How To Start Blogging 2023

Guidelines on how to Start a Blog

There is a lot of competition in the corporate world today. Only the strongest and the wisest survive the hard realities of life. The struggle to make a living out of whatever you can lay your hands on is real.

For creative people, there is a myriad of opportunities in the world. They live for self-expression. There are many opportunities for creative people to express themselves and if possible make money. One such venture is blogging.

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How to Start Blogging: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The Internet has provided many opportunities for different people all over the world. It is now possible to comfortably make money and live a good irrespective of where you come from. Very many people are turning to blogs as a way of making money.

Others do it as a hobby or as a way to pass time. Blogging is a very flexible job and anyone willing to learn the ropes can do it without having to work full-time. Even if you plan to make it your livelihood, you will still have lots of time to do other things.

If you are new at blogging or have this idea in your head about blogging but do not know how to start a blog, here is a guide to walk you through all the steps you need to follow on how to do it.

The following guide gives anyone that needs direction about how to start a blog and anyone willing to make an income out of blogging a few pointers.

how to start blogging and make money online

Decide on what to blog about

This is the first major step on how to start a blog. Deciding on what topic you want to blog about will make it easier for you to get started. Whatever topic you choose should resonate with whatever your interests are. To begin with, do not choose a topic merely because you are in a rush to make money.

Go for a topic that you are passionate about otherwise going for a moneymaking topic could burn you in the process.

Choosing the right topic does not mean you have to be a professional on the said topic that you choose to blog about. If it is, interesting and you know you will sustain the topic, then blog about it.

The list of topics to choose from is long. Some of the topics you can choose from are: marketing your products, counseling, parenting tips, politics, gaming, entertainment, sports, art, product reviews, humor, real-life experiences, music, and so on.

Turn whatever you are good at into something interesting and a topic that you are sure will attract plenty of discussion around it.

Choose A Good Domain Name

Choose a platform for your blog:

A blogging platform is software or a template that allows you to publish all your blog posts and is the basis of your blog. Before making any of your blogs public, this is where you will do all your creating of articles, videos, images, and tutorials.

There are free platforms that have many limitations and there are platforms that you pay for. Free blogging platforms might restrict you against so many things like putting up ads, taking over total control of your content material, giving you long web addresses, and many others. The most popular blogging platforms are, Blogger, Ghost, Wix, Weebly, and among many others.

Of the above, is the most popular blogging platform. Some of the reasons for its popularity are:

Easy to use as it gives a step-by-step user instruction guide

Very flexible as it can create both simple and complex sites

There is a wide usage and many people share ideas on its uses and tools

Select a hosting company

Choose a theme for your blog and create your first blog post

Once you are done with selecting your host company, the next step is deciding on the theme for your blog. A theme should be an impressive appearance of your blog and should match whatever your niche is. Several things determine a blog layout.

These are color, video or image presentation, catchy SEO words, and most importantly a title that will most probably be the main selling point of your blog. It should be catchy enough to drive traffic to your new blog.

After you are done, create your first blog post by login into your hosting platform and clicking on it. Type in the title of your blog, post the content of your new blog into the body of your host platform page, choose all the necessary tags, file your blog into its correct category and press the “Publish” button.

Sustaining your blog

Now that you have learned about all the guidelines on how to start a blog, and you have posted your first blog post, you do not stop there. Knowing how to start a blog and finally, post works half done.

Update your blog constantly by publishing more and more interesting stuff. Alternate the kind of posts you publish to avoid monotony and add more pictures to your articles and so on.

Pictures tell a story and the more catchy pictures included in your blog, the more interesting it gets and the more traffic it attracts.

Can blogging make money?

Yes, you can make money out of your blog in many ways here are a few methods, of how you can make money out of your blogs.

