9 Best Ways to Online Earning Money

Due to the pandemics of COVID-19, everybody is quarantine in their homes and wants to generate some money online. So, this post is totally dedicated to an overview of the best ways available ways for online earning money in India.

These methods may take some time and hard work to grow them but have the potential for the life long income source. Investment is almost negligible (a couple of them required a little investment).Online Earning Money in India

If you are looking for quick money without any hard work and time investment then you are in the wrong place. We are not promoting any quick rich scheme. All the methods for online earning money in India mentioned below are required some skills, patience and definitely hard work.

  • All the quick rich schemes on the internet, most of them were a scam like data entry, study abroad, lucky draw etc.
  • Some who generate initial money is not last long. So be aware of these types of offers

List of best ways to online earning money in India – 2021

The list is not following any particular pattern and we are not promoting anyone or said that this particular one is the best way to online earning money in India. Every method has great potential to make money online. Its all depends upon your preferences and skills that which one would be a perfect fit for you to make money online.

1. Start your Blog/Website

The first one in our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Start your own blog or website. if you want to build up as a lifetime asset that makes money for you even while you are sleeping then this one the best way to make money online.Online Earning Money in India

You can build up website related to your interest or knowledge and monetize it after some time. There is a number of methods available to monetize your website and earn through it. But it doesn’t like that you build a website today and tomorrow you will start your monetization.

Google Adsense is the most common way to monetize your website. For this, you have to get the approval from AdSense for your website then google start placing ads on your website. Higher the traffic on your website higher will be your revenue from Adsense.

Blogging is like a marathon, not a 100-meter sprint race. If you put your 100% dedication to grow your website then can easily scale your income from 1-2 lakh monthly and there is no limit to earning from a website. There are some bloggers who earn more than 1 crore per month through their websites.

How to start your Website

  • Select the perfect niche (the topic your website based on) for yourself. Do all the research like search volume, CPC, SEO difficulties before selecting the niche.
  • Purchase a domain. it would be beneficial if the domain is related to your niche.
  • Link your domain with fast and good web hosting. Best web hosting platform in India.
  • Install light and simple looking theme and other basic plugins.

Your website is setup, now publish quality content related to your niche low competition and long-tail keywords.

Investment – 3000 – 4000 INR rupees for domain and web hosting

Return – There is no limit to earn through website/blog

Skills – Anybody can start their website/blog related to their interest and hobbies.

2. Freelancing

If you are already good in some kind of skills like content writing, website development, digital marketing or any other kind of skills that you can offer online. Then freelancing is the best way to online earning money in India for you. Online Earning Money in India

The income from freelancing totally depends on the quality of your work. The more quality and values you provide through your work more will be your income. If you not doing your job properly there then the client provides the bad review which going to affect your next project.

You have to build up a good profile on these platforms. You can set up your rates hourly with a minimum of 5$ and maximum depend on your expertise. The professional freelancer for software development charge 100$-150$ per hour. You have to scale up your profile to achieve that height.

How to start Freelancing

  • There are the number of freelancing platform available online Upwork, Fivver, Freelancer are some of the popular ones. You have to submit your profile there.
  • Start approaching the clients through job bids. Numbers of jobs updated every minute related to your skills.
  • You can also build your own gigs, from where clients approach you.

It may be little difficult for some people to get their intial projects. So, these are some tips to get your initial projects.

  • Your profile has to be original
  • Upload a clear and formal profile picture
  • Add your previous work in the portfolio section
  • Try to offer something extra for the clients in your cover letter
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes in your cover letter

These tips really help me out to get my very first freelancing project. These will definitely help you too.

Investment – No economical investment

Return – A professional freelancer charge up to 50$ – 150$ per hour

Skills – You need some skills that you can offer someone online like Content writing, video editing, photo editing, website & software development, Copywriting etc.

3. YouTube

The third one in our list of best ways to online meaning money in India is YouTube. Youtube is the world’s largest video playing and streaming platform. Almost everybody is now addicted to youtube videos. Youtube holds the very high potential of online earning money in India. Online Earning Money in India

If you have knowledge or interest in technology, acting, mentorship, editing or anything you can start your youtube channel. Youtube holds a variety of topics if you have interest in anything like anything, you can go for youtube channel.

You can monetize your youtube channel through various methods like google AdSense, affiliate marketing is some of the popular ones. You don’t need a very large audience base to start your online earning through youtube. You just have to find the low competition and high search volume niche for your self.

The famous YouTubers earn millions through there youtube channel. the earning from youtube is very fluctuating they may vary on the basis of your visitors like which region he/she belongs to. There is much higher CPC for Europian and American countries as compared to Asian countries.

How to start your YouTube Channel

  1. Go to youtube.com and initiate your channel
  2. Select and niche that will be the perfect fit for you
  3. After completing your 1000 subscriber count and 4000 hours of watch-time, you can apply for Google Adsense on your channel for monetization.
  4. Try to publish content related to your niche. It helps you to build loyal audience.

Investment – No economical investment

Return – No limit of YouTube earning

Skills – Anyone can start their YouTube channel related to their interest or hobbies.

Best ways to earn through YouTube

4. Social Media Influencing

The fourth one in our list of the best way to online earning money in India is social media influencing. In today’s world, almost everybody has social media accounts on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. So like I said before where a large amount of active users there is online earning opportunities created. Online Earning Money in India

Every brand promotes its products on social media and for this, they need influencers with good audience base for promotions. They offer influencers to put a post about their product and promote it. Every influencer has different rates for paid promotions.

Due to its large user base, it holds great potential for online earning money in India. The most followed Indian on Instagram Virat Kohli (Captain of Indian cricket team) charges around 2.5 crores for a single Instagram post. And many other influencers who don’t have that much of fan base easily get 100000-20000 for per Instagram post.

