Hostinger vs DigitalOcean

In contrast to Hostinger, which caters to everyone from beginners to experts in the computer industry, DigitalOcean concentrates on providing plans that are developer-friendly.

A superficial comparison would seem that their cloud hosting plans are identical. Both of these service providers were reviewed based on their features, performance, cost, security, and customer service. In this Hostinger vs DigitalOcean battle, I think Hostinger has the edge.

One of the most well-known names in WordPress hosting, Hostinger, is rapidly rising to prominence. They provide a robust platform for hosting your website at an affordable price with live chat assistance available around the clock.

One-click WordPress installation, automated updates, and security enhancements are just some of the features that come standard with Hostinger. There are seven data centers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America from which to choose for geolocation-specific hosting.

Hostinger has more than 29 million customers in 178 countries. For WPBeginner readers, they are offering a special discount of 80% as well as free SSL and a free domain name.

Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger Performance Tests

We only recommend products and services that we have personally tried at Best Digital Productz, so our readers may feel confident in our reviews.

WordPress hosting reviews are conducted by signing up for each web hosting business and conducting our own performance tests to verify their promises.

We created an account on Hostinger and installed WordPress for this review (website builder). Our website was packed with phony content, including photographs and media. As a result, our dummy WordPress site appeared and performed exactly like the real thing.

DigitalOcean vs Hostinger Pricing:

Hostinger delivers better value for money for beginners

Hostinger offers a wide range of services, including shared and WordPress hosting, email hosting, managed cloud hosting, and VPS. Droplets are a type of cloud VM (virtual machine) offered by DigitalOcean.

Compared to Hostinger’s cloud hosting services, DigitalOcean’s Standard Droplets are more affordable. DigitalOcean even offers hourly billing options.

Hostinger’s cloud plans are the most affordable best cloud web hosting with a 48-month contract. DigitalOcean’s cheapest plan costs about six times as much as the cheapest plan on DigitalOcean. Even for renewals, they charge more (up to 2X). Hostinger, on the other hand, offers better value for money because of its more beginner-friendly features.


More plan variety and user-friendly features give Hostinger the upper hand

Fully managed cloud hosting options from Hostinger include 200-300GB SSD storage, up to 16GB of RAM, and 2-8 CPU cores. Cache manager, daily backups, a 1X-4X performance increase, a 1-click auto-installer, and a number of other freebies, such as a domain (for the first year), a dedicated IP address, and an SSL certificate, are also available.

Standard Droplets from DigitalOcean include storage capacities ranging from 25GB to 3.75TB, transfer rates ranging from 1TB to 12TB, and CPUs ranging from one to 32. The VMs offered by DigitalOcean come with floating IP addresses, cloud firewalls, load balancers and API, CLI, and client libraries,

Multiple pre-installed software (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.), isolated networks, more than 100 pre-configured 1-click apps (Docker, WordPress, LAMP, Plesk, etc.),

Let’s Encrypt the SSL certificate (paid), and automated weekly back-ups (paid) and snapshots for backing up your server environment. best cloud hosting provider


Hostinger outshines DigitalOcean with its credit-backed uptime guarantee and better performance

DigitalOcean has 12 data centers around the world, compared to 7 for Hostinger. However, DigitalOcean’s Droplet plans are not available in all locations.

Cloudflare CDN, Smart Purge technology for easy cache management and in-built cache manager, HTTP/2, and GZIP compression are just a few of Hostinger’s performance-enhancing best cloud server hosting features.

Storage space can be increased without shutting down the Droplet it’s tied to thanks to DigitalOcean’s use of SSDs, CDNs, Block Storage, load balancers, and RAID.

Hostinger’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by credit. Our performance test found it to be the best. Details about Hostinger may be found in our in-depth assessment by our team of experts.

Droplets and Block Storage from DigitalOcean come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In terms of uptime, DigitalOcean performed admirably. Learn what went wrong with DigitalOcean in our expert review.


Security measures employed by Hostinger include SSL, CDN, RAID-10 data redundancy, daily backups, LVE containers (for account isolation), Wanguard anti-DDoS protection, advanced server security modules (such as Suhosin PHP hardening and Apache mod security), predictive server monitoring, and Bitninja/Imunify360 (WAF).

Along with removing directory indexes and employing service auditing, firewalls, SSH keys, virtual private clouds, regular backups, and ECC (Error Correction Code) RAM, DigitalOcean also takes various efforts to improve security.


A competent customer support desk helps Hostinger beat its competitor

Email, live chat, and ticket assistance are available around the clock at Hostinger (for logged-in users). Customers who are bothered by long wait times (regardless of how minor they are) can pay for “Priority Support,” which puts them at the top of the list when they call in for help. Hostinger’s live chat was quick to respond to my questions.

Hostinger provides tutorials, a blog, and a well-stocked knowledge base for self-help purposes. Though DigitalOcean offers ticket help, posting your ticket could be problematic (as I found) (as I found).

There is an online community for self-help, and there are also documents and resources such as articles, tutorials, and FAQs.


Hostinger is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. It’s a good choice for new websites looking for a low-cost but high-quality hosting solution. Hostinger is also a great choice for sites with greater traffic volumes that want to grow without having to transfer service providers.

Given its 99.99% uptime, Digital Ocean is considered one of the most reliable hosting services out there. It’s no surprise that this platform has so many customers, given the excellent level of security and data protection it offers.

Hostinger offers a website builder plan in addition to its hosting services for people who seek an all-in-one solution for building a website and meeting their web hosting needs. In spite of Hostinger’s lower uptime and speed, it is still a reliable service that can meet the demands of the vast majority of websites.

Is DigitalOcean good for website hosting?

Cloud hosting service DigitalOcean is a great option for advanced users who are familiar with coding procedures and the Linux system. Exceptional uptime and fast speeds are only a few of its many benefits.

Why is Hostinger the best?

Hostinger is a reputable web host with a reputation for inexpensive prices and lightning-fast load speeds. Highly recommended for those that need to have their website up and running quickly. Hostinger comes in first place for the most affordable web hosting plans in my comparison of the best web hosting companies.

Is DigitalOcean a good server?

Over the past six months, DigitalOcean’s uptime has averaged 99.97%, which is a remarkable achievement. Since January 2022, the uptime has been 100 percent except for a brief period in June 2022 when the uptime was 99.83 percent.

Can Hostinger be trusted?

Yes, Hostinger is a reputable shared hosting provider with many years of expertise. Millions of people are able to create their first website or start a new business thanks to their economical platform.

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