How to Get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress 2023

How to Get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress?

WordPress is the best source to start a blog because it is the only Content Management System (CMS) that comes with custom features and great options that you can do anything. We talked about change author, adding categories, and many more guides about WordPress like installing a plugin on our Blogging Champs. Today in this tutorial you will be learning How to Get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress.

You may need the image URL on somewhere that says “insert image URL” and in that case, if you want to feature the image from your WordPress site then you can easily do it by just following the below steps.

Get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress

If you want to get the URL of the images than you need to make sure that image is uploaded to your site and stored in a media library. Or else if you haven’t uploaded the image then upload the image right now from Media library>> add new. You can also upload the image while writing the post by clicking on Add Media button appeared on the top and select upload option and upload the image.

So now you uploaded the image and it is saved in Media Library, now we will show you how to get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress Media library.

1: Log into the dashboard with an administrator account and click on Media item.

2: After coming onto Media menu item, if you are using the Grid View option then click on the drop-down menu shown in the below image and select the images.

3: Now look for the Image you want to get URL of, once you get the image click on it.

4: Now refer the below image and you can see your uploaded image URL, copy and paste it to test in your browser address bar.

If you are using the media library in list view then follow these steps.

1:  Select the image you want to get URL, and click on edit.

2: After opening the image as like below image then you can see your Image URL mentioned as “File URL” copy the URL and simply paste it in the browser address bar and you can see that image freely.

So this was the guide all about How to Get the URL of Images Uploaded in WordPress. Hope you got clear with above-mentioned steps and Keep visiting for more WordPress guides.

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