Doing affiliate marketing

Activating Google Adsense

Creating a tutorial blog where people pay to learn skills

Businesses pay to have their products reviewed

Renting out space for banner ads

Selling eBooks via your blog

Getting paid for consultation through your blog

Selling your services by using your blog

Email marketing


The above guidelines on how to start a blog, if followed very carefully, will guarantee you a good start to publishing your first blog post and earning from it.

Remember that for you to gain traffic to your traffic; you have to be very consistent and articulate. Keep promoting your blog and once you are established, be assured of money trickling in.
Start blogging today!

1. How To Start A Blog Now And Make Your First Post In 15 Minutes Or Less.

how to start blogging and make money online

Click here now to pick a domain and set up your hosting account.
After you’ve followed all of the instructions in the video then you’re ready to move on to the next step: “2. Use And Customize Your Blog” where you’ll learn how to use and customize your blog,

Follow along with the video to complete the following steps to start a blog now:

Pick a domain and create a hosting account

Create your password

Install WordPress (1 click installs with BlueHost or Hostinger to make this process very simple)

Make your first post

Top Reasons to start a blog now:

  1. Start a blog to get more customers for your business.

The sad truth is, no matter how great your product or service, you’re losing a ton of customers if your business doesn’t have a website.

Most people use the internet just like their parents used to use the yellow pages. If they need to find a plumber they Google the phrase ‘best plumber in my city’. If you don’t show up then you won’t get that customer.

Starting a blog for your business doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming process you can do it yourself in about 15 minutes by following this guide or you can hire me to do it for you.

  1. Start a blog as a business and make an extra income, or even strike it rich when your posts start to go viral.

Blogs can be stand-alone businesses themselves, is worth about $100,000,000… A blog can be its own business by collecting ad revenue, building an email list, selling affiliate products, and you could eventually create your product if you want to make some serious money.

  1. As a form of self-expression or to change the world.

If you have a strong opinion about something or you’re very passionate about something, starting a blog is a great way to express yourself, to share your passion with the world. I have a political blog and a marketing blog that both serve as a source of expression for me.

Why using a free blogging site to start a blog now could be the worst business decision of your life:

So, lots of people ask me why they should bother to pay for a domain and a hosting account instead of using a free blogging site so I figured I should add my 2 cents on the subject…

If you don’t have your domain and hosting account then you won’t own the blog, which means:

If you’re starting your blog to get customers for an existing business you’re not going to look very professional. Imagine looking at an attorney’s website and realizing it’s on

What would you think about that attorney? Would you think they’re successful, winning cases every day? Or probably the opposite?

Free blogs are like flea market tables. If you wouldn’t run your business from a flea market table then you shouldn’t have a free blog for your business.

If you’re starting a blog as a business then you won’t own it. It’s not yours. If you don’t own it, if it’s not yours then:

You won’t get the ad revenue from the blog if it gets popular

You can’t sell it later

You can’t sell affiliate products on the blog

You’ll have to follow rules about what you can and can’t post on your blog

The blog could be taken away completely or deleted by the owner of the site

One last thing to think about before you start a blog: Even if making money isn’t your goal, it’s not uncommon for a blog to accidentally go viral and start getting tons of visitors, which means tons of advertising revenue.

If you don’t own the blog then whoever does own it will get all of that ad revenue. And probably sell some affiliate products as well.

Setting up your domain and hosting account only costs $3.49/month, that’s pretty cheap insurance if you ask me but do whatever makes the most sense to you.

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On this page we’ll customize your blog in 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick a theme – A theme is like a template but for your whole website. There are thousands and thousands of themes. Most of them are free but there are a bunch of them for sale too. Honestly, I’ve never paid for one, Many a website has made large piles of money running on a free theme.

The cool thing is that if you find a different theme later that you like better and you want to change you don’t have to rewrite the whole site, just activate a different theme and create a new menu. Less than 5 minutes and your whole blog is changed.

All of your existing posts and pages will still be there. It’s the easiest way to customize your blog.