If you have a good followers base then you can sell your account too. There are so many peoples who can’t able to increase the followers so they pay you a good amount for your account. It’s a long process to build up your social accounts but the results will worth it. So have patience and go for it.

How to be a Influencer

  • Create your profile on social media like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Build up your audience.
  • Try to be transparent and loyal to your followers.
  • Don’t promote irrelevant stuff and try to promote genuine offers and deals.

Investment – No economic investment

Return – There is no limit of earning from social media

Skills – Anyone can start

5. Stock Market Trading

The number five in our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Stock market trading. This is a high return online skill but very risky at the same time. First, you have to learn the basics of the stock market before jumping into trading. Online Earning Money in India

There is a very high chance that you lost your money as a beginner in stock trading. So, it’s better to start with a small amount and start learning the stock market and understand the procedure behind the stock’s fall and growth.

You have to invest your time to learn the stock market briefly usually 6 months to a year. master your trading skills then you earn a good amount of money in future.

Now there are many online applications available online that helps the users in stock market trading. But first, study the application briefly, it can be fraud sometimes. So be aware of the scams in trading.

How to start stock market Trading

  • Create an online stock broker account
  • Read books related to stock marketing to enhance your knowledge
  • You can gain your motivation and knowledge through some successful stock investors like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham
  • Explore various seminar, online courses and live classes.

Investment – You have to invest initial amount according to your will

Return – There are no limits of earning through stock trading after you master your skills

Skills – You have to learn about stock market before jumping into it

6. Affiliate Marketing

The next one in our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means promoting someone else product or service and get your commission on every sell. The link is used to promote the affiliate products is called an affiliate link. Online Earning Money in India

You can promote the affiliate links of your favourite affiliate program through your website, social media account, youtube channel, google ads, affiliate funnels and many other ways.

Now a day almost every brand (approx 70% according to reports) run there affiliate program to grow up their company. And there are some popular and trusted affiliate networks like Clickbank and Maxbounty holds a variety of range of products for promotion.

How to start Affiliate Marketing

  • Signup any affiliate program like Amazon, Clickbank and Maxbounty
  • Grave your affiliate link for the product you want to promote
  • Embed the link on the platforms you want to promote your product and take a commission on each sell through your link.


  • Don’t go for the paid methods if you are a complete beginner
  • Try to build a loyal audience to boost the conversion rate

Investment – There is no economical investment

Return – Good affiliate marketer earn more than 10000$ per month. You can scale it to any level, there is no limits in affiliate marketing

7. Email Marketing

The next one in our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Email marketing. Email marketing is booming within last 3 – 4 years, every digital marketer nowadays shifts their focus toward email marketing to boost their conversion rate because more than 90% of the consumer check their email on daily basis. Online Earning Money in India

In email marketing marketers send an email or a series of emails to the targeted audience about the deals or offers on the products. You can also promote your affiliate link through email marketing and can get amazing results than any other methods.

Email marketing is the best way to retarget your customers and online earning money in India. Most of the customers (about 95%) were not end up to purchase the product for the first time. So, when you approach the same one through email then there is a very high probability that he/she going to purchase this time.

How to start E-mail Marketing

  • Start building your email list by adding email subscription form on your website or collect them by offering something to your visitors
  • Prepare good email scripts for different category emails
  • Start sending emails to the targeted audience on a weekly basis
  • Use Mailchimp for automation

Investment – No economical Investment

Return – There is a very high conversion on Email marketing. Higher the conversion higher will be the income.

8. Dropshipping

The number eight on our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Dropshipping. Dropshipping is an order fulfilment approach that does not require an organization to keep products in stock for a long time. Instead, the company sells the product and passes on the sale orders to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer’s willing address. Online Earning Money in India

Most of the people who tried their luck in dropshipping at didn’t get successful because they assume it as a quick rich scheme. And when they can’t get their desired results they declared it not a good one to online earning money in India. Like I said before we are not promoting any quick rich scheme so Drop shipping is also a genuine way to one earning money in India.

You just have to be patient and dedicated yourself for it. Good things take time. You may have to invest some time to grow your dropshipping business but the results will worth it.

How to start dropshipping

  • Find a low competition and high profitable niche for yourself to grow fast and easily.
  • You can build up your online eCommerce website on Shopify at very affordable prices.
  • Secure a regular supplier that provides you with on-time products
  • Sell only genuine products that provide value in someone’s life.

Investment – Rs 10000-30000 to set up a professional-looking e-commerce store

Return – Rs100000-500000 per month depending upon what types of products you listed on your store.

9. Sell Online Courses

The last one in our list of best ways to online earning money in India is Online courses. If you are expert in any skills or any kind of educational or informational topic then this one is a good option for you to online earning money in India. You have to create a good course related to any of the topics you acquire good knowledge and promote it online. Online Earning Money in India

You can use some of the techniques mentioned above for the promotion of your courses like website/blog, affiliates, email marketing or influencers. A number of famous personalities prepare their courses about their experience and generate good revenue through it.

The reason why this one is in the last position of online earning money in India because it is not easy for the beginner to achieve. First, you have to master a particular field to prepare a good and really effective course that provide some value to their viewers.

How to sell online courses

  • Select the topic that you are expert in and able to provide good values about it
  • Prepare an effective and simple course
  • Promote your course online through the methods mentioned above

Investment – Depend on the type of course and its promoting scale.

Return – There is no limit of earning through online courses. The good online courses generate revenue in millions every month.

Skills – You need a good experience about the topic of the course.

Tip – This one is not for the beginner in the field of online earning

So, these the best ways to online earning money in India. Hope this will help you the pick the best one for you and start your journey of online earning.

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