InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting

Are you looking for InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Hosting? Then here you go, I have compared both the hosting providers in this article of mine. Read this to know who is the winner.

Web hosting is a very important thing which you have to purchase once you have registered your domain name. If you purchase hosting from a company whose service is not good.

Then the service you provide to your customers or visitors will be spoiled.

Thinking how?

If you are running a business online and have a good amount of traffic. And unfortunately, your website goes down…. Then you will loose the sales which are going to happen at that movement.

The loss is not only for those websites which are running a business (selling something) but also for those blogs which are running Google AdSense ads on them.

If their website goes down you will loose the revenue which you were going to generate with the Google AdSense ads shown on your page.

In both the cases, the website owner is losing money.

This is why you should purchase web hosting service from a good and reputed company. If you are confused between InMotion hosting and GoDaddy hosting then this article of mine, will help you.

Because I have done InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting. I have shared my experience with these two web hosting providers.

I have tested everything in including Uptime and Speed of the servers.

After reading this article I am quite sure that the confusion you have in your mind will be cleared.

InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting Who Is Better?

Without wasting much of your time let us dive into the topic and check out who is the winner when we do InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting.

Recently I have published my InMotion Hosting review, you can read it by following this link provided here.

Pricing Who Is Good?

So the first thing which I would like to mention in my InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy article is the pricing which is offered by both the companies.

The clear winner is GoDaddy because they offer huge discounts on the hosting stuff.

GoDaddy offers 50% discount on the hosting packages and 50% discount is huge! If you are looking for some good host with the discount then you can go with GoDaddy.

If you want to get 50% discount from GoDaddy then follow this link. (Discount Added)

But when we check out the amount of discount offered by InMotion they offer 25% off discount on their web hosting packages.

If you wish to get 25% discount from InMotion hosting then you can get it by following this link. (Discount Added)

Usability of Hosting

Both the companies offer cPanel with the web hosting purchase you make from them. But the cPanel interface of both the companies are way too different.

GoDaddy Hosting cPanel Interface

GoDaddy offers cPanel which a bit customized. Go 50% Discount Added

InMotion Hosting cPanel Interface

Even InMotion Hosting offers us cPanel which is customized. Here what I mean by customized is they don’t come with the default theme of cPanel. Go 25% Discount Added

They have their own cPanel theme but all the important features like File manager, phpMyAdmin and other things are same.

What You Will Get?

Well, both InMotion hosting and GoDaddy provide the same set of features which you find in the table below.

Hosting ProviderInMotion HostingGoDaddy Hosting
SSD DrivesYesNo, Additional Cost Applied
Free Domain NameYesYes
Free Data BackupYesNo
Google App IntegrationYesManual Settings Only
Free AdvertisingYesNo
Free Website BuilderYesYes
Free Malware ProtectionYesNo, Additional Cost Applied
Auto Script InstallerYesYes
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Email StorageUnlimitedUnlimited

The features and services which are mentioned in the table above are the major ones. I have not listed other things like the number of subdomains and parked domains.

Because all those things are similar in both the hosting companies.

But who is the winner here?

InMotion hosting wins it here because of the Free SSD DrivesFree Data BackupFree Malware Protection and Free Advertising Credits.

These are the additional features which you will get when you buy hosting from InMotion hosting. If you go with GoDaddy then you will not get these things for free.

Performance and Uptime of the Servers

I have tested both the hosting services personally by running WordPress website on both the hostings. I have even tested the uptime of the servers using Site24x7 tools.

First, let me show you the website loading.

The tool I used to check the loading time with the help of Pingdom Tools.

GoDaddy Hosting Website Loading Time

InMotion Hosting Website Loading Time

The time taken to load the website on InMotion hosting is 1.98 seconds and 2.04 seconds on GoDaddy hosting. The slight difference in the loading time is because of the SSD Drives of InMotion Hosting.

SSD drives are faster when compared to normal storage devices. I can say SSD Drives are game changes in this game of InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting.

I am monitoring the uptime of both InMotion hosting and GoDaddy hosting from last 7 days. You can find the uptime reports below.

As soon as I got a thought of creating this article InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting. I added both the hosting on uptime monitor.

But in my InMotion Hosting review I have added the uptime report of 17 days.

Uptime of InMotion Hosting

I have not noticed any downtime from last 7 days as you can see it in the screenshot above. Go 25% Discount Added

Uptime of GoDaddy Hosting

The uptime of GoDaddy servers is 99.98% I have noticed one outage in last 6 days. The total duration of the outage is 2 minutes 12 seconds.

The uptime promised by the company is 99.99% but an outage of 2 minutes is not a big thing. Go 50% Discount Added

Customer Support

Once you purchase hosting from the company the next thing we need is support from them. If something goes wrong then they will help you with it.

But how is customer support of InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy hosting?

Let’s check it out.

Customer Support of InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting provides support via live chat 24×7, support over call, support ticket system. And they have a very well arranged knowledge base on their website.

The support team of InMotion hosting is very good and they have huge knowledge and they can help you out in any situation. Go 25% Discount Added

Customer Support of GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy offers support by over phone, live chat. However, their live chat is not available 24×7 they offer support over chat from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

But the support over phone is available 24×7. You can call them anytime you wish they are ready to hear from you and help you if you are facing any issues.

Frankly speaking the support team of GoDaddy is not that good. Most of  the people who pick your call are not expert people.

They keep you on hold for a long time and talk back to you.

And the duration of time for which they keep our call on hold is too long normally. I have faced this many times and I feel unprofessional about this thing.

But overall they are good at the customer support.

Let’s Wrap-up the things….

So this was my article about InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting. If you want to share anything with me regarding this article or your experience with these companies you can comment below. Go 50% Discount Added Go 25% Discount Added

The clear winner of InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting is InMotion Hosting. Now the choice is yours.

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