  1. Create a headline and tagline – This is pretty important for keeping new visitors on your site. They’ll read your headline first so it’s best to use something value-oriented, something that describes what your blog is all about or what it will do for them.

When you customize your blog it’s important to think about the user’s experience.

  1. Create Pages And Posts – Pages are static and not tied to a date. More like what you would see on a normal website. Posts are organized by categories and dates.
  2. Create a menu – Different themes display menus differently and in different places. Some themes have one menu and some have a few of them. Themes exist to help users navigate your site.

You can put pages and categories on your menu. Pages are static, categories will show a list of all the blog posts in the category.

Pages and categories can have other pages and categories underneath them to make your menus look a little less cluttered while making your site easier to navigate.

The easier it is for people to find what they’re looking for the more time they’ll spend on your blog, which means you’ll make more money.

  1. Install some plugins – Plugins add functionality to your blog. Cool stuff like an author box, social sharing buttons, analytics, style sheet editing abilities, and even split testing and heat maps.

There are thousands of plugins (Maybe more) so as you could imagine there are all kinds of cool stuff that you can do with your blog through the power of plugins.

Please follow along with the videos to customize your blog, it’s super easy, anyone can do it, yes, even you! No excuses, go customize your blog, do it now!

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3. Using Your Blog To Build A List (an email list that is)

“Click play and follow along as we install an opt-in form so we can use our blog to build a list.”


On this page, you’ll learn how to use your blog to build a list. A list means email list. It’s a list of people who have agreed to let you send them emails from an autoresponder.

You can use it to drive people back to your blog, or you can use it to sell other people stuff, known as affiliate marketing. Millions of dollars are made this way. It’s pretty incredible really.

People are fond of saying ‘the money is on the list, but that’s not exactly true. I can buy an email list with millions of contacts on it for pretty cheap, but I would have a hard time making money with it.

When you build a list, the real value is in the relationship that you have with your list.

Think about it this way, if you got a random email recommending a product, would you buy it? Probably not but if you got an email from someone you trusted, someone you thought of as a friend, or an expert recommending a product, would you be more likely to buy it? Of course, you would.

People buy all kinds of stupid crap that obviously won’t work from Dr. Oz just because he’s positioned himself as credible and authority and they watch his show every week. He has a great relationship with his audience.

When you build a list, you’re building an audience, just like Dr. Oz.

There are marketers out there who can make tens of thousands of dollars by sending a single email, or even millions of dollars by sending a series of emails. They worked very hard to build a list and to build a relationship with that list, and now they’re reaping the rewards.

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

2 thoughts on “Using Your Blog To Build A List (an email list that is)”

I don’t use a mailing list. How important is it? I don’t sell anything on my blog but give information about animal care. I think I need to build up trust with readers so more subscribe. I only have 7 subscribers and my blog is over a year old.

3. Make Money Online with Blogging

how to start blogging and make money online

Top 3 Ways To Make Money Blogging.

So Today you’ll learn how to make money online with blogging. There are 3 strategies to use if you want to make money blogging:

  1. Sell advertising space.

There are lots of different people who will pay you to advertise on your blog. Advertising networks are the easiest way to connect with those people.

Google Adwords is the biggest and most commonly used advertising network, so in this guide, I’ll show you how to get set up and make money blogging with Google Adwords.

  1. Sell other people’s products, AKA Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you get paid for each sale that you produce rather than just for the advertising space. There are lots and lots of different ways to go this, but product reviews and tutorials work the best.

Basically in one out of 5 or 10 of your blog posts, you pick a product that’s relevant to your audience and use it. If you like it then you write a review and insert your affiliate link.

Having an email list makes a huge difference here. You can maximize readership by sending out a special email about your product review posts to make sure everyone on your list at least knows that it exists.

You can find an infinite number of affiliate products to promote on these websites:

Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, Share A Sale, Clickbank, CashNetwork, Peerfly, Convert 2 Media, and Clicksure

Digital products like courses, ebooks, subscriptions, and membership sites tend to be the most profitable but you can do pretty well with physical products as well.

