How To Customize Blog To Look Like Professional & User-Friendly 2023

How To Customize Blog To Look Like Professional & User-Friendly?

Well, Today, i m going to share my own experience of 2 years that, ”How To Customize Blog To Look Like Professional & User-Friendly?”. I did not give any lecture on this topic and come directly on point.

You have a website, but you didn’t design its user-friendly and professional or don’t know how to do it. Dont worry, i m here to help you to how to design it (From start to end).

Importance of Professional Look of website

It is the first impression of your site for every user and for ad networks checkers. Keep in mind if you have professional look of website than you get big ad networks approval fastly.

“However, i give you my own interesting example of that. Before one and half-year when i’m newbie in this new website world, I just simple write article and choose simple design for my website and after one month when i have nearly 13 post on my blog, i try to get approval for google Adsense account.

I sign up for Adsense account and after two hours i get mail from Adsense that unfortunately they did not approve my account because of insufficient content.

Then i use paid theme and again after one hour i gave my request for approval. You were glad to know that, Adsense approve my account after 6 hours with just 13 post (Because of only design) and immediately get ads approval. You were also more glad to know that, which paid theme i use it is free. 

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what was important to get your blog professional?

  • First of all, keep in mind your blog should not be too lengthy because if it is too lengthy then your website speed is slow and user gets irritating (did not come again).
  • Second, Scrolling should be smooth and easier.
  • Third, When users open your site then first impression should be went on slider, Just like our website.Fourth In slider, post should have HD images which is the best impression of blog.
  • Fifth, website colour which gives blog fabulous look.
  • Sixth, In footer website has sponsored company, it’s information and copyright info.
  • Seventh, Sidebar has only useful content( don’t add any useful things in sidebar to fill space).
  • Eight, installl Visual Composer plugin it gives unique look to blog.
  • Ninth, Paid theme has many templates which automatically design your page(Get paid theme ).
  • Tenth, Use always HD images
  • Eleventh, Download images related to your content in google I know your thinking about copyright.

Dont worry, use Photoscape- Download Photoscape software and edit image. Photoscape is a best software for website images editing. Follow all these steps and design your blog professional to get great impression and get visitors again and again because looks play 70% role in website.

Importance of User-Friendly Website

There ‘s nothing more baffling than arriving on a site that is hard to explore. Everything ought to be natural, not excessively entangled and jumbled. Guests get to be baffled, leaving the site with no chance of return. This is the reason making a site that is user-friendly to your primary concern.

User-Friendly website is also the main part of website because we create website for our user, if we haven’t user-friendly website then your website is nothing, only dumb.

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Someone said that,”Users comes first, not website”. Actually its my own words(hehehehe). So lets checkout how to help our users…..

What was important to get user-friendly website?

  • Firstly,Logo– Your logo should be placed on Top left side of the blog. Logo should be designed by yourself, don’t copy any design.
  • Website speed– Try to get speed up of your site because good speed, high visitors(min. 1 sec to max 3 sec).
  • Navigation- Your website navigation should be clear for user. User finds easily what they want, and your navigation has only those topic which your website known for.
  • Search icon- Always add search icon in menu because if user did not find what they want, then go for search easily.
  • Website font- Well, it’s not compulsory but it gives unique impression and design to your users. We also use google font (Gabriela).
  • Mobile view- It’s very important for every blogger to design mobile-friendly website because now a days there are many mobile users then desktop. So keep it important note.
  • Headline and Images– It’s also play important role in website. Headline gives users attraction, “amazing headlines, huge readers”.
  • For Images- i already mentioned about it, Use always HD images.
  • Rating– Its new but very effective. Give always rating to your post because if your main page has many content user confuse to open first one. So install any rating plugin and help users.
  • Categories– Well, when you write a post create related categories to us and use them in navigation or set in sidebar. Some User want to go directly on that topics which not mentioned on first page.
  • Colour–White or grey colour is best colour for any website. Another colour give wrong impression and user didn’t like it (Our own experience).

In Last but not least Conclusion

The example which I gave up, its only show that google Adsensewant professional look and only few unique content for approval. After that write only 1000+ words article to get flood of visitors automatically from google.

I’m writing again some important things in details which is important for professional look and user-friendly website:-

  1. Paid Theme– Get Paid theme free info Here
  2. Logo- Create Your Own Logo- Here
  3. Speed of website– Instal Total cache Plugin
  4. Flexible scrolling
  5. Colour– Choose grey or White
  6. Images– Use always HD
  7. Font– Use Google designable font
  8. Unique Look– Install Visual Composer plugin

I also suggest you to use that theme which have outside layered content like our website. Trust me its very useful, you can use float ads in that space.

Hope you like it what i mean to say and if you still confuse that feel free to contact me. I will get back you soon in 24 hours and help you personally.

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