How to Point NameCheap Domain to InterServer Hosting 2023

How to Point NameCheap Domain to InterServer Hosting?

Are you planning to start a new website or have already started it? That’s great, now you may have to buy hosting and point your domain to the server and install CMS and many other things.

I think you have already registered a domain name with NameCheap and have purchased hosting from InterServer. NameCheap is an amazing domain registrar and they have been in the industry for many years and even InterServer is a company which is in the industry for many years.

If you want to point NameCheap domain to InterServer hosting, then I will tell you the complete steps which you need to follow to do it.

Steps to Point NameCheap Domain to InterServer Hosting

So now let us get started with this article and check out the steps which you need to follow to point NameCheap domain to InterServer hosting.

Sign in to NameCheap Account

The first thing which you need to do is go to the official website of NameCheap and sign in into your account. Go to

Once you successfully sign in to your NameCheap account you will be taken to the dashboard, from there click on Domain List which is at the left sidebar of the dashboard.Click on Domain List

Click on Domain List

All the domains which you have registered with NameCheap will be displayed in front of you. From that list, you have to select the domain name which you want to point to InterSever Hosting.

You will be seeing all the settings related to that particular domain which you have just selected. Now, this is where we will be changing the DNS of the domain and pointing it to InterServer Hosting.Select Custom DNS

Select Custom DNS

Click on the drop-down menu in front of Nameservers section of the page.

From that drop-down menu click on Custom DNS and enter the DNS details which you have received from the InterServer hosting. Go to

This is how you can change the DNS of NameCheap and point it to other web hosting companies. In some cases, the DNS won’t be propagated instantly so wait for few movements after you point the domain to InterServer hosting.

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