Also, many companies manage their affiliate programs instead of using an affiliate network, so if there’s a company that sells something your audience might like to buy then you should approach them to see if they already have an in-house program or if they might be willing to start one with you.

  1. Sell your stuff.

This is the most profitable, but also the most complicated strategy to make money blogging. When you’re selling your stuff you have to deliver the product or service and you have to take care of the customers. This adds a whole new set of problems to deal with and a whole new set of skills that must be acquired.

Also, you will have to spend a ton of money before you can even start making sales. It’s a huge gamble and shouldn’t be done unless you can afford to waste a lot of time and money because you probably will.

If you want to have your products sell you should spend some time selling affiliate products in the market you want your products to be in first so you’ll have a higher chance of being able to create and sell something they want to buy.

The upside is that if you can create a compelling offer then you’ll likely have a long list of

I don’t even have my products and I probably never will. I know how to do it, and have even helped other people create and sell their products, I just don’t want to deal with running a whole company. It isn’t worth the headache to me.

Anyways, if you haven’t already decided to start a blog so you can start to make money blogging then hopefully the training on this page has persuaded you to get started now, just click this link and follow the instructions to start your blog and start making money blogging.

Blogging For Your Business

The first thing you should consider when trying to get more customers for your business is this: “Where do my customers go to look for providers of my product or service?”

Once upon a time pretty much everyone was looking in the yellow pages or some other phone book but that isn’t true anymore.

Pretty much everyone is looking at everything on the internet, so if you’re not there then you’ll miss out on all of those customers.

If you’re a local business it’s pretty easy to get in front of your customers on the internet, if you’re a national business it’s a little harder, but not much.

There are lots of different strategies you can use, my favorite being: Focus on getting your website to show up for local search terms like ‘best pool cleaner in the phoenix’ and encourage your visitors to schedule an appointment with a sales rep or call immediately.

You have two options:

How to make money online with blogging
  1. Pay For Advertising

Most people advertising on the internet are wasting most of the money they’re spending because they don’t know how to track their results properly.

It’s a lot simpler than most people think it is, you just have to set up your links properly and copy/paste a simple piece of code onto certain pages of your blog so you can see what ads and targets are getting your prospects to do what you want them to.

Below is a video showing you how to set up an advertising campaign on Bing Ads but it’s pretty much the same process for every network.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There isn’t anybody on earth who can tell you exactly how to get positive results with this SEO, but there are some general patterns that seem to work often enough that people (me included) are using them.

**Anyone who guarantees SEO results is probably desperate for your business and a liar. Nobody can guarantee to get any particular website ranked for any particular keywords.

Some people get much better results on average than everyone else, but even they won’t make any specific promises about particular results for a particular blog, site, or page.

I have access to a very high-level SEO tool that I use to get pretty consistent results with my blogs and websites. Especially for local keywords, The owner of this tool isn’t currently accepting new users, but send me an email to get on the waiting list if you’re sincerely interested.

You have to think about what a search engine is, what it does, and how it gets paid. A search engine helps people find what they’re looking for on the internet. It’s essentially a constantly evolving database that attempts to match websites up with search terms.

Search engines make money by selling advertising space.

If they aren’t producing relevant search results then they will lose their users, and they won’t be able to sell advertising space.

So they work very hard to try to keep their users happy. They even have very specific advertising rules and carefully evaluate advertisements to make sure they aren’t irritating users. They refuse to take money for unrelated ads and ads that don’t get clicks.

How to make money online with blogging

There are 2 forms of SEO:

On-Page SEO Optimization

This is all about creating relevant content and making sure the search engines know what the content is about. So if you want to show up for the search term “best chiropractor in phoenix” you might set up a blog and create a few articles about why you are the best chiropractor in phoenix.

