How to Build an Event Blog

Blogging is all about sharing the knowledge you have with the other people on the internet. In this process, you can choose any of the Web 2.0 platforms which let you create your own blog on their subdomain.

If you don’t want to have your blog or website on a subdomain then you can get your own domain name. There are many domain name registrars online like GoDaddy, NameCheap etc.

If you want to know the complete steps involved in getting your own domain name. Read my guide to register a domain name with GoDaddy.

After getting your domain name registered you have to host it, you can choose any of the web hosting companies to host your domain name like Bluehost, etc.

Once everything is done you are all set to write posts on the topic which you like.

This was all about setting up a blog. If you wish you can use the domain to make a long term blog or build an event blog which will last for few days only.

Now we came across two terms and they are long term blog and event blog. What are these two things? and how are they different from each other?

As I want to create a guide to building an event blog from start to end, I would like to mention everything in this guide.

What is a Long Term Blog?

The name itself describes to us that these blogs are the ones who will get traffic for a long term. They will get traffic for a really long term if you run them successfully.

For example, say like a blog or website which is based on Jobs and Recruitment details. Such blog can last for life if you keep them updating at regular intervals.

It’s just because the jobs and recruitment details are the things which are searched daily by the people. They are just never going to end there will be new job notifications every week. The long term blogs will help you make a good amount of money every month.

What is an Event Blog?

So this is the most important portion of this guide. Because it explains to us what actually these event blogs are?

Event blogs are basically the blogs or websites which totally revolve around a particular event. No other data or information will be published other than the things which are related to that particular event.

In India, most of the bloggers try their luck with events like New Year, Holi, Diwali etc.

Let me give you an idea what all things are included if someone wants to build an event blog on Holi.

  • Happy Holi Images
  • Happy Holi Quotes
  • Happy Holi SMS
  • Happy Holi WhatsApp Status
  • Happy Holi HD Wallpapers
  • Happy Holi Facebook Status

These are the topics which should be covered by the blogger who wants to build an event blog on Holi. And the topics which are mentioned above are the ones which I saw on most of the event blogs.

Event blogs can be on anything like movie release, football match etc. You can choose any of the events which can are searched by the people.

The most important thing you should note is you will not get any traffic on your event blog once the event day is passed.

Let us take the previous example only the Holi event.

Basically, people will search for anything Holi like Holi facebook status etc. just one or two days before the event and on the event day.

No one will search for Holi stuff once the event is passed. And this is the reason you will not get traffic for your blog once the event day is passed.

So these were the basic things about the Event blogs which you should know before you can build an event blog.

What are The Steps to Build an Event Blog?

We have covered the basic things about event blogging, now let us check out the steps which you have to follow.

Get a Domain Name

The first thing you have to do is register a domain name. You can use or GoDaddy to get your domain name.

Both the domain name registrars are too good at their work. The DNS resolution time is very good.

If you want to register a domain name you can follow the guides mentioned below.

  • How to Register Domain Name with GoDaddy?
  • And How to Register Domain Name with NameCheap?

While registering a domain name for your event blog use EMD.

What are EMD Domains?

If you don’t know about EMD then let me explain it to you. EMD is nothing but Exact Match Domain. Which has your keywords in the URL.

For example, for Holi event, the EMD’s can be like,, etc.

In case you don’t want to have keywords in your blog URL there is no problem you can get a fancy one.

Tip: While registering your domain name consider getting a .IN domain name. You can easily rank in as it is the country level top level domain of India.

And if you are building an event blog which is based on any international event then don’t purchase .IN domain name.

For example, if the event on which are working is Independence Day of the United States of America. Then get a .COM domain name.

After getting your .COM domain name you have to set the geographic target in search console to the United States. You can follow this link to read my guide about setting the geographic target.

Choose the Blog Platform

Now you have your domain name for the event blog and the next step is you have to choose the blog platform. On which you would like to host your blog.

There are two widely used platforms which you can choose and they are mentioned below. This is blogger which is a blogging platform basically which is web 2.0 service by Google. If you choose this platform to host your blog then there is no need to purchase web hosting. You can host custom domains in blogger.

If you want to use a custom domain (your event blog domain) with Blogger then you have to add it to your account. Do so you have to follow the procedure which is mentioned below.

  • Visit on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Sign in using your Google account.
  • Now select your blog and head towards the Settings > Basic.
  • Click on Set up a third party URL for your blog.
  • Now enter the domain name which you have registered and click on Save.

Once you have added your domain to Blogger you are now all set to create content for your event blog.

Self-hosted WordPress: This is the platform which I highly recommend you to host your event blog. As the name itself tells us that it is a platform in which we have to host the WordPress by our own.

In this case, you have to purchase hosting for your event blog.

You can buy hosting from InterServer, Bluehost or HostGator.

As I recommend you to go with the Self-hosted WordPress platform the further part of this guide will be more focused on building an event blog on WordPress platform.

