How to Submit Reconsideration Request in Google Search Console 2023

How to Submit Reconsideration Request in Google Search Console?

When we create add website to Google search console we can keep track of various things about our website’s performance and presence in search engine result pages. Like say who is visiting your website, which pages of your website are getting more clicks and how people are finding you on Google? You can see all these things in search console. Not only about the traffic you are getting from Google but also your website’s health can be checked from there.

From your site dashboard in search console below Search Traffic you can find an option termed as Manual actions, if you find any of the manual actions in that page then your website is not healthy! something is going wrong with your website and you should fix it as soon as possible.

In this guide I will be telling you  the procedure which you need to follow to submit reconsideration request in search console. But let me tell you if you have found some of the manual actions applied on your website you can’t simply submit an reconsideration request to Google. You have to improve your website before you submit an request and this process may take weeks of time.

What happens when manual actions are applied?

If you see any of the manual action applied on your website, performance of your website in Google search results will decrease drastically. You will see decrease in traffic and loss of ranks.

Are manual actions applied on your whole website?

There are two types of manual actions and they are site-wide matches and the second one is partial matches. If you see site-wide matches in your search console then your whole website will be affected and if you see the second one then only some part of your website will be affected.

What to do before submitting reconsideration request?

As I have already told you that you can’t simply submit a request to them, but before that you have to improve your website. What I mean is in case your are seeing an Hacked Site manual action applied on your website, then fix this take the control on all the pages on your website and make them normal. Don’t keep any of the changes which are made by third party (hacker) who hacked or altered your website. After that you can submit an request to reconsider your website.

How much time will Google take to reply for reconsideration request?

Google takes weeks of time to reply for the reconsideration request you submit to them. All you have to do is make improvement to your website write about all the improvement you have done to your website. And why they should reconsider your website.

But when I had applied for an reconsideration request they replied me back within a week, they approved my request. As you can see in the image embedded above, I submitted the request on 10/21/16 and on 10/25/16 they approved my request and removed the manual action.

Who will review reconsideration request?

So this may be the question in your mind now, when you file or submit an request those request are manually reviewed by an real person (human being) and not by the Google bots. So you should make sure you have made all the required improvement to your website before you submit the request.

You can watch this video of Matt Cutts telling the same.

These were the few things which you need to know before we proceed to the further part of this article, so I mentioned them all for you.

Step by Step Procedure to Submit Reconsideration Request

So here the procedure which needs to be followed by you,

  1. Open Google search console and sign in into your Google account with which you have verified the ownership of the website.
  2. Select the website (property) from search console to which an manual action has been applied. After that from site dashboard click on Search traffic and then on Manual actions.
  3. Now the manual actions which are applied on you website will be displayed, read it carefully and understand what that manual actions mean.
  4. Click on the button termed as “Request a Review” you will now get space to write down all the improvements you have done to your website and click on submit.

So this was how you can submit reconsideration request in Google search console, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this article. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below I will respond to your comment as soon as possible.

Before you request Google to reconsider your website make sure you improve your website, watch the video I have embedded below for some tips given by Google’s Rachel Searles and Brian White.

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