Top 5 lists get great results, like “Top 5 Reasons My Customers Think I’m The Best Chiropractor In Phoenix” or “The Best Chiropractor In Phoenix: 5 Reasons My Customers Think I’m The Best”. Something like that.

There is some other stuff that you should also be doing for your on-page SEO but the best way to make sure you’re doing it all properly is to install the “SEO by Yoast” plugin as instructed on the “2. Use And Customize Your Blog” page.

It’s a great tool, I use it on all of my blogs. I’ve used others and it’s the best. It’ll analyze every page and post that you create, even telling you what to do to make it more SEO friendly.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

This is the hard part. You have to get other websites to link back to your website or blog, it’s kind of like a vote. But you can’t get just any website to do it, you have to get websites that the search engines already trust to do it.

Writing guest articles for them is a good idea. So is posting on their forums. Honestly, I’m not an expert on this part.

I don’t do any of it manually. I use an automated SEO tool to do it all for me. Like I said above, the company who created this tool isn’t allowing any new users right now, but if you’re interested then you can send me an email and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

Blogging Tools And Resources

On this page, you’ll find links to all the various tools and resources I’ve recommended on the other pages of this site. In some cases, these companies are paying me to recommend their products/services, but please understand that many different companies provide each of the products and services that I recommend, I’ve used most or all of them, and I only recommend the best providers.

The whole purpose of this site is to give you a shortcut, to let you benefit from my experience so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. To save you time AND money.

Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger Hosting Company

Hosting companies are a dime a dozen, how are they different and which one should you use? I’ve used a bunch of them and I like Hostinger the best, and so do 2 million other bloggers. Click the link above to see why.

Get Response

An email list can become your biggest asset in any business. To build one, you need an autoresponder service. Get Response is my favorite autoresponder service for lots of reasons. Click the link above to see why I like it so much.

Shutter Stock

This is the best place I know of to get stock photos. When you’re using photos on your blog or site you have to make sure you have the proper legal authority to be using them or you could get sued.


If you’re not selling any affiliate products then your primary source of revenue is going to be from selling advertising space, and AdSense is the 800-pound gorilla in the internet advertising world so you should start by using them to monetize your site.

Commission Junction

This is a great place to find affiliate products to sell. Lots of big mainstream companies are using Commission Junction to manage their affiliate program so if you don’t want to sell the typically overhyped info. products then Commission Junction is a great place to look for more sensible affiliate products to sell.






Hosting Company – Why should you use Hostinger?

how to make money online with blogging

“Who’s The Best Hosting Company To Use For Your Blog?”

Click here now to start your blog and make your first post in 15 minutes or less.

I’m often asked which hosting company is the best one to use when you want to start a blog and I always give the same answer: Hostinger.

Honestly, each hosting company provides a pretty similar service, but there are a few differences. There are at least 5 relevant factors in my opinion:

Hostinger provides the same awesome and unlimited support to all of its users. Most hosting companies won’t provide good support to users who are using their starter accounts. Only to users who are spending $2.99/month.

Hostinger doesn’t discriminate. They’ll equally awesome to all of their users.

Hostinger vs Namecheap
  1. Does the hosting company provide awesome unlimited support to ALL of their users?

Does the hosting company provide awesome unlimited support to ALL of their users?

They have a support phone number you can call, a live chat service, a support ticket system and they’ll even respond to emails.

They don’t even mind helping with super basic newbie questions. Some companies will just send you a link to a FAQ or a video but Hostinger doesn’t, they’ll hold your hand answer your questions, and guide you until you’re satisfied.

Does the hosting company make it easy to install WordPress?

Hostinger has a super simple one-click WordPress installation process. Seriously. Just click the button and an installation script runs automatically. Just pick your username/password and wait a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Some hosting companies that I’ve used in the past have some pretty complicated instructions for getting WordPress installed. Trust me… I’ve been there. It’s an unnecessary frustration that you can void by using Hostinger.

Does the hosting company charge you extra to register a domain?