Purchase Web Hosting For Your Event Blog

Now you have to purchase web hosting for your blog where you can host your event blog. You should consider purchasing powerful web hosting service to host it because if you host it on a weak server then it might go down on the event day.

The recommended web hosting services are Bluehost, InterServer and HostGator. If you want assistance to buy web hosting for your event blog then you can read the guide linked below.

  • How to Buy Hosting from Bluehost?
  • How to Buy Hosting from InterServer?

Install WordPress On Event Blog

After purchasing web hosting for your blog you have to install WordPress. The process is very simple and you can install WordPress on your host within few minutes.

You can refer the guides linked below to know more about the WordPress installation.

  • How to Install WordPress on Bluehost? 
  • And How to Install WordPress Manually on Any Web Host?

Install Important Plugins and Theme

Once you have installed WordPress on your web hosting now you have to install the important plugins and a good theme for your event blog.

I have listed the important plugins below which you should consider installing.

  • W3 Total Cache: To make your event blog faster and bring down the page loading time.
  • MonsterInsights: To install Google Analytics Code and track your traffic.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: We all know this plugin which is used to make our WordPress websites SEO Optimized.
  • Quick AdSense: To insert Google AdSense ad codes on your event blog.

So these are some of the most important plugins which should be installed on an event blog.

Select a good theme and install in on your blog. I recommend you to install Frontier Theme the AdSense CTR is quite good.

You can install any of the WordPress themes on your blog. But make sure that the theme loads quickly and has good AdSense CTR.

You can refer the below-linked guides to install WordPress theme and plugins.

Create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page

Most of the event blogger don’t create these two pages but it is highly recommended to create these two pages for any blog. The time required to create these two pages is hardly 5 minutes.

Add Google Analytics Code

You have to install the Google Analytics Code to track the number of visits you are getting and other data like real-time traffic etc.

I have already mentioned about the MonsterInsights plugin. Use that plugin to insert the Google Analytics code to your event blog.

Keyword Research (Most Important)

Now we have covered everything till creating the event blog by installing WordPress and other things. So now let us get started with the Keyword Research for your event blog.

If you want to build an event blog then you should never miss out this part. If you don’t do proper keyword research then you might end up with a failed event blog.

And I don’t want you to fail with your event blog. Just follow the steps which are mentioned below to do keyword research for your event blog.

I will tell you how you can carry out keyword research for your event blog with the help of Keyword Planner by Google.

So the first thing you have to do is open the Keyword Planner you can follow this link to open the Keyword Planner. You will be asked to sign in into your Google account do that.

Once you open the Keyword Planner, click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.”

After that, you have to enter the event in the “Your Product or Sevice” section.

Let me give you an example of how you can perform keyword research and find keywords to target.

I will again take the Holi event as the example, so I will enter Holi in the “your Product or Service section” and click on Get Ideas button below.

Tip: If you are targeting an Indian event then set the country as India. but if you are targeting any international event then set the desired country to get keywords searched in that particular country.

Once you click on the Get Ideas button you will get the list of keywords which are searched. Check out the screenshot below in which I have shared the results I have got.

Now as you can see the keyword ideas which I have got in the Keyword Planner. And look at the monthly searches, this is the data which is collected by the Google.

Basically, this data is for the AdWords advertisers who are willing to place the ads. But we can use it to check out the search volume of any keyword or phrase.

List the keywords with the highest searches by clicking on the Avg. Monthly Searches.

The keyword Happy Holi has searches between 100k to 1M. You have to use these keywords and create some long tail keywords. Set those long tail keywords as the Focus Keyword while building your content.

Build Content For Your Event Blog

Now you have to create a good amount of content for your blog. While building content for your blog make sure you don’t copy anything from other websites.

Avoid duplicate content to rank high in Google and other search engines. While installing the plugins and themes I had mentioned to install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Use the keywords you found in the Keyword Planner as the Focus keyword. Use your focus keyword in the ALT tag of the images which you insert into your content.

Build Quality Backlinks For Your Event Blog

After building some quality content for you event blog, now you have to build some high-quality backlinks. After keyword research and content creation, this is the most important step which you have to follow while building an event blog.

And finally, once you build quality backlinks to your event blog you are done with it.

Now all you have to do is wait for the event day and see the magic of event blogging. If you succeed to rank high on Google you will generate a good amount of traffic and make 1000’s of dollars while the event goes on.

Add Google AdSense Code

Everything is done once you have built content and backlinks for your event blog you are done with the creation process. Now the next thing is you have to add Google AdSense ad codes to your blog. I have mentioned about the Quick AdSense plugin which lets you add ad codes into your posts and pages.

If you want to know how you can create AdSense ad units then you can follow this link to read my guide. Place the ads in the right places according to the theme you have installed on your blog.


So this is how you can build an event blog. I hope you are clear with all the steps which are mentioned in this start to end guide.

If you have any kind of doubts or facing any difficulties in building the event blog then don’t hesitate to leave your comment below.

What do you think about this guide? Let me know in the comment section below.

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