Top 10 Methods on How To Earn Online on Youtube

The viral youtube video which makes you slip on the floor through laughter earn over 1000$ for his creator. Most of you think I am kidding but I am not. Youtube is one of the most trending platforms of today’s world. Most of the famous YouTuber makes over a million through their youtube identity. Today we gonna talk about how to earn online on Youtube. How to earn online on youtube

Youtube holds great potential to earn online. These methods are not only applicable if you have millions of visitors on your channel but you can apply these earning methods on your limited audience also but larger the number of the subscriber greater will be the results.

Top 10 methods on How to earn online on youtube

  1. Youtube Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Superchat
  4. Service-Based Around
  5. Own Product Based Around
  6. Crowd Funding
  7. Sponsored Videos
  8. Redirecting Traffic
  9. E-mail Marketing
  10. Merchandise

1. Youtube Ads

Youtube ads are the first one in our list of how to earn online on youtube. This is the most common and best way to earn online on youtube. Youtube automatically published some advertising videos within your content and the visitor watch your content and click on those ads you will get your ad rate.

At america its around 1.50$ per 1000 views means 1500$ on a million views on a video. And the rate is higher for the popular creators or videos.

The greater the number of your audience. larger the amount you make. Ads rate for google advertisement varies for the different countries. There are higher ads rates for European and American countries as a comparison to Asian and African countries.

Condition for Youtube Ads

You can apply for the youtube ads only if your channel has complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The 2nd one in our list of how to earn online on youtube is Affiliate marketing. Most of you notice that the YouTubers says Check the link in the description, most of the time they were promoting affiliate products. This is the method that is used on almost every online platform to make money.

Almost 70-75% of the brands have their affiliate program Like amazon, adobe, Samsung etc. But the commission rates on these platforms are very low up to 10%. For the higher commission rate, you should check the other affiliate networks like Clickbank and maxbounty. They have a variety of products to promote with up to 90% of commission on them.

For running your affiliate networks you just have to enroll for the affiliate program of the brand you want to promote. They gonna provide you links for their product . whenever someone make their purchase throughthose links , You will get your commision on that sale.

You just have to place your affiliate in the description of the video and tell your audience about the product. This one is one of the effective methods on how to earn online on youtube.

3. Superchat

The 3rd one in the list of how to earn online on youtube is super chat. With the increasing trend of online gaming, the number of YouTubers start streaming their gameplay and enable super chat in that.

In simple when a YouTuber stream something live on their channel and his audience send some amount for that stream is called super chat.

If you’re doing a lot of live streaming on your channel. Actually, you can do okay on Super Chat. Especially if you have a sizable channel, or you have something very special that you can offer your viewers via Super Chat. Then this method on how to earn online in youtube is gonna work for you.

4. Services Based Around

The 4th one in the list on how to earn online on youtube is created content services based around. For this method, you need a loyal audience that trusts you and your services.

As an example, if you have, let’s say, a fitness channel. You can offer to consult for fitness. If you have a channel teaching people about coding, you can offer coding as a service. If you know how to edit photos, you can offer photo editing as a service. I mean, you’re a writer, you know how to write content; you can at the very least offer that.

Or anything, really, based around the type of content that you make in your videos, or, as your channel grows. If you start letting people know that you do know how to do other specific things and your skillset that maybe you’re not exactly based on the content that you make you can still generate some additional income through services that people might hire you for there work.

5. Own Product Based Around

The Fifth one in our list on how to earn online on youtube is creating content own product based around. It’s just similar to the previous method but in this, you promote your own services or products.

This can be physical products, digital products, membership, ebook like that. If you’re a travelling vlogger, for example, you can put together guides based on the specific places that you go and also get affiliated with hotels and resorts, and even though there are probably a million guides that people can download, the people that watch your content.

Those are into the things that you are doing. They will want to know what it is that you recommend on your vlog, what it is that you enjoy doing and what it is that you think they should do when they go to that specific location.

6. Crowd Funding

The sixth one in our list on how to earn online on Youtube. Most of us are pretty much familiar with Patreon, and we’re also familiar with how that whole thing works. If you are not, then you might want to go check out

There is another service called Partelo Where your audience can ask you questions and things like that. They give a little bit of a donation and in return, you can give them a video response, or text response, or something like that you figure you out.

Both of those services are extremely easy to use and set up and all of that stuff for the crowdfunding. This method on how to earn online on Youtube is not that much popular then the other we discussed. But quite well for earning from youtube.

7. Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos are one of the most popular methods in this list on how to earn online on youtube. You have seen that many of the popular YouTuber talk about some product or service between their content. All of those videos are sponsored. They charge a large amount of nit from different brands. Larger the number of your audience greater will be the rates for sponsored videos.

You can start doing sponsored videos at FameBit, you can get started with sponsored videos at Grapevine Logic, and there is another platform to get sponsored videos through Now, with that said, there are barriers to approved on FameBit; you must have 5,000 subscribers. However, that does not stop you from sending emails to companies those how to own the product that you think a good fit for the content that you make.

8. Redirecting Traffic

In this method on how to earn online on youtube, you can use the traffic of your channel to earn from the other platforms like website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various other digital platforms.How to earn online on youtube

As an example, you send people to your website by adding the link of your website in the description of your video on youtube. By this, you use your same audience at two different platforms for monetisation purpose. This will boost your overall income.

You have seen that a famous creator of youtube also have very good engagement on Instagram and Facebook because they use to redirect their audience on different other platforms.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly effective in this list on how to earn online on youtube. It holds a very high potential for online earning. Most of the digital marketer used this technique to increase their conversion rates.

People those are watching your videos are interested in a particular topic set. And because of that, you can grow your email list based on those viewers so that you can recommend things to them in the future and there is a very high conversion rate.

You can share industry news on what’s going on in the particular topic that you happen to be operating in. And, you can tie this into affiliate marketing that we discussed earlier in this post, and, you can tie this into launching your own products and promote them through your email list.

10. Merchandise

The last in this list on how to earn online on youtube is Merchandise. Merchandise does not have to be your logo, or anything specifically about you or your channel at all. You can make T-shirts, mouse-pads, coffee cups, all types of other types of different merchandise stuff that has a theme around the type of content it is that you create. How to earn online on youtube

An example of this one would be if you make funny videos, then you can make a whole T-shirt line based on funny dialogues from your content that people will understand that it’s from you. If you make videos about tech, I’m talking to you Alex from T for Technology, you can make an entire T-shirt based on things that tech related people would find funny or interesting in some way.

If you’re a fashion vlogger, making things that would suit your audience would be a good fit for them. The idea here is basically to know who it is that you’re making videos for, and then making the merchandise around their interests or the things that they might be into and find funny.

So this is the list on how to earn online on youtube. If e miss out something that you please let us know in the comment section. We gonna reply with your queries as soon as possible.

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