Inmotion Hosting Review Based on Uptime and Speed

Inmotion is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. Today let’s read the Inmotion hosting review based on uptime, speed and support quality.

When choosing a web hosting company for your business website or blog you have to be very careful. You have to check if the company has a good customer rating. And how they provide the support to you if you get stuck with their product.

Today I have got Inmotion hosting review for you. If you are planning to purchase hosting from Inmotion hosting then you have to read this review.

My review will help you to decide if you should go with Inmotion hosting to host your website.

This company is serving their customers from the year 2001. You should note one thing and that is Inmotion has it’s own data centers and it is an independent company.

They do not depend on any other company for their data centers. There are many web hosting companies which are online. But they don’t have their own data center or any such thing.

They purchase white label reselling rights and start their own web hosting company and start serving their customers with their own white label. (Brand Name)

I never prefer the companies who are selling hosting services on white label reselling rights.

Thinking why?

That’s because if any company has it’s own data centers then they can repair any outages or damages caused to their servers quickly.

It is not like they should have their own data center, even if they take the data center on rent you can buy hosting from them.

Because they are renting it and can fix any errors quickly by themselves. Visit InMotion Hosting Now!

But this is not the scenario if they are a white labeled company. They have to wait until the main company or host company fix the error.

This is why I prefer independent hosting companies. So you can purchase web hosting from them, let us check out more details about this company and get started with my Inmotion Hosting Review.

Inmotion Hosting Review Based On Uptime, Speed and Customer Support

So now let us get started with my Inmotion Hosting Review. But before that, I would like to tell about the things which I am going to cover in this review.

  • Data Centers of Inmotion Hosting
  • My Purchase Experience
  • cPanel Overview
  • Uptime and Speed of Server
  • Customer Support

If you search for Inmotion hosting review on Google you will find many reviews. But I would like to tell you one thing about those reviews.

Most of them (not everyone) are based on the information received online. They have never used Inmotion hosting by themselves. But still, they have published the review.

But I am testing this from more than 15 days to write a proper and legit Inmotion hosting review. I have purchased Launch – Shared Business Hosting plan.

It cost me $85 including all the service taxes. The actual cost of the Launch – Shared Business Hosting plan is $83.88 per year.

I have installed WordPress and using it for more than 15 days now. I have shared my experience with the Inmotion hosting in this review. I have also included my purchase experience below.

Data Centers of Inmotion Hosting

So as I have already mentioned that they have their own data centers. Find the location of data centers below.

  • Washington, D.C. (US East Coast)
  • And Los Angeles, CA (US West Coast)

You can choose any one of these two data centers while buying hosting from Inmotion. Visit InMotion Hosting Now!

My Purchase Experience

When I was purchasing hosting from me from Inmotion hosting my purchase experience was quite good. I was able to check out within 5 minutes.

I selected the plan which is mentioned above and as I am using Inmotion’s services for the first time I had to create a new account with them.

I was asked to select the data center and I chose Washington D.C data center for me. I was redirected to the secure payment page.

The overall purchase experience with Inmotion hosting was very good. I did not face any glitches while making the payment to the company.

Inmotion cPanel Overview

This is the main part I have to include in my Inmotion hosting review. Because the cPanel is one of the must have feature when we are buying web hosting for us.

Without cPanel it is very hard to manage the website for newbies. But if you are an advanced user then you can manage the server without cPanel as well. 

cPanel of Inmotion Hosting

You will get cPanel with your hosting package with Inmotion. The cPanel of Inmotion hosting has a unique look. You can see it in the screenshot.

Using the free script installer which is included in the cPanel you can install more than 100 scripts very easily. Visit InMotionzHosting Now!

Uptime and Speed of the Inmotion Servers

Without this part, my Inmotion hosting review will be incomplete.  In fact review of any web hosting company will be incomplete if we don’t discuss about the uptime and the speed of the servers.

Here by the term Speed of the Inmotion hosting servers I mean to say the time taken by the servers to respond to the visitor’s request.

How did I check the uptime and the response time of the servers?

I am using Site24x7 tools to track the uptime of the servers.

I have added my website to monitor the uptime in Site24x7 from last 17 days. You can check out the uptime of the servers below.

Uptime of Inmotion Hosting Servers

The uptime of the servers is 100% more than what they have promised us. 

Now let’s check out the response time of their servers.

Response time of Inmotion Hosting Servers

The average response time of their servers is 2,013 ms which is not too good.

Website loading time on Inmotion Hosting

And the final speed test is of the website, let’s check out the website loading time. I have tested the website speed with Pingdom. Visit InMotion Hosting Now!

Customer Support of Inmotion Hosting

Now we are at the last part of my Inmotion hosting review. If you buy hosting from them and you ever get stuck with your services.

Or it can be any technical glitch in this case you can ask for support from the company.

They provide support to their customers by the methods mentioned below.

  • Live Chat with real human 24×7 and 365 days a year
  • You can call them over phone and talk to them directly
  • You can connect with the support team over Skype.
  • And you can use the support ticket system.


So this was my Inmotion hosting review, I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this review. If you have any kind of doubts in your mind then feel free to comment below. Visit InMotion Hosting Now!

And should you buy from them? Yes, you can consider doing that.

Inmotion Hosting Review
  • Server Uptime        
  • Server Response Time        
  • Customer Support        
  • Value For Money        


This is my review of Inmotion hosting services4.8

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