger India – Best Web Hosting (Strongly Recommended by editor)
Siteground – 2nd Best web Hosting
A2hosting – Cheap and Best Web Hosting
Cloudways – Best Cloud Hosting
Hostgator – Most popular Web Hosting

1. Hostinger

website –hostinger
Price: Rs. 51
Disk space: 10 GB
24/7 live chat supportbest web hosting services in India.

I am Personally Using this Hosting from last 3 Years , Its The BEST WEB HOSTING

Best Web Hosting Services in India

Hostinger comes with three different plans single, premium and Business web hosting
Global reach: Yes

Start at ₹51/mo,. Even though their single plan is extremely cheap, it still comes with 10GB of disk space, live 24/7 Support, and an incredible setup.

Their custom-built control panel is super easy to work with, and even comes with its own website builder. Though we would definitely recommend using WordPress to build your website. It’s nice to know that they also have their builder on offer in addition to the usual CMSs and provides the free domain for a year. Hostinger India is the best web hosting services in India.

Hostinger 24/7 customer support is very responsive and helpful, which is pretty impressive as most budget hosts lack in support, but not Hostinger! A huge thumbs up from us in this area.

When it comes to the hosting types, they offer the basic shared hosting (most people will need this type), cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting.This is the best web hosting in india

Also offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Plan


  • Cheap price
  • Live support
  • Global reach
  • User friendly

2. Siteground

Website – siteground.com
Price: $3.95
Disk space: 10 GB
Live chat and phone support
Global reach

Siteground comes with different plans like shared, WordPress, dedicated servers, and cloud

SiteGround provides hosting over 2 million websites over the world. Has powerful servers located all over the globe makes it possible to take care of the needs of their customers. In fact, SiteGround is recommended by WordPress itself. Many famous bloggers recommended it the best web hosting services in India due its effective customer support

SiteGround is most popular for its shared plans. They have 3 pricing systems for this, and we’ll tell you more about them below.

  1. StartUp – the price of $3.95 per month you’re allowed 1 website and 10GB storage space, can handle have up to 10,000 visitors monthly.
  2. GrowBig –the price of $5.95 per month, unlimited number of websites and 20GB storage space and can handle 25,000 visitors monthly.
  3. GoGeek – the price of $11.95, unlimited websites, 30GB storage space, and can handle 100,000 visitors monthly.

These plan names give you an idea as to what you’re getting on Siteground. If you are beginner in blogging then go for the startup plan due to its cheap price but if want to take this to the next level than go for GrowBig or GoGreek plans

SiteGround is also one of the bold hosting companies that give 99% uptime – and some remuneration if they fail on their promise. Keep in mind, however, that we’re talking about 99% uptime average this is annual, not monthly.

So, here’s the deal. They’ll give you free hosting for a month when their annual uptime falls anywhere between 99.0 to 99.9%. And if it falls even lower than that, they’ll give you 1 month for every percentage. Wow. But then again, They have a really good uptime record – chances are slim that they’ll ever fall below their 99.9% annual uptime guarantee.


Siteground has a great speed all over the world due to its numbers of data centres all over the globe that provides the quality speed and you can manage it from any corner


Have a good support for the siteground through live chats and phone calls available 24/7.


  • Customer support
  • Multiple data centres all over the world
  • Suitable for WordPress


  • No servers in India
  • Renewal rate is high
  • Provides no free Domain

3. A2hosting

Website: a2hosting.com
Price: $3.92
Disk space: Unlimited
Live chat support
Global reach best web hosting services in India.

A2 hosting comes with different plans like Lite, Swift and Turbo

Most of you don’t heard about this hosting platform but it founded in 2001 and have good reputation among its user they almost enter the chart of top 10 best web hosting platform and grave some great reviews in market.

A2 Hosting comes with 3 shared hosting packages,

  1. Lite – Price $3.92 per month, l allows you to have 1 website, unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Swift – Price $4.90 per month, unlimited number of websites, unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Turbo – Price $9.31 per month. unlimited websites, unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwidth, also includes A2 Hosting’s site accelerator.

A2hosting provides you more features and speed as your plan upgrades

and here the main highlight of A2 hosting Anytime money-back guarantee. A2hosting offers a standard 30 days money-back guarantee and an anytime money-back guarantee but you have to subscribe for their longer plans.

If decide to go for the 2 or 3 years plans there are some more discount available to you and you can migrate your domain from any other servers also.


Look at all of their pricing plans and you’ll notice that there’s one common thing – speed (Lite, Swift, Turbo). Well, you really are guaranteed to have a speedy website with A2 Hosting (that’s their best point). So, just think of their plans this way – one is fast, the other one is faster, and the last one is the fastest. if you looking for a super speedy website then this is the best web hosting services in India.


A2 Hosting’s have good support team.You can also interact with them through live chat phone calls and emails


  • Servers are globally
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Anytime money back guarantee


  • No servers in India
  • The basic plan is not that fast
  • The uptime guarantee is not that reliable


Websitecloudways.com Price: $10
Disk space: 25 GB
Live chat and phone support best web hosting services in India.

Cloudways comes with different plans like DigitalOcean Starter Plan, Vultr Starter Plan, GCE Starter Plan, AWS Starter Plan, Linode Starter Plan

It is founded in 2012 and is steadily growing throughout the years.

Here’s what you’ll get with their plans:

  1. DigitalOcean Starter Plan- price $10, 20GB space, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth.
  2. Vultr Starter Plan- price $11, 25GB space, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth.
  3. GCE Starter Plan- $33.30, 20GB space, 1.7GB RAM, 2TB bandwidth.
  4. AWS Starter Plan- $36.51, 4GB space, 1.75GB RAM, 2TB bandwidth.
  5. Linode Starter Plan- $12, 25GB space, 1GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth.

Cloudways is the best cloudhosting provider over the market


You’re guaranteed fast server speeds when you choose to go for a cloudways hosting. The reason for this is that cloud hosting involves the use of clusters of servers located all around the world. Should a user need a lot of resources, other servers are always there as backups. Chances of shutting down of website when overloaded are about to zero


CloudWays has a knowledge base of articles on their website.it provides all the information you need on the internet

You can interact with Cloudways’ support team 24/7 via live chat, phone, and e-mail


  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Highly scalable
  • Multiple providers
  • Great server speed


  • Quite expensive
  • Technical knowledge needed
  • Not easy to use

5. Hostgator

Price: Rs. 99
Disk Space: Unlimited
Live chat and Phone support best web hosting services in India.

It comes with different plans like shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress, and Cloud.

Hostgator is one of the most popular and aged platform in the world and due to excellent customer response it’s fame is

Founded in 2002, HostGator is indeed one of the most popular web hosting companies today. Getting this as your web host will allow you to create professional-looking, functional, and beautiful sites and it is user-friendly as well.

Hostgatort provide affordable plans with unlimited space and bandwidth Baby package is their most popular plan as it’s a great starting point.

You get more out of HostGator when you upgrade your planHowever, you can also start with a Hatchling plan especially if you just want to start with one website. Remember, it already comes with unmetered bandwidth even if it’s their cheapest plan. And of course, you can always upgrade to their Business plan should your needs demand more features.

They truly deserve it, in our opinion.


Having fast and reliable servers is probably one of the reasons why HostGator is so popular.Provides the grat server speed all over the globe


It providing 24/7/365 customer support to their customers. You can interact with HostGator expert to help you out with your problems and concerns via live chat, phone, and email. Hostgator’s knowledge base of articles is also very helpful if you’re into troubleshooting.


  • Value for money
  • Great speed
  • Great customer response

here is our honest review about the best web hosting services in India.

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