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GreenGeeks has proven to be the best green web hosting provider. GreenGeeks helps you to construct a website without buying any software. You just need little or no programming experience to set up a website with Greengeek.

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Greengeeks is the leading green web hosting provider. It has been offering web hosting services for the past 13 years and is based in Los Angeles, California. The mission of GreenGeeks since its inception has been to provide the best service to millions of its customers scattered in about 150countries. Greengeeks offer varieties of hosting plans ranging from shared, reseller, and VPS to the dedicated server.

Greengeeks offer a variety of unique services and its love for nature has made it stand out amongst other web hosting providers. Some of its unique features are great customer support, 99.9%uptime a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, GreenGeeks has some flaws despite its unique features which make it not the best choice for newbies. We will be looking at GreenGeeks’ review subsequently.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Trey Gardner with its management team founded Greengeeks in 2006. Trey Gardner has held a lot of top positions in other large hosting providers and has about 13 years of experience in Webhosting the inception of Greengeeks.

Some of the positions he occupied included: Reseller program director, sales director, director of marketing, and quality assurance director and he has been able to build some reseller programs from the scratch.

Other management team members of Greengeeks are:

Kaumil Patel: He is the chief operating officer of GreenGeeks. He initially started as a web developer. In 2001, he got involved in the web hosting industry at the early age of 16. He has lots of experiences and uses these experiences to improve GreenGeeks.

Anna Gargioni: Anna is the online marketing specialist of this best green web hosting provider. She is an accomplished marketing professional. She has 18 years of experience in implementing marketing campaigns.

Josh Dargie: Being the hosting operation manager, he uses his wide knowledge of web hosting to ensure a special focus on customer support and technology is implemented. He is also in charge of developing the software of the GreenGeeks. He joined GreenGeeks web hosting provider in 2009

The name GreenGeeks was inspired by the green energy movement. This web hosting provider is the only web host that economizes 300% of its energy. It is ecofriendly.

GreenGeeks management team has 8 years of experience in providing affordable high-quality Webhosting. It has over 35000 customers and has hosted over 3 million websites.

They are solely committed to customer satisfaction and put a detailed solution to enable you to get your website online quickly and easily. GreenGeeks is discerned to stick to only the most modern and powerful servers and hardware which ensures the reliability of its service. It is powered by renewable energy with a free domain, free backups, unlimited traffic, and databases.

The hosting plans offered by Greengeeks are:

DEDICATED HOSTING:With dedicated hosting, you get the entire server with a great performance. Their start-up plan is $2.95 per month.
RESELLER HOSTING:The reseller hosting manages multiple cpanels hosting accounts. The bill for this hosting plan is $29.95 monthly.
VPS HOSTING:This plan goes for $39.95 per month. This hosting service gives you flexibility without much expense.
SHARED HOSTING:The standard price for this hosting plan is $5.95.This plan covers unlimited disk storage space, domains, and bandwidth.
DAILY BACKUP POLICY:Greengeeks web hosting supports nightly backups. This means that your data is backed up daily. In case your website is hacked or something bad happens, your data will be in safe hands.
EASY SERVER UPGRADE: Greengeeks offer three types of hosting services (shared, reseller, and VPS). This enables easy upgrade of the server and you do not need to worry about the server outgrowing your host.
BBB RATING:GreenGeeks is also among the web hosting providers accredited by Better Business Bureau. This means that the web host is committed to meeting the standard of its clients because that is the criteria for gaining accreditation from BBB.
UPTIME:Greengeeks guarantees its customer the magic number claimed by almost all web hosting providers which is 99.9% uptime. Their hosting plan is efficient and fast to activate.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT:Their customer support is available 24/7. Their support is available through LiveChat and email. Their support also includes a knowledge base and FAQS to help users go through the tons of information made available. This will explain to the customers how to set up their accounts and how to add additional security.
CONTROL PANEL:GreenGeeks provide all its clients with the latest version of the control panel irrespective of the hosting plan they are using.
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY:GreenGeeks is environmentally friendly. They have shown their eco-friendly nature through the green policies in all their offices. Their investment in wind energy credits works out to be 300% of the energy consumed by their facilities.

There is no doubt that with global warming every company is tuning green and GreenGeek has decided to join the list of companies to turn green and have efficient energy-saving the environment from depletion. It ruins its website hosting in a natural way through which it has been able to have satisfied most of its customers
E-COMMERCE:GreenGeeks is favored by e-commerce operators. Their SSL secure server, Shopping cart, and Zen cart make one-click installation very possible. With an SSL certificate, you can carry out transactions through your eCommerce portal. This is mainly for those selling products online
FREE WEBSITE BUILDER:GreenGeeks offer a free website builder and free migration service. With GreenGeeks, you can migrate to other websites or from other websites without any charges. GreenGeeks also has a way of rewarding customers for any successful referrals they get from them.
SECURITY:Security is a feature that must be considered in choosing a web host. It is not just all about how fast your site can load, you have to consider how secured your information will be. Like every other web host, Greengeek offers backup packages alongside they provide a list of ways you can use to protect your site all by yourself.

They also provide a Sitelock account (This is an application that does multiple scans on the website in search of malware, spyware, and other viruses). These viruses can also affect the system of your site visitors. GreenGeek provides security packages that prevent this from happening. However, this service comes with extra charges.
PRICE:GreenGeeks also tries to make the price of its hosting services affordable. (SETUP: For GreenGeeks your setup happens immediately after your payment is made.)


Recently, Greengeek has proven to be the best green web hosting provider. GreenGeeks helps you to construct a website without buying any software. You just need little or no programming experience to set up a website with GreenGeeks.

It offers unique features just like most web hosting providers. Some of its special web hostings include free domain name, unlimited disk transfer, 30-day guarantee, free marketing credits, free site migration and offers round-the-clock customer support.

According to customers’ reviews, GreenGeeks has 95% in features and applications, 95% in their uptime and speed, and 94% in their security. They have a 95% in their customer support and rated 90% for their plans and pricing.

GreenGeeks also ensures easy and fast integration for their clients with Google apps with their one-click integration tool. It is quite agreeable that this is such a nice rating for a web hosting provider. However, Greengeek has its own downtime which will be discussed below.


GreenGeeks web hosting needs to improve in customer services. Even though I cannot totally say that their customer support is bad, they still need to improve on it to give their clients the best satisfaction.

Their domain fees are quite expensive. Although they have a policy that allows a full refund within the first 30 days, this refund does not include domain registration fees.

GreenGeeks do not offer optimization of WordPress hosting which a lot of web hosting companies offer


There are lots of web hosting providers that claim to be what they are not. Clients who did not take out time to make researches always make the mistake of signing up with a provider that they end up regretting.

Hence the need to carefully make your research using customer reviews. Amidst all these there are some web hosting companies that are highly rated by their customers, having more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Some of these providers include Hostinger, Bluehost, iPage, fatcow, GoDaddy, webhostingpad, hostmonster. All these top hosting providers offer unique plans with each having a special feature that makes it different from other web hosting providers.

However, it is necessary, that you get to know what you really want from a provider before opting for any web hosting provider.

Lately, GreenGeeks have been having a lot of negative reviews, so for a newbie, I will advise you to go for a web hosting provider with a more solid reputation. If you are used to technological development, you can try GreenGeeks as it has some interesting packages you will enjoy.

The environmentally friendly nature also makes the provider stand out from the rest. Their used energy is being replaced with 300% green energy. Grengeeks can be said to have proven itself as the best in the area of green hosting.

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