What is Text To Speech Technology 2023

What is Text To Speech Technology?

Technology has developed tremendously in recent years and the most exciting headway is certainly AI text-to-speech.

Actually it was designed as an aid for the visually impaired; but now it has opened out to become a major part of the services provided by big companies.

And when you ponder how voice AI can escalate the customer experience, you can understand why the chances of text-to-speech AI are getting brands all over the world thrilled about the possibilities.

The text to speech software provides flexible and intuitive features; to help companies upgrade their customer experience, make engaging voice overs, and enhance customer engagement in the process.

It really works according to its name, the main principle of the technology is to transform text into speech using machine learning and AI technology.

You don’t have to record a voiceover from text manually; you can easily produce a voice output in a flash that you can use in your productions, marketing, and customer support.

The AI text-to-speech technology is moving at fast pace, and it’s very hard to anticipate what new applications might become available as more companies identity and apply them into their processes.

The possible indications could sprawl well beyond just transforming text to speech and could also act as an important tool in AI to human communication.

In present era, virtual assistants understand the complicated patterns of speech of humans, examine that information, and provide a logical and contextual answer based on what they hear.

So we are now having communication between computers and humans, and because of this text-to-speech technology things have changed completely in many fields.

And when it comes to marketing technology has helped it in a big way. Digital marketing is booming and people are happy to use text-to-speech Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other voice software.

But, many people are still hesitant and not comfortable with it. And many people usually think that their voiceovers would end up sounding like a robot. For tackling these problems, many technology companies have come up with their best text-to-speech software.

Speechelo is one of such software polished to give you a real transformation of all your texts to human-sounding voiceovers.

Let’s Put Some Light on Speechelo:

It’s very effective AI software that has the ability to transform your texts into an actual Human-sounding Voiceover in just a few clicks.

Just copy and paste your texts and your job will be done. You have the option of picking different voiceovers in any language after pasting your text.

You don’t have to wait long also it only takes 10 seconds to generate a voiceover; then it’s ready to use after downloading it.

In addition to that this text-to-speech software has some impeccable features like it allows you to add pausing and breathing effects to your voiceovers to upgrade their accuracy. 

It’s quite compelling that you don’t have to bother about installing or downloading as it’s a cloud-based solution where everything is hosted on their servers.

No matter which device you have a smart phone, desktop PC, laptop or a tablet   you can use this software on any machine.

Every business owner or video creator always wants to create some exceptional voiceovers for their videos. And very often it happens that their videos didn’t get the kind of traffic they expected as it lacks a quality voiceover.

Your voice over should be strong enough to grab attention then it will get decent sales and conversion. You certainly have a fair chance of getting your desired results if you have a good voice over.

But the problem is every businessman or video creator hasn’t got a great voice; this is definitely a big problem and finding a professional voiceover is also not an easy thing.

Many people are not comfortable with the sound of their voice recordings or voiceovers. It’s hard for some people to find the required equipment or they have a language problem to make a quality voiceover.

And the only option left for people who belong to these categories is to do outsourcing and for doing this you have to find the right voiceover artist. And you have to spend some money to get the results you want.

There are some people who think that robotic voices are not appropriate. So, using automated speech software is also ineligible.

To save you from these scenarios Speechelo slips in and helps you to dodge these scenarios as it has the ability to change your text into quality human-sounding voiceovers. One thing that appeals the most about this software is it allows you to alter voice pitch, tone, and speed.

How Speechelo works:

To transform your texts to voiceovers follow the steps below:

Paste your text after copying it: Its quite easy copy the text you want to change and paste it on Speechelo’s online editor.

The Artificial Intelligence engine on the site will examine it and add in all the needed punctuation marks. By this way your text sounds more reasonable when you change it.

Pick the voice and a language: You have plenty of options when it comes to languages as this software allows you to pick from 23 languages.

The languages that it offers are: English, Danish, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish Turkish, Welsh, Norwegian, and much more.

It’s also possible for you to include breathing sounds and stretch the time between pauses. Not only this you can also select the tune of your voiceovers. Like a cheerful, serious, or neutral.

Transform and download: it takes only 10 seconds for the text to be transformed in a voiceover. The speech on the site can be checked straightaway and if you didn’t like it select another voice. After you finish doing this, just download the voiceover and use it for whatever you want.

Perks of Speechelo:

You can enjoy many perks when you use Speechelo, it is very user-friendly and includes a systemized interface; operating this software without any problem is very easy.

Speechelo attributes accurate human and natural clear voice sound, which is all important for the output. You have over 30 human-sounding voices to select from.

If you want to control everything in your content like gender to tone, pitch, speed, pauses, breathing Speachelo allows you to do so.

Generate as many voiceovers you want its usage is not bound by limit. The product is very effective and the makers are quite confident as it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It also comprises full training, free updates, and free support. And it’s quite compatible also, as it can go with any software for video creation, which includes iMovie, Premiere Pro, Audacity and some.


This AI software has some outstanding attributes that makes it superior from different text-to-speech software.

It has the ability to change any text into standard human-sounding voiceovers. And you have the option of both male and female voices.

Every voice that it includes has components that make it sound more real and maximum number of people won’t even think your voiceover is generated by AI.

Frequently Asked Questions about Text To Speech Technology:

Why Should You use Speech To Text?

 Technology certainly help us in many ways speech to text has the ability to upgrade our daily processes. It saves your time by generating accurate transcripts in no time.

It’s not expensive also as most of the speech to text software has a subscription fee, and some services are free also.

But if you hire human transcription services it will cost you more than this. Speech to text is also very helpful in transforming audio and video data in no time for subtitling and swift video transcription.

Who Made Speechelo?

Blaster suite created the Speechelo text-to-speech system. It is exceptional with human-sounding voiceovers; and the only text-to-speech software that includes more than 50 distinct alternatives of voiceovers in 23 languages.

What is The Best Text To Speech Software?

CereProc has crafted the world’s most advanced text to speech technology. Its voices sound genuine; and they include characters also, making them suitable for any application that requires speech output.

Why was Speechelo Created?

Speechelo was made to help business owner or video content creator who usually craves for exceptional voiceovers. It’s the perfect solution for making standard videos with caliber that will get the kind of traffic you always want.


There are many text-to-speech software that are available in the market. But speechelo offers you the value for money. As it allows you to easily produce voiceover even if you don’t have any editing experience. Comprising both male and female voices speechelo voiceover software includes almost 23 languages. Just copy and paste your script and it converts the text in no time.

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