Most hosting companies will charge you extra to register a domain, Anywhere from $7 to $20 extra to register your domain. Hostinger includes it with your hosting account so you don’t have to pay extra for it. not only that Hostinger gives you 100 Free Business Email Accounts.

Does the hosting company give you free money to launch your website’s advertising campaigns?

When you sign up for Hostinger hosting account you’ll get a $100 voucher to Google Ads. The hosting account is only $2.99/month for 4 years worth of hosting, which means you’re ahead by $144 when you set up a hosting account with Hostinger.

Is the hosting company recommended by WordPress?

WordPress is the biggest website and blogging platform in the world, who else could have a more qualified opinion about what company provides the best hosting services?

WordPress recommends BlueHost. What else could be more important than their endorsement?

Hopefully, I haven’t been too pushy with my Hostinger recommendation. I’ve been through hell with other hosting companies and Hostinger has been awesome to work with so I get a little overly passionate about other people using them. Especially newbies.

If you haven’t already started your blog, do yourself a favor and follow the instructions on this page to get your blog started and make your first post in 15 minutes or less on an Hostinger hosting account.

Is Get Response The Best Autoresponder for WordPress?

“Click play to see why I think Get Response is the best autoresponder for WordPress.”

Click this link to start your free Get Response Trial

If you’re searching for the best autoresponder for WordPress then you’re on the right page. Above you’ll find a video on why I think Get Response is the best autoresponder for WordPress and on this page, you’ll find a short tutorial about how to get it integrated with your blog or site.

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

Deliverability Matters

The main reason I like Get Response as the best autoresponder for WordPress is that it tends to deliver the most emails to the most inboxes. That’s our goal when we’re using an autoresponder and Get Response does the best job.

Continuity If You Get Attacked

You could use one of the available free plugins but if something happens to your WordPress site or blog then you won’t be able to communicate with your audience.

Even the biggest sites get attacked once in a while, there’s no stopping it, but if you have an autoresponder that’s separate from your site then you’ll be able to let your audience know what’s going on so you won’t lose them.

It’s Super Easy To Use

Other than that, Get Response is really easy to use, it’s inexpensive, and they have top-notch support staff in place. They have a 24/7 live chat service, a support email address, and even a support phone line.

Some autoresponder companies I’ve used in the past were overly complicated and hard to use. Get Response takes about 5 minutes to figure out. It’s super simple.

Even if you do get stuck on something, they will help you get it figured out. Their support is awesome.

They offer a free 30-day trial and it’s only $15/month after that. If you’re afraid to spend $15/month on something that could make you millions then you’re just plain crazy…

Free Training? Really?

Also, they have over 100 free training videos that’ll teach you pretty much everything you could ever want to know about making money on the internet and using an autoresponder.

I ignored their free training for a long time, but I had some free time a few weeks ago and I went through it and it’s pretty incredible. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars (ok… ok… thousands…) on courses that aren’t as good as what they’re giving away to their users for free.

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I think Get Response is the best autoresponder for WordPress.

If you haven’t already done so, start a blog and start using it to build an email list so you can start getting paid while you sleep.

There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs being registered daily. However, not many people have a strong idea of how to start a blog and earn money from it.

The act of creating a blog is relatively simple however the challenge is found in making your blog popular with readers and this takes time and commitment! For any site to be successful unique content needs to be made available regularly so you’ll be doing a lot of writing!

In this article, we will quickly go over the best way how to start a blog to make money blogging, as well as reveal one of the most lucrative ways to fast-track your online success.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Easy Step-By-Step Guide

For anybody considering launching their site here are 9 things you’ll need to seriously consider before your start blogging!

Decide what to blog about

When you are starting anything online, you need to research to have an idea of what your result will be. When you are starting your blogging business, you will want to research your niche. The easiest way is to look into your interest, magazines, and best-selling list.

