How to Install WordPress on NameCheap Hosting 2023

How to Install WordPress on NameCheap Hosting?

Starting a website? That’s great! so have you registered domain name for you? If you have not registered your domain name then you can get it registered in next 5 minutes. I will guide you to register your domain name for you.

When it comes to registering a domain name the first thing which comes to the mind is Godaddy. It is all because of the way they promote themselves in television commercial ads I am sure you have watched their ad on television at least once.

But let me tell you one thing even NameCheap is very good to register domain names, I have few domains registered with them and I have not come across any issues with the DNS resolution of those domains.

What next?

The choice is your both Godaddy and NameCheap both are very good when it comes to registering domain names.

If you want to register the domain name with NameCheap then follow this guide.

And if you want to register the domain name with Godaddy then follow this guide.

If you have already registered your domain name then we can move to the further part of this guide.

NameCheap is very good to register domain names but people don’t recommend to go with to host the websites. Because they are not that famous for hosting the websites, but their hosting packages especially shared hosting are dirt cheap! The cost of hosting is less than the cost of the domain name registration.

How to Install WordPress on NameCheap Hosting?

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the steps to install WordPress on NameCheap. WordPress is an amazing Content management system which is very easy to use. Even if someone is using it for the first time they can easily use it.

WordPress is not only easy but also highly customizable. We can customize it as per our needs by installing plugins and themes.

To install WordPress on the hosting of NameCheap the first thing you have to do is open their official website and login into your account.

Once you login to your account you will be taken to your NameCheap Dashboard, from there click on Manage button of the hosting package you have purchased from them.

After that click on Login to cPanel of your hosting package.

You will be taken to the cPanel login page of your web hosting package, enter your username and password and click on Login.

With every shared hosting package you buy from NameCheap you will get automatic script installer developed by Softaculous (Softaculous Apps Installer) so with the help of this script installer, we can install WordPress on NameCheap hosting with one click.

You will find Softaculous Apps Installer in the first group of options and click on that.

All the top content management scripts will be displayed in front you, the first script which you will find is WordPress. Just take your cursor on the script (logo of WordPress) you will get the install option.

You will be taken to the installation screen. Now you have to select the domain on which you want to install WordPress and adjust few more important settings.

The settings you have to do are:

  • Software Setup.
  • Site Settings.
  • Admin Account.
  • Choose Language.
  • Select Plugins.
  • Advanced Settings. (these are not really required)
  • Select Theme. (optional setting)

Software Setup

Choose Protocol: Select between http://, https://, http://www. or https://www.

Choose Domain: Select the domain name for which you want to install WordPress.

In Directory: Use this option if you want to install WordPress on sub-directory of your domain name.Site Settings

Sitename: Enter the name of your website.

Site Description: Enter the description of your website.Admin Account

Admin Username: Enter the username which you want to use on your website.

Admin Password: Enter the password which you want to use to login to your WordPress website.

Admin Email: Enter your Email address.Choose Language

Select the language in which you would like to use your WordPress website, you can select the language from the drop-down menu.Select Plugins

In this part you select if you want to install the WordPress plugin Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer). It’s recommended to install this WordPress plugin.

The last two settings are optional you can skip those two settings.

And finally, enter the Email address to which you want to receive the WordPress installation details and click on Install.

So this is how you can install WordPress on NameCheap hosting, once you install WordPress you are good to go. You can customize your WordPress site by installing theme and WordPress plugins, you can refer the below-linked guides for more.

  • How to install WordPress theme?
  • And How to install WordPress plugins?

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