How to Change WordPress Permalink Structure

WordPress permalink is nothing but the URL structure which you are using on your WordPress website. For more detailed information you can consider the example coated below.

Consider this URL: is a website which is running on WordPress and the is one of the posts published on that particular website.

Here the post-name is the permalink structure which is being used.

There are a number of permalink structures which you can use on any WordPress website. I will introduce you to those types in the further part of this guide.

But an obvious question that strikes to our mind is why should we consider using WordPress permalinks? I mean why should we even bother about these?

Why Should You Consider About WordPress Permalinks?

Ok, so there is a right reason behind this thing and that is the CTR which your page or post is getting in the Google SERP.

There is a positive relationship between the WordPress permalink structure and the CTR of your page or post.

Here CTR is the acronym for the term click through rate.

If you have a good permalink structure then it will attract the audience on the Google SERP page and ultimately you are getting more traffic.

Here you should know one thing and that is the WordPress permalink structure is not the only thing that affects the CTR.

There are various other things too and they are the title of the post or page, meta description and of course the brand name.

But still, you can get good CTR by tweaking it and this is the reason why you should consider the WordPress permalink structure.

You can check your current CTR with the help of Google Search Console.

What are the different types?

When we are using WordPress as our content management system we are blessed with many things pre-configured. We have the Permalink types as well and they are as mentioned below.

Plain: If you are using this type then you will get the page id and post id respectively in your URL(s)

Day and Name: This type will add entire date along with the name of the post or page.

Month and Name: This type will add the month and the name of the post or page.

Numeric: This type will add numeric permalinks to your posts and pages.

Post Name: This type will simply add the post name in the URL which is quite user-friendly as well.

Custom Structure: With the help of this structure you can create custom permalinks for your WordPress website.

We even have two optional structures and they are category based and tag based.

Steps to Change WordPress Permalink Structure:

Now we have come across enough information regarding the different types of structures we can use on a WordPress website.

And now it’s time to know the actual steps which are involved in changing the WordPress permalink structure.

Click on Setting and then on Permalinks

The first thing you have to do is click on Settings which you can get from the dashboard and then click on the Permalinks. (WordPress Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks)

Select The Structure Type and Click on Save Changes

And now select the structure which you would like to have on your WordPress website and click on the save changes button which you get at the bottom part of the page.

Let’s Wrap Up The Things

So this was how you can change WordPress permalink structure, I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this guide.

It is highly recommended to select post name structure as it will be user-friendly and also helps you to get more CTR. If you have any kind of doubts you can leave a comment below.

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