When you have your niche, it is recommended that you build your blog on the sub-niche. Let’s say your niche is relationships, maybe you can blog about husband and wife relationships. You will be more focused on your blog post and your blog will seem more professional rather than posting everything about relationships.

What’s Your Objective?

Do you plan to make your blog one where you share your passion freely with others or do you want to earn an income? It is important to know this ahead of time so you can determine how you intend to monetize your platform.

Either way, you choose to go you’ll still need to offer up plenty of interesting and unique content to attract readers since their loyalty is the best way to measure your success!

Besides even if reader loyalty isn’t a concern of yours why would you want to put so much effort into research and writing when nobody is reading what you wrote?

Hostinger vs Namecheap

Pick a Domain Name

Your blog name does play its part when comes to ranking high on the search engine result page (SERP). So, see that your main keyword is incorporated into your blog name.

For the husband and wife relationship sub-niche you just chosen, seems to tell what you are offering in your blog.

  1. Select the Appropriate Platform

Select the Appropriate Platform

The primary thing you need to do to begin is to search for the perfect blogging platform. If you are an unpracticed web designer or blogger, you are in an ideal situation with easy-to-use blogging sites like Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger.

These incorporate web subjects and designs that you might promptly utilize, and posting an article is truly entirely straightforward.

If you have a site, there are favorable circumstances with a specific end goal of introducing an online journal there as well. To end up an effective blogger, you must use the maximum capacity of your platform.

Find an affordable WordPress Blog Host Plan

While you can start and host your WordPress blog for free, hosting it independently with a company you can trust has several advantages you cannot ignore. Finding an affordable

WordPress blog host plan is important to your continued growth and technical support. When you break free from a basic free account with the site itself, you are opening up a new world that allows you to build a brand that you can be proud of at a pace you can afford.

Optimize your blog

When you are optimizing your blog, remember that you are doing it for the search engines and your readers. So, choose 2-3 keyword phrases about the husband and wife relationships and write your post around them. This will then help to get your blog listed in the SERP.

Optimizing your blog for search engines will only get your blog ranked high in SERP. Still, your readers are the real people who help you to make money with your blog. They are the ones who click on your advertisement and buy your affiliate product.

When viewers see you are forcing your keywords into your posts and making them sound unnatural, they will not come back to you again. When that happens, you will fail miserably in your blogging business.

Monetizing your blog

When you are done optimizing your blog, it is time you build some affiliate links to your blog post. Find your product from the affiliate program network and promote them in your blog.

When you are looking for your affiliate product, look for one that gives a code for banners too. You will want to put some of these banners in your sidebar so that your blog looks more interesting. However, you need to be careful when you are putting banners on your blog because too many of them can distract your viewers’ attention.

Learn how to promote your site

Never forget that the general style of your blog must be interesting and welcoming. Additionally, make sure that the configuration is basic yet welcoming.

If you have enough time, consider exploring different avenues regarding distinctive plans or pick an expert to outline the site for you.

Learning how to start a blog will take you time and you must also have the urge to learn and never stop learning because your role will never stop when the site is up and viewable to the readers. There must be a constant update of new and timely posts to entice the readers to drop by over and over again.

Have your blog circulate throughout the web

Finally, for your success how to start a blog and earn from it, you have to understand that it ought to work together with online networking. To do this, you have to allow your blog entries to get to your online networking records like Twitter and Facebook.

Numerous standard stages like Tumblr and Blogger offer this kind of highlight. In any case, you shouldn’t stop there. See to it that you effectively embrace your blog and website articles to these networking websites.

When creating a blog people need to consider the long-term commitment it will take if making your blog popular with others is your objective!

The very core of your success will stem from creating interesting and unique content and this alone will take the majority of your time and effort!

The discussion above focuses on 9 aspects of how to start a blog as well as what you’ll need to consider even before you start blogging if you’re serious about your goals! Being a blogger can be and is an awful lot of fun but only if you make the right choices and commit yourself before you start blogging!

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